I Almost Do

A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

----- Hey please read, comment, share and favourite :) I promise that this story will be one of my best one. One direction( not famous) romance fan fiction! ALL THE BOYS ARE IN IT! ---- :)


10. Girl time

`` You stole Harry from me. ``

I stoped moving. I didn't steel Harry from her! She did from me! Plus, the rules were made by the headmistress! So she should be angry at Mrs. Morgane. Sara was still on top of me. She didn't want me to go. 

" EVERYONE STOP!!!! " Mrs. Morgane the headmistress screamed.

Sara finally got up and let me go. I turn around to look at the headmistress. She had this very angry face. She was right beside us. 

" You two, in my office, NOW!" She said to Sara and I

We got up and followed her. When we finally arrived at her office Sara and I had calmed down. She gave us a towel to clean ourselves a little and made us sit on chairs in front of her desk. Her office was beautiful. The  room was very bright because there was a lots of big windows. The walls were painted in beige. There was many painting of famous painters, also many objects that must have cost a lot of money. The view of the headmistress's office was spendide! It was the most beautiful room of the hole school. It was also very different but anyways, it was stiil an amazing room.

Mrs. Morgane looked at both of us and placed paper on her desk before starting talking. 

Stella's P.O.V :  

I sat on my bed waiting for Faith to come back from Mrs. Morgane's office. To be honest, I started the food fight. I threw food on Sara. Even if she did it first to Faith, I started it and I feel bad. Faith shoudn't be punished because of me. I hope she won't be mad at me. 

The party is in a few hours and the other girls are waiting fo us to come at Danielle's room to prepare ourselves. A few minutes later, Faith came in the room and sat beside me. She took a deap breath and got up. She took what she needed to prepare for the party and I did the same. We left our room and walked to Danielle and Eleonor's room. 

" So are you going to tell us or me what happened in the caff? " I asked.

She looked at me with that sad face. She ran to me and started crying in my arms. Faith and I were best-friends. She'll tell me everything and so did I. And now I can see that she needs my attention and my listenning. So I let her cry for a while and then I looked at her in the eyes and told her that everything would be okay soon. She dried her tears off her cheeks. We sat on the floor in the corridor.

" Sara hates me because I stole Harry from... from her. But I didn't! I didn't choose who would be paired with me. So she hates me for nothing. She told me... When we got out of the headmisstress's office she said that she would make me suffer and pay for what I did. It such a absurd fight. I just hate her. Plus... She also brought all of you in that. " Faith explained to me. 

She stoped talking for a while. She was crying. 

" Honey, I know its hard but I and all the others won't tolorate you getting hurt. So we will stop her from doing what she does. I promise. " I sad to her.

She dried her tears again and got up. She help me get up and said:

" Thank you for everything." 

We picked up our stuff and stared walking. The walk was silent but I felt Faith was feeling better. She stop walking and turned to me.

" Tonight I'll have fun and I will forget about what hapened today. And I will try to stay away from Harry." She said with a small smile. 

I smiled back at her and we finally arrived at Dan and Ele's room. We nocked and came in. The girls were already starting to do their hair. Danielle had let her hair natural (curly), Eleonor had curled her flat hair and Perrie had brought her hair into a bun. They looked very beautiful. 

" Wow girls! You look nice! " I said.

They all ran and we ended up in a big group hug. I put on music and the party was already starting. Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Ellie Golding, Fun, Pink, Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragons, Adele, Justin timberlake, Olly Murs, etc. All the songs by all the popular artists for a great before party. We were dancing and singing. Eleonor was jumping on the bed with a brush in her hand fake singing. We were beside the bed screaming like as we were fans. We were having so much fun. 

" Hey girls lets make a fashion try out! Like a fashion show! " I screamed. 

We all looked at eachother and screamed Yes! We took all the clothes we brought and made funny set of clothes. We were all laughing our heads out. Danielle took pictures of our fashoin try out. It made Faith forget about what happened this morning. But the thing is... It not over with Sara!

Zayn's P.O.V : 

Oh man! I don't feel good. Since that food fight, I don't feel good. I have an headache and I feel like I am going to vomit. The thing is the party is in 30 minutes and Perrie can't go if I don't. And I don't feel like going. 

" Guys, I don't feel good. " I said while sitting on the bed. 

They all stoped playing video games and turned to face me. They looked suprised and sad.

" But Zayn, you're all dressed up! And Perrie is going so you have to! " Harry spoke.

" I know... I guess I should call her. " I said

" Ya, good luck! " they all said together.

I grabbed my cellphone and composed Perrie's cell nuber. I waited a little and the someone else than Perrie answered.

" Hello?" Danielle answered.

Liam got up and started to walk to get to me. 

" Oh! Hi Danielle! " I said

" What Danielle! "Liam said while falling on the floor. His feet had caught up in the video games cords. And now, he was on the floor smiling at the thought of Danielle. Hahaha very funny to see.

I got back to the conversation on the phone. I heard people laughing in their room.

" Yes, hum... Danielle, can I speek to Perrie please? " I asked.

She said yes and handed Perrie her phone. I explained to Perrie I didn't feel good and that I wouldn't go to the party. She said that she understanded but I knew that she was desapointed. I invited her to come and join me in my room to wach movies. She acepted, well she had to, it was the rules. 

The boys finished to get ready and when to get the girls in their rooms. The boys and I were in a nice suit that fit us pretty well. We all looked very handsome. I lied on my bed and closed my eyes waiting for Perrie to come.  


Hey guys! thanks for reading! I know I say this all the time but I really mean it! 

Sorry for not posting chapters but I've been very busy and tierd so ya... Sorry! 

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