I Almost Do

A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

----- Hey please read, comment, share and favourite :) I promise that this story will be one of my best one. One direction( not famous) romance fan fiction! ALL THE BOYS ARE IN IT! ---- :)


6. Getting to know him/her

Danielle's P.O.V :



The first night was pretty cool here. We didn't have our parents in our way, we get to hang out with cute and nice boys, and study in a beautiful school. I slept very well and dreamed about Liam and I. He was a nice boy ( from what I have seen ) and he has invited me to spend the day with him. I took my things for the bathroom and went in the shower. The water on my skin felt amazing!

I got out of the shower, dried myself and blow-dried my hair. It was pretty curly so I made a bun. I also put mascara on and dressed myself. I was wearing a white sleeveless blouse with a black colar, skinny jeans and ruched faux suede boots. I look great. ( Here are the pics for the clothes she's wearing!) : 


I came out of the bathroom and saw Eleonor talking on the phone, laughing.

" Ok... Ya see you later, bye... Yes I won't forget...Ya...Bye"

I took my Louis Vuitton purse and walked closer to her.

" So, who was that?" I asked her with a smile.

" Louis. He wanted to know if we could bring stuff to eat during the movie. I told him we would bring chips, candy and pizza. " She replied

" Cool! That will be fun. " I said. " So I'll go... Liam is waiting for me. Wish me luck. "

" OMG! Yes, Have fun you guys! I'll be with the others. " She screamed.

I walked to the door and  then out of the room. I wonder what Liam and I will do today. I's not like we have something to do in here. It's a school! I arrived at Liam and Niall's room and nocked on the door.  

" Hi Danielle! Come on in " Niall said to me inviting me in.

As I walked in Liam was getting out of the bathroom with no clothes on, just a towel covering his... thing. 

He continued walking without seeing me. I was now facing his back. He took his towel off and threw it on the bed. I was seeing now his ass!!!! He was naked in front of me.

" OH my! Liam! Danielle's here. Please put clothes on!! " Niall screamed

" OMG! " Liam screamed as he ran back in the bathroom covering is family jewel.

I blushed. I barely know him and I almost saw his thing.That was awkward... Niall smiled at me and went to sit on his bed.

" Wow that was weird for the first day..." He spoke.

I walked by him and sat on the bed beside him. 

" Hum... Ya... So... ah, did you guys sleep well? " I asked trying to change subject.

" Ya, I guess. Did you? " 

" Pretty well. I thought the beds would have been uncomfortable, but they were super comfy! " I said. " Actually, the school is better than I thought! " 

" Good... So what are you guys planing to do today? " He asked.

" I don't know. Maybe look around to see what we could do around here.  I don't think there's much to do..."

" I'm sure you'll find something cool to do." Niall said.

He was going to asked something but didn't. He closed his mouth. I asked him if he had something to say but he hesitated and then spoke. 

" Well I was wondering if Stella liked me last night..."

Oh! How cute!

" I'm shy with girls I think are cute you know... " He said shyly. 

I don't remember Stella saying that Niall was shy... We didn't have that much time to talk, but I know Stella and I can see what she feels. I think last night we were all pretty happy.

" You know Niall, Stella likes you but you have to give it time for her to be completely at ease with you. She's also very shy with new people and when you spend time with her and get to know her, she's very fun. You'll see... Talk to her like you talk with me and she's like you. " I explained to him.

" Your right..." 

 After a few minutes of talking with Niall, I heard noise and saw Liam getting out of the bathroom. He was wearing a simple blue t-shirt and light grey jeans. He looked good and uncomfortable for earlier. 

" Sorry for... You know... Everything."

" Thats fine... Should we go?" I said smiling. 

" Yep! "

He grabbed his shoes and put them on. I smiled at him and said bye to Niall. Liam and I got out of the room and started walking.

" So I was thinking, since we got here yesterday and we don't have anything fun to do in the school, I thought we could walk around and look around the school. We could find stuff to do and good spot were we could hang with the gang..." Liam proposed.

" Ya. It's a good idea... I was feeling nervous because tomorrow, we would have classes and I didn't want to get lost in this big school. So ya, it's perfect "

" Ya and we could talk at the same time..." Liam said shyly.

We continued walking. The school was calm because it was still early. Liam talk to me about his family and things he liked to do. He explained how the boys met. I learned about him a lot. Liam was a calm boy. He was funny and I even learned he was romantic. The school was VERY big because we had been walking for at least one hour and we were still discovering new stuff. We got a few places that we liked. We found a place were we could hang were they were selling drink ( juices, soft drinks, milkshakes, etc...)  and there was benches and tables. It was the perfect place! We went in and took a drink. I chose to drink a chocolat milkshake and Liam took a pepsi. 

After the drink, we went back to our rooms. We gave each others a big hug and Liam went back to his room. I ran in the room and Eleonor wasn't there. I jumped on the bed and lied there. I turned my head to face the clock . It was 3 PM. Wow the day had past very quikly. I really enjoyed being with Liam, he's a good friend. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

Harry's P.O.V :

The boys and I were all in Zayn and Louis's room and we were playing xbox. The game was getting pretty intense in here. Louis was mad because he kept losing, Niall was winning all the games and I was laughing with Zayn. I looked at my watch, 3 PM. In a few hours the girls would come here to wach a movie. 

Earlier this morning:

This morning, the boys and I went to eat breakfast with the girls. Liam and Danielle were on a friendly date, so there were not with us. We ate at the cafeteria... The food was very good. When I got up to get a seond bol of cereals, I saw Sara and her two friends ( Dylanne and Laura) all in couples, like they were suppose to be. She saw me and smiled at me. She was wearing a tiny skirt and a t-shirt that was showing a lot her brest. Ya she was sexy! I smiled back to her and went back to sit at our table with a new bol of cereals. After breakfast, the boys and I met up in Niall's room. He had brought his xbox. We installed it and played all day. The girls decided to go shopping. They told us that Danielle texed them and informed them that there was a small mall in the school. Seriously, there was everything in this school. 

Tomorrow is the big party and I want to talk with other girls. The party will be magical! I promise... I will be in fire! 


Perrie's P.O.V :

We left the boys because we wanted to go shopping. Danielle had texted us and told us that she was really enjoying her day with Liam. Danielle wasn't so lucky with boys. She was really picky... Boys liked her but she wanted the perfect man for her. So that why we were happy for her. We haven't told the boys, but I was the only one that wasn't happy to come here. You see, I am still in love with my ex. He's not comming at this school so that why I didn't want to come here. And now... Well I'm suppost to be with this guy. He so nice but I can't be in love with him. 

Anyways, the girls and I were running threw a bunch of student in the hallways to get to the mall. We couldn't wait to shop. I truned my head and saw Faith bump in a other girl. Both on the ground I stop running and help them get up.

" I'm sooo sorry! " Faith said to the girl still not looking at her. 

But then her face changed when she saw the girl in font of her.

" Look who it is... The  stupid, little, ugly girl that tries to still our guys! Oh, AND LOOK WHERE YOUR GOING BITCH! " The girl said talking to Faith. 

The girl walked aways laughing at Faith. Faith looked sad and angry. 

" Honey, who's that girl? Stella asked.

" Her name is Laura... She's one of Sara's little friend. And from what I see, those girls are not good to hang with. " 

We all gave Faith a hug and walked in the direction of the small mall. When we arrived we all had our favourite shops. H&M, Nasty Gal, mango, Forever 21, Top shop, Charlotte Russe, Hollister, Abercrombie&Fitch, Juicy Couture, Areopastale, American Eagle, Pacsun, Wet Seal, Rue 21, Roxy, Buckle, Victoria's Secret, dELIA*s, Vanity, etc. There were shops for boys also. We shoped for 4 hours. We all had bags of new clothes to wear. Faith had a little less. But she's to one that wants to keep her money for other things more important. 

It was now 7 pm and in about one hour, we would meet with the guys for dinner. We got to our rooms and got dressed. Danielle was wearing a light blue jean blouse with dark blue skinny jeans. Faith was wearing a very light pink long sleeve shirt with a colar with blue mini shorts. Perrie had a translucid cream louse with a black bra under( hard to discribe!) with a black colar and skinny jeans. Stella was also wearing a light blue jeans blouse but the blouse was attach in front with cute little mini shorts. And Finally Eleonor was wearing a pink blouse with designs on the shoulders and skinny jeans with stars on them. 

We went to buy pizzas and candys and went to meet the boys. 


I live in Canada so I don't really know the shops that are popular right now. But ya I did my best. So keep reading to see what is going to happen. :) thanks 

next chapter: the night with the boys! movie night !!!!


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