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A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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23. Friday + Beach Party

I dedicate this chapter to fruit loop cause she(he)'s very nice. This chapter is for you! I hope you'll like it?!

Danielle's P.O.V: 

I took the pregnancy test in my hand and looked at it...

OMG! No....I let go of the pregnancy test, the object falling on the ground. Liam got it. He understood it was red. It can be true! Red. It's red. I'm pregnant. I'm carrying a child and I'm only 18 years old! His child. I'm a aldult sure, but I'm not ready to take care of a child. Not yet. Tears starts to fall down my cheeks. 

I admire people that can take care of kids. Really...


It looks hard.

Too hard

So hard...


I look at Liam and he was shocked. How could this be happening to us? 

" I'm so sorry Liam... " I whispered trying to calm myself down at the same time. 

He shooked his head from left to right quickly not believing it. Then, he threw his phone on the ground. The phone exploded when it made contact with the floor making me jump. I started to cry again. After a while, he calmed himself and took me in his arms calming me down. Why me? Why us?  

" It's not your fault babe... " He didn't finish. " What if the pregnancy test was wrong? You want to try again? I have a other one. " He said hoping for the test to be wrong.

I placed my hand on his shoulder and spoke

" Liam, I don't think the test is wrong. " I said calming him down. " I'll do it again if you want but it won't change anything. " 

He got up and screamed:

" I never wanted this to happen! This is a nightmare! I'll never be able to live anymore when this thing will be born! This is shit deep shit!! " He screamed before walking away.

" Liam!!! " I said surprised.

He turned around realising what he had just said. I got up and walked out of the bathroom. 

" I just wish this night had never happen. Clearly it made you unhappy. " I said before going. 

I walked out of Liam and I's room and closed the door leving him alone. We needed to be alone. He needed it, not me. I just want someone to say that everything is going to be fine. I slowly sit  on the ground and started crying my head in my hand, covering my eyes. I just want someone to help me... 

I looked at my watch and saw that it was 11 pm. It's been 2 hours I've been crying here alone. I got up. My head was hurting, my face was all pouffy and my eyes were all red, I looked like a complete mess. I slowly walked around letting my tears dry and at the same time trying to figure out what to do. 

After a while, I decided that I needed to talk to someone, a friend. Eleanor. I need her. She's understand and she'll tell me what to do. I went to her door and nocked quietly. Then the door opened. It was her. I stood there all messed up and looking at her. 

" Dani? What are doing here at this time? " She demanded.

" I'm pregnant Ele. I need your... " I began to say.

She had her mouth open surprised. That OMG look. I could tell she couldn't believe it ether. Eleanor closed the door and I stood there alone in front of her door. She doesn't want to talk to me. I'm stupid! I began to cry again. I truned around and slowly started to walk away. No one will help me. 

Then the door opened and she was there in a t-shirt and short. She made a appologetic look and took me in her arms. I thought she didn't want to see me, but she just went to change clothes. We sat on the bench beside her room. Then, she hold me tighter solacing me. She was my best friend and no one could make me feel beter other then her. 

I cryed there in her arms for a very long time. Well it was the last thing I remenbered, because I fell asleep in her arms. I must of been so tired... 



Eleanor lent me a  straightjacket with flowers on it and a cuteback and with pokadoted skirt to go with it. (photo: )

She took care of me like I was her daughter. She brushed my hair and made me a pony tail. She also got dressed into something else. She had to change cause I drooled all over her short and t-shirt. Well not all over, but a little... Alright, enough to made her change.

She chose to wear a light, loose, jeans blouse and darker, haight waisted jeans. She put her hair in a bun and applyed make up. Photo: 

She decided not to put make up on me, because if I cryed it would not be nice after... Anyways, today is Friday and there's a party. A beach party. So we need to go shopping for a bathingsuit. 

Eleannor told me to be strong and I will. I promised. She also told me that we would talk about it later so we could fine a solution to this mess. 

Liam must still be in our room. I didn't go back since I left last night. I don't want to see him right now. I just don't.

" Dani, are you ready? We're going! " Eleanor is asked me.

" Yes "

I walk to join her and we're off to the mall (in the school). The girls were wating for us at the start of the mall. Eleanor told me not to tell them right now, for Liam and I's best. But I really want to because I tell those girl everything. 

We walked around the mall looking for a bathingsuit shop. When we found Bikini Village, we ran in and grabbed whatever we liked. Pink, blue, yellow, any color! Then we went in the changing room and tryed then one. One by one, we made our fashion show. For exemple, I would go in the changing room and the other girl would be waiting for me to come out. Then they would tell me yes or no. After a long time, we each got our bathingsuit. We paid and now we we're looking for cute beach dresses to put on top of our bathingsuit. 

Stellas's bathingsuit: (btw, all the bathing suits come from victoria secret)

Faith's :

Eleanor's :

Perrie's : 


When we finally found everything, we went back to our rooms to get the boys and left for the party. I went to get Liam and he appologized. We hugged. I told him to never say that to me again or he'll never see me again. I ment it. 

When we got on the beach, the gang was there. We hugged happy to see each ohter. There was small light hooked up in the trees and background music playing. It was beautiful. 


Sorry if I made it a little dramatic... Anyways thanks for reading again! Thank you for the 142 favs on this movellas! You don't know how much this means to me! Just... thank you, your the best. I love you. 

Next up: The beach party part 2 !!!

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