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A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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8. First day of class

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Harry' P.O.V : 


I woke up thinking about Sara. I imagined the boy in couple with her hugging her and all. It made me jealous. So jealous! I got out of the bed and went to take a shower. I put on my nicest clothes on and went to wake up Jason. He was still sleeping!  Since the first time we've met, Jason and I got along very well. Well, he's always at Dylane's room so we don't have the chance to talk. But when we do, he's nice.  At first I thought being his room-mate would be a pain in the ass, but I guess I was wrong.  

" Jason? Jason? " I said waking him up.

" Ummmh..." 

" Class will start soon and we have to go eat."

" Mmmhmm! " Jason said slowly getting out of this bed. 

I waited for Jason to prepare himself and hen he did, we went at the caffeteria. I was wearing this white v-neck t-shirt and black jeans. My dark brown hair was perfect, like always and I had put some perfum on. Jason was wearing this black t-shirt with a unboutton blue blouse and grey jeans.

When we arrived, the cafeteria was pact with students. I went to get my breakfast and sat with Jason at a table where 2 other guys were. I felt a bit excluded. 

" Look at that girl!  Wow she's hot! I just feel like slapping her but and kiss her! " Jason spoke. 

I turned around and saw who the boys were looking at: Jason was looking at Faith.

" Humm... Don't you have a girlfriend? " Josh asked

Josh was Jason's best friend. He had brown hair, green eyes and a big nose. ( Imagine him looking like Josh Hutcherson ). 

" Ya, I sure do!  But this one is so much sexyer! " Jason said

Faith was wearing leggings and a nice v-neck t-shirt. I have to say she sure did look sexy! I thought: Hey Faith are you trying to seduce me? but laugh and found my thought ridiculous.

" Well, humm this girl you're talking about his the girls I'm paired with..." I wispered

" Well, you're lucky! " Jason said.

The other guy was very quiet. He was blond had brown eyes, he looked very skinny and was dressed in popular brands of clothing. ( Imagine him looking like Justin Bieber )

Jason laugh and gave Faith a look he tought looked sexy. She looked at him and made a discaused face and then she turned to look at me, she smiled a little and looked back at her friends. She did look nice today, Jason was right, but still, she's too gentle... Anyways, I finished my breakfast and went to meet the boys at there table. 

" Hi guy!" I said.

" Hey! First day of school! Are you ready? " Louis asked me

I tought about being with Faith all day and it made me feel kind of tired. 

" Well ya, but it's just that I'm not interested in Faith and I can't flirt with any other girls because of the stupid rules! So ... It's just... Ah, never mind." I responded looking at the floor. 

" Well it's not of my business, but you should give her a chance. Danielle told me that Faith is shy at first but went you get to know her she's super funny." Liam said.

I didn't say anything about what Liam just told me. He was right. But it's just to complicated. I like it quick and easy to flirt with. Ya know? 

After the other boys started to talk about the girls, what we thinked about them.

" Well I really like Danielle. She very fun to be with. Even if I don't know her very well, I feel good when I'm with her. " Liam said.

" Cool bro! I'm happy for you! " Niall said. He looked at his hands and said : " Well Stella is very hot, but I feel nervous and I don't know what to say to her. And when I try, I do crazy stuff. Yesterday, we were close when we were watching the movie and then I wanted to say something to her and then... I farted."

" OMG! That was you! " Zayn screamed.

Louis gave Zayn a angry look and then he spoke.

" I know it's hard but maybe you should try to tell her what you feel. Girls like that and plus, she will know why you act stangely. I know it's a bit to quick to say it to her, but just say you're interested in knowing her a bit more. She'll understand. " He paused. " I feel like Eleonor and I can be very good friends! She's the girl version of me! " 

Niall thanked the boys and then Zayn added:

" Well Perrie and I are just friends for now, but I like her and she's very simple to be with. She makes you feel good when you're with her. "

" So, I think we have to go to class now, but we can meet later for lunch? We should ask the girls if they want to come and eat with us!" 

"It's not like we can't be alone here! " I wispered.

Niall's P.O.V :

The lads went to find the girls to get to class and so do I. I tought Stella could be in the caffeteria like me so I started to look for her. I walked through the tables but she wasn't there. But then I saw her beautiful blond hair beside the maine door of the caff. I started walking over there. I saw a guy running towards the door where Stella was. He slipped and bumbed into Stella. They fell on the ground. 

" OMG! Look were you're going! " She screamed.

" Oh! I'm sorry princess, it's just that I was so hypnotize by your beauty that I lost controle of my body." The guy said.

I froze and looked at the scene, he was flirting with her.

" Oh! It's okay! " She said with that weird smile.

" What's your name my love?" he asked

" S... Stella "

He smiled and got up. The guy gave her a hand and helped her up. 

" I'm Josh, nice to met you. " He smiled at her again and said: " Well I guess I'll see you tonight at the party. "

" Yes, sure! " She said before he left. 

Still in shock she waved goodbye and turn her head to look at me. I was there standing in the middle of the caffeteria waching at the girl I liked, flirting with an other guy. I took a deep breath and walked towards her.

Stella's POV :

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! He called me princess! He's SO hot! I can't wait to tell the girls what just happened! 

" Hi Stella! " 

I turned around and saw Niall in front of me. He looked very sad. I didn't know what to say so I just smiled at him and responded hi. We went in History class, our first class of the day. We sat beside eachother, but we didn't talk much. He was sad. I didm,t know what to say... 

I tought about Josh and it made me smile. 

Louis's P.O.V : ( at the same time)

Eleonor and I were in science class. We were making solutions like the teacher had told us to do. We were terrible and we kept making explsions. We were dressed in lab clothes and we had glasses to protect ourselves. We looked good and crazy at the same time. We took a picture of ourselves.

" Louis! OMG! Wach out! "

BANG!!! An other solution that had exploded. I was the reason that it did. I had put to much of the other stuff. 

" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH. We are SO terrible! " I said. 

" No your terrible at this." She said laughing. 

" No you are! " I screamed bursting in laughter.

We looked in eachother eyes and the moment became serious. I had the feeling to kiss her so I went for it. I came closer to her but she turned her head and started to clean the table. It was too quick. I didn't let the moment be ruined but making me feel bad about what I tryed to do, so I smiled and helped her to clean. Then everything went like before. 

Liam's P.O.V : ( at the same time) 

Starting the school year in math class is not that cool. But Danielle made it fun. We were having a discussion on a piece of paper.  

Danielle :    - D 

 Liam :     - L 



Wow, this class is so fun! Joke haha :) - Danielle (D)

Ya! But I'm with you so that fine :p  - Liam (L) 

Yes it makes it better. I had fun the other day... Maybe we should do it again soon? - D

Sure! I had fun too! But this time you choose where could we go! :D  - L

Hummm... Were could we go? I don't know! - D 

:) I have plenty of ideas... but they are for later  - L 

Cool! I know what I want to do! Mouahahah ! :P I feel like waching a movie - D

Works for me! :) - L

When should we do this? - D

Tomorow? -L

Perfect for now, if we don't have homework. :( - D

I hope not!  - L

;( -D

Or if we do have somewe could do them together? -D

Yep! -L


We went in our second class. It was called Meeting Class. The class was to get to know the person you're in couple with. You have quiz, oral, games, etc. It looks fun! Faith, Harry, Zayn and Perrie were in the same class as us. We all sat at the same table. We talked a little and the teacher came in the room. 

" Hello class! So this is a special class and I think it's the most fun class here." She paused, she smiled and looked over a our table. " So today, we will play a game. I will give you a paper and I will ask question. You will have to answer them and after, couples will reveal the answers. The goal is to have common interest. So here we go!" 

The game was very different. I liked playing it. It's good because the teacher asked questions that could help me with Danielle. At the end, Danielle and I had things in common. It made me smile. I loved that class. Yet, harry and Faith had nothing in common! The class finished and we all went to the caffeteria to meet the others. Zayn and Perrie had almost everything in common. Wow! But nothing was really happening betwen them. 


Harry and Faith, well it looks like they are having a hard time... Will they get along? And for the other couples they seem to get along very well, what will happen?

Tell me what couple you like and why?

gabgiz xxx

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