I Almost Do

A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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28. Don't hurt me!

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Harry's P.O.V: 

Faith and I were in the cafeteria waiting for the others to come. It was just both of us. Before sitting, we each went to grab a bol of cereal. I also grabbed a banana and Faith took an apple (she doesn't like bananas!!!). When we were finally sitting, I looked around scanning the room. But then I saw something very weird... Sara and Theodor were kissing! Or making out. OMG... Isn't he gay? I know I'm not supposed to know about that, but Niall told me. It was a mistake.It sliped out of his mouth. Only I, him and Stella knows about this in our group! Anyways, why would he kiss Sara if he's gay? To hide the assuming rumors? I should tell Niall about this... I'm curious to know.

It's now been 3 weeks since were here. Time goes by fast here. A lot of things happened, good and bad... Also, it's has been 3 weeks that I have met the most amazing girl: Faith. I know.... at first I didn't like her. But it was because she was mean to me and I didn't know why. And then Sara came to me. But now I'm with Faith and everything is perfect! 

Right now, she's reading a book while eating. For fun, I am going to copy her every move just to make her laugh. My fav occupation: make her laugh. I took one of my books and opened it. I imitated her for a while. She started laughing right away when she saw me. Cute couple moment... Her smile was so perfect, she was beautiful. Also, her clothes were very nice today. She was wearing a white dress with cute little bonhommes making cute faces. I'm not the most  fashionable guy (even if everyone say so) ,but I could say that this dress is nice. 

" You look beautiful today. " I complemented Faith trying not to be shy. 

She smiled.

" Thanks. " 


" So. When are you planing on bringing me on a date? " I asked.

" Oh! So I have to ask you out!! Haha. OK. I-" 

" Will you go on a date wih me? " I cut her. 

" Uh! But you just... said to-"

"Will you, Faith, my love, go on a date with me? " I cut her again.

I was trying to be romantic. Be different. Surprise her.... She stayed there prossesing this, not showing any emotions. I could see she was surprised, but not surprised at the same time. Strange... She thought she would have to asked me out. Not that she can't ask me out, but I could see she really wanted me to ask her out. Plus I love to make the first move. Now, what is she going to say...

" SURE!!!!! " She screamed jumping on me, kissing me

Kissing, kissing, kissing....(still in the cafeteria... but we don't care.) Kissing, kissing.

" WOW! You guys it's been like 3 minutes since you haven't breathe. Interesting... " Louis spoke sarcastically while taking a sit at the table. Then he laughed.  

I punched him on the arm.

"Ohw! " 

I laughed. Eleanor laughed. 

" I'll go get our breakfast honey, wait here. " Louis spoke kissing Eleanor on the cheak. 

" Isn't he cute! Since this last week, he won'tstop doing nice things to me. He's like super nice to me. " Ele started to say. " He's so nice! " 

I laughed. Usually, he does that when he's really in love. Since I've knowned him, he has been in love only once. Real love I'm talking about! It was with that girl: Jacy. You don't have to memorize that name, it's just that this girl was special to him. She died in a car accident 4 years ago. He used to do everything for her. He wrote songs to her, make her lunch, bring her on AMAZING date. He loved her so much. I though he was going to marry her. But then when it happened, he never loved someone like her. He had a few girlfriends, but it never lasted more than a few months. Now, Eleanor is in his life. He acts like he's with her, well not because she makes him think of her, no, because he really likes her. 

" He keeps bringing me on very romantic dates and stuff. I don't know how to take it because NEVER ever a guy treated me like this. Like, does he really cares about me? " She spoke again.

Do I tell her about Jacy? 

" Well, I can just say that he really likes you. I know it. I can see it. 

She smiled. She looked happy. 

Then Stella and Niall arrived, Louis came back. The girls started to talk about their clothes and the boys and I talked about Liam's problem. 

" Do you girls like my new ensemble? " Stella spoke.

" OMG! YES! It's like soooo beautiful! " Eleanor spoke. 

Eleanor's clothing: Light blue shorts with a white blouse with purple high heels. 

Stella's ' clothing:  Ligh blue overalls with a small baby elephant print on them with a white long sleeves shirt with a beige beenie and pink high heels. 

Danielle's clothing: A loose t-shirt written Bang! on it and some shorts. 

" Girls... All they think about is fashion! " All the boys said together( well Niall, Louis and me). 

When Liam arrived, we didn't really knew how to react. Danielle was shy. I could feel it. She wore baggy clothes and no make-up. Everyone could see she wasn't happy. The girls gave her a hug but she didn't move. She looked shocked. Why? 

Liam's P.O.V: (before) 

" So what is your idea? " She asked. 

How am I going to say this... I guess I'll just tell her like that paf! 

" Hum, we should tell the headmistress about our mistake. We're going to have to tell her the truth. Even if it's embarassing. We're telling her the truth so if she suspens you, I'll go with you. I know it's not the best plan, but I really don't want you to go... We did put a condom on. It broke! It's not our fault!

" Well you were pushing and pulling hard. Pretty intense! Hahahahaha " She said trying not to laugh to much. 

I blushed. 

" I know... But what do you think? " 

" If you think it's the best idea... yes, i'll do it..." She paused. " I just want you to know that even if that night turned into shit, it was the most amazing night of my life. It really was. " 

I kissed her. We were both very sad and axious to do that. We agreed to tell her tomorow. 

Corina's P.O.V: (now) 

I ran away. I couldn't be with him one more minute. Want kind of guy screams in your ears to wake you up? It scared the hell out of me! I just... I hate him so much! Plus I can't ask the headmistress for some help, she's his mother! Arrr.

I was so happy to come here. I was at a school that was really boring... I had almost 4 hours of homework per day! So when I heard the was a spot for me in that school, I came. Now I'm stuck with this shit guy. He even threatened me to hurt me if I wouldn't sleep in the sexy underwhere he gave me! I just hope he's going to change.

I entered the cafeteria. All the eyes where on me. I walked around looking for a spot to eat. Since I didn't found one, I went in the back and got my food. I again walked around looking for a place to sit. ALL the tables were taken. I had to choose a gang to sit with. On the left: people making out. Never! On the right: A gang that was laughing. There was 4 boys and 4 girls. I walked closer to them and asked:

" Hum, hi... " The blond guy looked at me. " Can I sit here with you guys... " I asked. 

I was so nervous. I was shaking. There was that blond guy, he was so cute! He had blue eyes and a irish accent. Then on his left was a guy with short brown hair. He was holding his sad looking girlfriend by her shouder massaging them. Then there was this cute blond girl with cool overalls with a elephant on them. Anyways, they were all looking at me, shocked.

" Hum, ya sure... I guess. " The irish one said. 

" Thanks. " I sat down and rearanged my food. " I'm Corina. " 

" I'm Niall and this is Liam, Danielle, Harry, Faith, Stella Louis and Eleanor. Nice to meet you. " He said smiling at me. 

Wow. I really think he's cute! But where is his partner? I smiled at him. Then Stella looked at me and said :

" I'm with Niall... And Louis is with Ele, Dani and Liam are also together and there is Faith and Harry.

Harry was also VERY cute! Why was I with one of them? Of course I had to be with Dean! 

" Who are you with? " Eleanor asked me curious.

" I'm with... hum... I'm with Dean, he new guy. " 

" Oh ya! I heard of him. Is he nice? " Louis spoke.

What and how am I going to say this. 

" Yes, very nice. " I lied. 

What was I getting into?... 


We talked a while and then a new couple arrived. 

" Hello gu-" He stopped walking"  What is she doing here? " Zayn said angry. 

OMG. It's the guy and his girlfriend. The one that Dean was after the other night! He saw that I was with him. Maybe I should leave... I don't think he likes me. I got up.

" I'm sorry, I should go... " I said.

" No you're not! " Louis screamed a little. He blocked my way, not letting me go. " Zayn, why are you so mean to her? " 

" She's with... Hum... She was mean to Perrie " He answered nervously. 

Why is he not telling the truth? 

" What? Why?" Liam asked still massaging Danielle. 

Perrie took a deep breath and sat down. She spoke: 

" Girls do you remember that guy I used to go out with, Dean? Well I dumped him and he got mad. And now he's here. He's the new guy. And this girl" She said pointing me. " Is his partner. "

" Oh ya, I remember him! But I still don't understand why we shouldn't be sitting with this girl? " Eleanor spoke.

" Well I don't think Perrie wants to hang out with this girl. She is obviously going to be ALL the time with Dean! And I don't think she wants to hang out with Dean! " Zayn protested.  

Perrie looked at the ground. 

Perrie's clothing: A normal no-sleeves white dress with a design on the front with and black beenie. 


" I'm sorry. I was leaving. Thanks for letting me sit with you guys for a while. " I said before running away. 

No one came for me. They let me go. I feel like this year is going to be long. I ran but then I bumbed into someone. I fell on the ground. 

" Babe. You have to look where you run." Dean said trying to be fake-nice. " Come on let's get something to eat. " 

He help me get up.

" I already ate! Now let me go. " 

" Oh chérie! You have to hang out with me! " He said squeezing my bum with his left hand. " Plus you don't have any other friends here. Now COME! " 

I followed him around. We sat down and he started talking about himself and how he was such an amazing person. Oh! I'm so not liking him! When he finished eating, we sat closer to me. He was still talking (I wasn't listnening) but in the same time he kept touching me. Rubbing my leg, going close to my personal parts. I tried to make him stop, but he would take my wrist and squeez until I would tell him to stop because it hurt to much. He was very subtle because no one would notice him hurting me. Inside my head I was screaming, crying, begging him to stop. I felt so bad. So he would touch my persona spot up and down. HOW COULD NO ONE SEE WHAT HE WAS DOING!  I can't make him stop! 

I got up and said: 

" We need to go to class. But before I need to get my bag, it's in the room. " 

" Ok. I'll come with you. " 

We walked to our room. When I got in, he looked the door and started to kiss me. I pushed him away discaused. He grabbed my wrist again hurting me and pulled me closer kissing me again. He was getting violent. 

I had a idea. I hate him so much that I could do whatever I can to push him away. I had a plan. 

" You know I can't resist you Dean... " He stopped kissing me surprised by my words. It was working!  " I know you like playing my game: where I fake-hating you. It's been like this since we've met. I fell in love with you. You think it's fun for you to hunt for my love, sex. But I have a other game for you...A game where it will be more intense... What if you try to make me fall in love all over again for you. You would have to be nice and gentle, treat me nicely. I'll play hard to get so it will be more fun for you. So when I choose it's the right moment for us to do things like this, it will be one hundred more sexier and intense. " I kissed him while my hands squeezed hhis ass. " So what do you think? " 

Ok this was a game. Everything I said wasn't true. I'm only trying to do something for him to stop hurting me. If he agrees to this, he will be nicer to me. He will stop hurting me. Now I just can't fall in love with him! I know it's a acted, he's only playing. 

" Ok. Let's do this! " He said smiling.

He kissed me again. His tongue in my troth, I pushed him away. I had to play the game. 

" Excuse me! Why are you doing this! I don't eve know you! " I slapped him on his cheek. " You disgust me! " I acted.

" Oh! I'm sorry mademoiselle. I thought I was in my dream... You are so beautiful I thought you were an angel. " He apologized. 

Yuck! But kind of cute... 

" Huh! " I walked away. I grabbed my bag and continued walking. 

" Excuse me mademoiselle, but I was wondering, since I was really rude to you before, I would like to be forgiven by having the honor of helping you with your bag. " 

Huh! Why would he not let me go! He's already getting on my nerves. Why did I did this again? This is going to be long! 

" Sure, thanks. " I said before walking to our first class, Dean following me. 


All the students are convoked in the cafeteria. Now please.!!!




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