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A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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19. Cry me a river

This chapter is for Mrs.KellieHoran and lydia_styles98. ** mature content(small)**

Still Sunday:

Zayn's P.O.V:

Perrie and I were still running to the beach. Mrs. Morgane told us stuff... Weird stuff. We went there to know why we changed rooms, but instead of answering to our question she explained to us something else that made her look CRAZY. 

Flash Back to earlier today:

As we were walking to the Mrs.Morgane's office, Perrie and I were trying to plan what and how we were going to ask her. When we arrived, the door was open and she was sitting in her chair behind her desk. I nocked on the door and waited for her to invite us in. When she did, we came in and sat in a chair in front of her and her desk. 

" Hi kids, I know you're here to know why you changed rooms. Am I right? " She said smiling.

How did she know? I mean how could she know? I wonder if we weren't the first one to come here. 

" Hum, well yes. I mean, we're okay with that I guess, but we want to know why we did change rooms? " 

Perrie nodded shyly. I looked at her and she smiled to me. 

" I see... Well this school is special and magical. It's complicated to explain but, every students that came in here is special. The reason why Perrie and you, Zayn are partners is that I have special gift. I can tell who will fall in love with who. It's magic! So I placed everyone with the love of their life. " She paused. 

What the fuck! Like this has to be a dream, cause that woman is CRAZY! Like what is she saying? She has special powers, she can tell true love. What, Perrie is the love of my life? Sure she's so beautiful and lovely, but how can she tell? This is freaky...

I turned to look at Perrie and she was making this What the fuck face. She turned to look at Mrs.Morgane. 

" Ok... So your telling us that this school has attracted us to come here to find the love of our life? This is crazy! How can you demonstrate that this is true? " 

Perrie lost her calm zone. She was freaking out. How am I suppose to take her seriously now? She's messing with us. 

" I know this sounds crazy, but when you guys will kiss, something will happen. I can tell you that this kiss will be the best one you ever had! I know that 4 of your friends had lived it recently... " Morgane said.

" Ya, It's called LOVE! Not magic!! " Perrie screamed

I placed my hand on her leg to calm her down. By my touch, she calmed down. 

" I think you should go now. You should come back when you guy have kissed, then you'll believe me. Goodbye. " She said before closing the door in our faces. 

End of flash back

When we arrived at the beach, The others were playing in the water. We ran towards them and screamed. 

" We just came back from the headmistress's office. " I said.

" Ok, well tell us! " Faith asked Perrie and I. 

After explaining to them what had happened, they all started to laugh. Perrie and I just stood there not moving, not laughing. When they saw us being serious, they stopped laughing. 

" This wasn't a joke?" Harry spoke

" I wish it was, but no. " I said.

We all stood there. We again didn't know was to do. This was so hard to believe. 

" Well, what should we do? " Danielle asked surprised.

" I say, we wait to see if she tells the school the truth. If not, we should all go together and ask again. " Faith suggested.

We all agreed. But still, there was something bothering me. 

" I have a question, but you all have to promise that you' ll tell the truth." I said.

They nodded. 

" The headmistress told Perrie and I that if you kiss your partener, well you get very stong emotions and you feel connected to the person. She said you feel something very special. And I wanted to know if someone in here kissed. If this is true? " 

Danielle and Liam agreed on my point saying it felt like I said, well like the headmisstress said. I nodded. then Harry and Faith looked at eachother and Faith nodded.à

" Harry and I kissed and your right. It feels like that. " Faith spoke shyly. 

The others were all very surprised. Stella and Niall didn't kiss, but it was ok. They were taking it slower. Plus the're both shy people. 

" OMG! So this is true! The headmistress was right! This is crazy! " 

Then we heard someone walking past us. It was Teodor. He looked very angry and sad. He was crying a little. Them Sara appered.

" I'm sorry. Teo, please, I didn't mean to tell her! I'm sorry! " She said crying. 

She trew herself on the ground and started crying louder. Teo past us and ran into his room. Sara was still on the ground crying. She took some sand in her hand and trew some in the air and started crying again. 

Then Stella, out of nowhere walked in Sara's direction. She placed her hand on Sara's shoulder. Sara looked at her hand threw herself into Stella's arms. Stella took her in her arms and talked to her a little. At first I thought that Sara doesn't deserve to be happy, but then I saw her face. Stella was doing the right thing. Then she came back to us. 

" I'm going to talk with her for a while. You guys should go back to Niall and I room and I catch with you guys later. " 

" But Stell! " Niall said nervous.

" Yes? " 

" Be carful, we all know she's evil! Please... " 

" I will be" She said giving Niall a kiss on the cheek. They were so cute! 

She left with Sara and we went to Niall's room. When we got there, we ordered pizza and fries and played video game. The girls knew how to play so we had fun. Louis and Eleonor where still on their date and ya that was it. I looked at Niall and he was nervous. 

" Niall, I know your worried that Sara is going to do something to Stella, but I know Stella and she'll be ok. I'm sure. " Faith spoke. 

 Niall thanked her and became happy. Now we're waiting for Stella to come back!

Stella's P.O.V: 

Sara and I walked on the beach. I was waiting for her to star explaining what was wrong. After a while I broke the silence.

" I don't want to rush you, but are you going to tell me whats wrong? I can't help you if you don't, but maybe I can if you do! " 

She hesitated but finally spoke.

" I said something, a secret that Teo told me. I said it to my best friends, but they told everyone. So now, he's mad and he doesn't want to speak to me." She paused.

" What was the secret? Your saying that everyone knows, but I don't and my friends also. So maybe it isn't that bad..." 

" I don't know if I should tell you... " 

" I'm here to help, but if you want to, it's okay... " 

We continued walking. Soon we reached the end of the beach so we turned around and started to walk back to the school. 

" If you promise not to tell... not even your friends! I'll tell you." She said.

" I, I promise. " 


" Teodor is gay! " She finally said.


I froze. OMG! But how is this possible! Mrs.Morgane has powers, she would have never brought him here if she knew! I mean, I'm ok with him being gay, but how his this possible, plus he's hot!

" I see. Maybe you could write him something. But I know that you definitely have to say sorry, you have to mean it. Surprise him or something! "

" Your right, thanks. "

She left and I ran back over to my room. When I opened the door, everyone was gone. Niall was sleeping on the bed curled in a ball. Cute! I took my pj and changed.

" Stella is that you? " Niall said waking up.

" Hum, yes. I'm changing so close your eyes. " I said. 

" So what happened with her?" He said.

I got in the bed and looked at Niall. I felt so close to him. He was in his boxers and my heart was beating fast. I was about to tell him but I had the feeling that I really wanted to kiss him. I never felt like this. I came closer to him and he placed him arms around my waist. We were looking into each other's eyes. It was so intense. Everything was slow but at the same time it was fast. I was nervous. He nodded and I nodded. Then he came closer, or nose finally touching. His breathing was fast and I felt it on my face. I placed my hands on his cheeks. Then we kissed. The kiss was a explosion. His lips were hot and soft, my hands on his cheeks, this was perfect. I never thought this would happen right now. But it felt amazing. I didn't even realize how much Niall meant to me, now I know and I have this feeling, a very strong one, love. 

*** Mature content ***

We were still kissing, it was getting more intense, passionate. His tongue came into my mouth, I did the same. It felt good. I moved my hand in his hair and the other one on his but, squeezing it. Niall was now on top of me, still in his boxers. He was kissing my neck, then my lower, close to my breast. I place my head on the side so he can kiss me more in the neck and he did. Then he sucked on my neck. It was hurting but it also felt good. I let out a small noise. My breathing as getting faster and Niall's too. We rolled and I was now on top of him. I kissed his lips again, they were so soft I couldn't believe it. It was getting more and more intense. We then pulled from our kiss. Realizing what we were going into. We both knew we didn't want to have sex now. Still on top of him I slowly came of of him and lied beside him. Still breathing fast, I said:

" Wow..." 

Niall smiled at me. He took my hand and and kissed it. 

" Your beautiful. " He simply said.

I blushed lean forward to kiss him again. 

" Your perfect! " I said.

We lied there on the bed in each other's arm, cuddling. Not saying anything. Then Niall spoke.

" Hum, so why was Sara crying? "

" She said not to tell my friends, but I guess I could tell you..." 

He kissed my hand again and I told him: " Teodor is gay..." I said

" OMG! " He said surprised. 


Hi guys! Sorry if it took so long to update! Did you think this would happen? Now Teodor(Sara's Partner) is gay. I just want to say that I'm totally ok with gay people, if you thought i wasn't... Their normal people like all of us. So ya, if you liked it comment and fav! Thanks for reading!! I'm really happy to see that you like this movellas :) Your all beautiful and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gabgiz xxx

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