I Almost Do

A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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24. Beach Party (part 2)

This chapter is dedicated to corinita15. She is Corinita in the story :) Thanks for giving me some ideas. 

Faith's P.O.V : 

I'm having the best time ever at this party! Harry and I are dancing on the super cool dance floor. The tiles of the floor are all kinds of color: pink, blue, yellow, orange and green. There is lights all over the places and a giant disco ball right on top of Harry and I's heads. The decoration of this party is really beautiful. Everyone having a great time. The music is so good and loud and the DG is really intertaining. People are walking around with trays with drinks on them giving them for free. It's my second one! While Harry and I were dancing, someone called me from behind. 

" Faith? "

I turned around. It was Sara... She stood there looking at me like I was shit. I gave her the look back. Then I felt kind of dissy. What's happening to me? I feel sick...

" What do you want? " I said again feeling not quite well. 

" I just wanted to tell you that you might want to stop drinking, your breath smell like alcool. I can smell it a kilometrer from here. Just saying." She said before turning around, walking away.

" OMG! There alcool in the drinks! " I told myself.


" Harry did you drink alcool? " I asked him

" No, why? " 

" 'Cause I did and I didn't know there was some in the drinks. " I said paniking.

That Bitch! She put alcool in my drinks. Only the ones I drank. I'm going to kill her! I grabbed Harry and went close to where she was talking with friends. Then I kissed Harry passionatly giving her a nice show. He gave me the kiss back. We both enjoyed it. I wanted Sara to see this and now it's done. This was perfect to make her angry. We stopped and decided that we were going to play a game from the party with the others.

We were going to play the rope game. There's 2 teems. You have to pull the rope so the knot that is in the middle passes the line in the middle of the two teams. Both teems are at each end of the rope and they have to pull it. The winners are the one that make the knot pass the knot on there side. 

We were in team with Stella and Niall plus Liam. I don't know why but Danielle didn't wanted to play. Sara and Teodor were on the other side and Josh, Laura and Jason were also on Sara's team. Anyways, we took the rope and at the signal, we bega to pull. It was harder then it looked. It was really hard. Sara's team was leading. They were stronger. When I thought we were going to loose, Liam and I fell on the ground, still holding the rope making the others fall. We did make them fall. So it gave us the chance to win by pulling harder on th rope. Finally, we won. 

" Yes!!! " We all screamed. 

" Your so strong Harry. It's amazing! " Sara said before walking away, again. 

I was so mad. 


1 point for Faith 

2 points for Sara


We both decided to go back on the dance floor. 

Zayn's P.O.V: ( at the same time) 

I decided not to tell Perrie right now about Dean. It was hard not to tell her, really. I hate lying! 

I wanted her to have fun tonight. But I'll keep looking for him, I don't want him to come close to her. I would do everthing. 

Perrie and I are playing games here and there, around the party enjoying the party and the music. I was really enjoying this, but then I saw him. He was with that girl again. She had dark brown curly hair with blond highlights and was wearing a short purple dress. Her name: Corinita. She was beautiful. Dean was blond with blue eyes. He was tall and was very muscular. It was scary... I don't think I want to be in a fight with him, I would loose. (Here's a picture of Dean) : (Jason Dolley : real guy's name, from Good Luck Charlie). 

He was holding her by the waist like he owned her. It wasn't nice to look at. It wasn't a cute couple...  Corinita didn't seemed to like being treated like this,  because she kept pushing his hand off her waist. Poor her. 

Every one was looking at them. 

" Who are they? " Someone asked.

" Is this the new couple inthe school? " A other one said. 

Dean was enjoying this attention. He kept giving smiles to girls as he was walking. As he was walking, he looked like he was looking for someone and I knew who: Perrie. Corinita was shy, she was all red. She was looking at the ground and was walking fast. She seemed to be offended by how Dean was treating her in front of everyone. It was the first time everyone saw them. 

Dean and his partner Corinita were coming closer to us. We were beside the lunch table. Perrie was eating a few things. I needed to get out of here with Perrie. 

" Let's go dancing! " I said to Perrie pulling her on the dance floor. Her plate feel on the floor but I didn't care.  

Dean was still getting close to us. Slow-dancing, that was all the DG was playing for the rest of the night! I hated this, I hate dancing. But this is the best way for us to not be seen by Dean. He walked on the dance floor with Corinita and grabbed her waist again, pulling her closer to him, not letting her go. Prisonning her. She placed her head on his shoulder, forced by him and let out a few tears. She was scared of him. 

Dean could only see Perrie's back. So he couldn't see her. I could. Still dancing, Dean was scaning the place looking for Perrie. His eyes stopped when he saw me. He recognized me from the amusement parc the other day. He stopped dancing and pushed Corinita on the ground. She fell on the floor. People helped her to get up. She was still crying but louder this time.

Dean walked closer to us, faster. I pannicked and pulled Perrie out of the dance floor, out of the crowd. 

" Run! " I screamed to Perrie. 

She ran with me, but she kept asking why we were running. The beach was quiet. No one was on the beach. Everyone was on the dance floor.

I didn't let go of her hand. Run, and as fast as you can. Protect her Zayn! He can't touch her. We ran faster. 

When I turned around, no sign of Dean. Ouff! We stopped running. 

" Zayn, explain! " She exclaimed. 

" I just wanted to go somewhere else then over there. " I said still a little breathless. 

" Ok, but what do you want to do now? " She asked me. 

" Lets go in the water. " I proposed like this, the first thing on my mind.

We took our clothes off, our bathing suit where under our clothes. I took her hand and we ran in the water. We swam. It was quiet. Closer to the school, the dance floor was pacted, full of people. People slow-dancing.


Still no sign of Dean. I can relax now. 

" Perrie, Zayn! We need to talk please. " Liam screamed from the beach. 

It was Liam. Ok it's not Dean. We got out of the water and went to join them. 

Stella's POV: ( at the same time) 

Niall and I were swimming in the ocean. Well really, we were sitting in the ocean. The water was just the perfect temperature. Not hot but not cold. We had a drink and we were enjoying ourselves. Niall was really a great guy and I love him very much. The thing is I don't know if he feels the same way as me. He didn't ask me on a date or went somewhere else then in our room, parties and school. I want to go on a date with him. Should I ask him? Should I make the first move? We kissed so would it mean we like eachother? I'm scared to be rejected. 

Anyways, we were just sitting in the water talking. 

" Ok, lets play a game! " Niall spoke.

" What game! " I said giggling.

He grabbed water with his hands and threw it on me, on my face. I made a OMG face. 

" I won. Sorry babe." He smirked 

I got up and looked at him surprised by what he just have done. I know this isn't a big deal, but I decided to play his game by looking surprised and a little mad. Sexy funny. I smiled a little and started crawling in his direction, like a tiger without the noise. I was trying to be sexy. Anyways, I got closer to him, or noses almost toutching. I stopped. Niall wasn't moving, but it was like I could hear his heart pounding. There was sort of a connection here... We were going to kiss. But insted of leaning closer, I pushed him in the water. He fell on his back. Haha!!!

He sat back and I couldn't help but to laugh. 

" No sorry... I won. " I replied still laughing.

He laugh and I smiled again. We were still close to each other. I knew that this time we were really going to kiss. But I wasn't sure if I wanted to right now. I want to know... 

He leaned closer again, his eyes starting to close. With his left hand, he took the hair that was in  my face out of the way and placed it behind my ear. The other one on my waist. I pulled back from this perfect moment. I couldn't. He looked surprised, hurt. Niall looked away timidly and blushed.

" Niall, I can't do this before I ask you this: " I started. He was all red. " Do you want to go on a date with me? I..." I finally spoke.

He let out a small breath, he looked relieved.

" I never thought you would ask me this.  I was trying to figure out a wait to ask you out, but I chocked. Sure I will go on a date with you, Stella. " He said smiling.

I was so happy I jumped on him. We both fell in the water like Niall earlier, me on top of him. Then I kissed him. My hands holding his head and both of his hands on my ass. The perfect kiss. 

After this cute moment, we went a little deeper in the ocean. Hands in hands we jumped when the waves came closer to us, a other game. I also clinged on him, my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck. He had his arms under my bum holding me around him. We kissed like this, it was cute. The sun was starting to come down and the sky was pink and orange.It was changing color as the sun was getting down. It was so romantic. 

" GUYS!!! " Liam screamed. 

We turned around and he made the sign to come closer. The others were with him. Danielle looked worried. 

Liam's P.O.V: ( at the same time) 

Danielle was waiting for me beside the line for the game. She looked very sad. Even tho I'm having fun with everyone, I still can't stop thinking about the baby and Danielle. This is so hard for me. 

" Hey, so how are you right now? " I asked her. 

She sarted crying softly. Oh no! Hormones are already starting... Crap. " Anyways Liam focus this is hard for her too! " I said to myslef. 

" I'm so tired for no reason and I feel sick al the time. I can't even move without wanting to throw up! " She said crying even more. 

I pulled her closer to me, in my arms. She cryed in my arms. I could tell she felt safe here with me. I played with her hair trying to calm her down. It worked a little. 

" I just can't handle the fact that I can't tell the girls. I tell them everything and now I can't. " She added. 

She hold me harder. She had her arms around my back, like a hug. I was way taller then her. 

" I'm so fet up! " She screamed.

I kiss her on the head, still playing with her hair. I move my hand lower, on her back. I rub her back, making big circles. She seemed to calm down. 

" I know. " I say.

OK I have an idea, but I know this is going to be hard. Let's give it a try.

" Well do you want to tell them? "

She pulls away.

" What? " She says surprised. 

I wipe out her tears gently, and tell her again. She stands there. All of this story is making her tired. She can't sleep. Everythime she falls asleep, she wakes up crying a while after. She has nightmares. So I have to calm her and she falls back asleep. And then it stars all over again and I have to do it all over again. 

She cries a little more and finally she says: 

" I think I would like to tell them, yes. " 

" Then let's go and now. " 

We started looking for everyone hands in hands. We decided that we would tell them all together.

I can't imagine how this is going to be hard. I NEED their advices and... everything. I need them. Dani and I don't even know what to do.

How am I going to say this to the headmisstress? And what will happen when Dani starts to become bigger, her belly I mean? I try to keep myself form crying. I'm desperate!

We walk around the party area. When we found everyone, we didn't know where to start...


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