Eye of a Boy: Blood Wars

Robert Cousins was an ordinary, adolescent pupil at St. Joseph's High School until he encountered a malevolent Hell-hound on a mission to slaughter two innocent men. Or so he thought. With him and his friend's gaining powers by the day, will he be able to scrape a victory at the eleventh hour?


8. Stranger Danger!



“I don’t mean to be too much on the offensive!” apologised Eve caustically. “But who the bloody hell are you?”

     Robert and Ben tried to distance themselves from the friend whose monstrous experience had left her relatively demented.

“I thought I’d introduced myself in a perfectly orderly fashion,” Sniffer announced pompously. “Arnold Sniffer – as in A-R-N-O…!”

“Shut up!” bellowed Eve, sick already of the Bull’s arsenal of snappy comments. “Just tell why the heck my teacher is dead, how on earth you got in here and why can I turn into a mutated freak?”

“In that particular order?” questioned Sniffer. “Because I can serve your requests in any possible order!”

     At this, Robert and Ben succumbed to temptation and sniggered at Sniffer’s handling of their fiery alley.

“Shut up you two,” Eve berated them. “Answer me in any fricken’ order you like!”

“Okay dokey,” began Sniffer. “1) Your tutor is currently deceased because he worked for my organisation. 2) You left the door wide open. 3) You are merely a junior vampire – a Tiyanak, if you will. Popular culture mythology differs from what I say but believe me; when it comes to monsters, ask the giant talking bull!”

     The banter between them ensued as if the two sides had known each other for eternity. Of course, no one had forgotten the corroding corpse lying limp behind them.

“So don’t you feel remorse?” questioned Robert, hoping to bring out the kinder sight of Sniffer.

“Why would I?” sniggered Sniffer as if Robert had splurged something humorous.

“Well,” began Robert. “You just admitted you know him and that his death is your fault. Don’t you have feelings?”

“Did you check his pulse?” quizzed Sniffer.

“No…” Robert stammered.

“Then,” chuckled the Minotaur. “How do you know he is dead?”

     The trio were bewildered by this remark. How could someone who was torn apart be skipping into the horizon. But curiosity forced them to swivel around to see the state of their former educator.

     In the place where Mr. Droner had been brutally murdered was nothing more than a puddle of life fluid and a vague sweat patch. To any common observer, it would appear that only a minor scuffle had occurred in the laboratory.

“What the bloody hell has happened?” hollered Robert, blinded by the fury of ignorance.

 “Apart from a malicious beast mauling your teacher, you encountering your inner Mr. Hyde and a walking, talking Minotaur bickering with you?” sniggered Arnold.

“Is there anything that seeps past your lips that makes a faint sliver is sense?” Eve pointed her spindly finger at Sniffer’s face accusingly.

     For a moment, Arnold Sniffer’s jubilant façade gave way to a true sombre expression. Then, as quickly as the true set of emotions had been revealed, Sniffer’s casual expression resumed.

“Need I say more than three philosophical things,” Sniffer began, almost poetically. “1) Whatever you recall, you must deny whatever occurred here. 2) You are vastly different to your fellow homo sapiens. Value this but attempt to hide your abilities like Superman hides his kyrpytonian weakness. 3) With great power comes great responsibility.”

     With that, he concluded his revolutionary speech.

“You just copied that off Spider-Man?” retorted Ben.

     Arnold Sniffer sheepishly nodded at the harsh truth behind his words of wisdom.

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