Eye of a Boy: Blood Wars

Robert Cousins was an ordinary, adolescent pupil at St. Joseph's High School until he encountered a malevolent Hell-hound on a mission to slaughter two innocent men. Or so he thought. With him and his friend's gaining powers by the day, will he be able to scrape a victory at the eleventh hour?


3. Regret

Robert Cousins and Ben Cook navigated the school corridors in trepidation, just in case a pretentious teacher decided that they shouldn't be in the building. The last thing they needed was another ticket to the detention cell.

“May I point out,” recommended Ben meekly. “We could just pretend that we've seen Mr. Droner so we don’t lose our genitals!”

Fuming at the suggestion, Robert continued without breaking his stride. Reluctantly, Ben followed on. At first, it was plain sailing avoiding the crabby teachers – those who would greet the revival of the cane with open arms. Every time a decent teacher passed their way, Robert and Ben would show a warm sign of affection. But, in contrast to what they usually received, each of the teachers who passed did not bat an eyelid at any greetings. It seemed that rumors of their exploits had travelled around the school like the contagious, bubonic plague. After this had happened for a fourth time, Robert concluded that he could not cope any longer. Despite this, he thought of how right Anne’s demand was.

Eventually, they reached the lab in which the fateful incident had occurred.  A shiver travelled through Robert’s spine as he recalled the events of the fateful morning. All of the following predicaments had occurred due to one burst of courage. Despite what teachers drill into pupil's skulls via tedious assemblies, they despised any child who managed to stand up to the bullies of the school. That opened the question - were teachers raised in a different fashion or was the Emerald too...persuasive... to disagree with? Despite the inquisition, Robert was too occupied to consider the subject much longer. 

Swiftly, Robert knocked upon the oak door, the repulsive Aurora of dissipating fumes emitting from the lab. When he received no answer, he cautiously eased it open, praying that Mr. Droner would be waiting behind it. His conscious would not be able to withstand any more distractions from his primary concern. Despite Robert's feelings, Ben could not help but contemplate what the repercussions would be if they caught Mr. Droner at a bad moment.

Yet, there was no one to greet them. In fact, it was a complete contrast. They were alone with only the intoxicating fumes and the remaining outer layers of the eyes. Instantaneously, Ben advanced upon Mr. Droner's juniper desk which was engulfed by scattered documents. Each one had a detailed diagram scrawled onto it - only a few of them did he understand. Intrigued, Robert joined his friend in examining the papers. 

"What do you think they mean?" quizzically questioned Ben, a his forehead creased. "I've never payed attention to Sir!"

"Surely they must be mere mathematical equations?" but as soon as the words slipped through his mouth, Robert doubted them. One of the diagrams depicted a woman with a stake plunged into her heart. It was hardly Pythagoras' Theorem!  

"This is vaguely weird," stammered Ben as he precariously stumbled backwards. "Can we leave now? Pretty Please?"

But although Robert concurred with his ally's opinion, already he could hear the rapid click of the rusty door being yanked open. Simultaneously, Robert and Ben dived under the nearest desk, their hearts pumping at a speed close to that of light. It was just in time, as well. Mr. Droner waded into the room, alongside a lean Police Sergeant and a hooded, seemingly squatted man.

"How about we cut to the chase, Alan," grumbled the diminutive man. "The Armaggedon are in the neighborhood and neither me nor Victor tipped them off. So how about you tell me the truth or I'll be forced to put my hooves to good use!"

  Mr. Droner squirmed repeatedly under the heavy glare of the sinister man and the threatening Police Officer. Despite this, he managed to produce an answer out of thin air;

"You guys know I'd never do anything to harm you - not even immunity from the Supreme Master! Believe me, please."

 Tears began to trickle down Mr. Droner's solemn face but the only answer he received was a stern glower from his two tormentors. Neither of the accusers were buying the pseudo puppy eyes routine.

"Listen, mate," snarled Victor pompously. "Only because you are a life-time acquaintance am I letting you off. I want evidence that you are not the culprit delivered to my office - anonymously - by twelve midnight tomorrow. Otherwise .." The threat was left hanging.

Upon this note, the three peculiar individuals departed the lab, leaving Robert and Ben positively bewildered. What was going on with their Science teacher and who on earth were the Armaggedon? 



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