Eye of a Boy: Blood Wars

Robert Cousins was an ordinary, adolescent pupil at St. Joseph's High School until he encountered a malevolent Hell-hound on a mission to slaughter two innocent men. Or so he thought. With him and his friend's gaining powers by the day, will he be able to scrape a victory at the eleventh hour?


11. Operation: Delta Style


“So let’s get this straight!” an aggravated Alpha paced the length of the Armageddon’s headquarters. “I send a spiteful Satyr with OCD and a personality void AI to dispose of a geek and a mere child and they still evade our capture?”     Reluctantly, Iota nodded whilst maintaining his grip on Delta’s remaining resemblance of a head. Despite the fact that Delta had lost the majority of his functional parts – each of them lying in fragments at the Minotaur’s base – there was still hope for him to be reconstructed. A primary obstruction was the fact that Alpha had disposed of Delta’s cowardly creator a few moments after the AI’s equivalent to birth. “I basically laid the foundations for you to find them,” Alpha’s collected tone was partially what made the encounter so morbid. “By locating the physic spike in the airways that Sniffer used to bend the boy to his wishes, I provided you with a swift way to remove them both from the picture – the murderer of my pet and a thorn in our side for countless years. Maybe, if you were still testosterone fueled, you could have disposed of the other two brats. But no, you had to go and cause the chips to hit the fan!”     Iota convulsed vigorously as the Warlock raised his spindly hand. Brain cells began to deplete in number. The rate of his pumping heart decreased within a matter of seconds. All of his internal organs began to cave in. The Satyr’s ligaments went limp. Iota crumpled to the floor, waiting for Hades to claim his life.     Then the immense pain ceased to exist. “W…why d…did you s…top?” Iota was fortunate to be alive but managed to retain his complex and probing persona. “Do not question the master!” Zeta grunted, emerging from the shadows. “Stand your ground, beast,” commanded Alpha. “I may not concur with this scum’s unorthodox methods but he is a necessity to the plan.”

    Iota was not sure whether to be thankful at his reconciliation or whether to be apprehensive at his manipulative boss’ agenda. He did not make abrupt choices without deciding on the beneficial aspect for the collective group. 

“You are a better man then I!” Iota staggered towards the exit cautiously. 

“I highly doubt that,” guffawed Alpha; at first it appeared as a modest comment but if you delved deeper you would see a malicious retort. “Zeta, escort this nuisance to his allocated chamber.”     Iota was now beginning to comprehend what Alpha’s motive was. It had nothing to do with renouncing his sins but instead… “That is not a nessicity,” pressed Iota cowardly. “I have a decent residence with a serene veranda overlooking the River Mersey which includes a reclusive waiter who provides unique service.”

“I ensure you that this picturesque area will sustain your expectations,” Alpha’s nasal area hypothetically extended. “Hasta Luego!”

    With that, Zeta carted Iota towards the dungeons, where the Satyr would either learn to endure of night of inflicted torture or succumb to a grisly death.

“Now we have the pleasantries out of the way,” Alpha began to strut briskly towards the Lab. “Let’s get down and gritty!”


“What the heck happened today?” screeched Eve Bird as she advanced upon her un-expecting sister. “One minute I was parading through the hallways and next I see you about to play tonsil hockey with Robert Cousins.”

    Due to limited space, the Bird siblings were forced to discard of their mutual hatred for one another and sleep in the same vicinity. It usually led to awkward silences and occasional spats. Their only common interest was the friendship of Robert and Ben.

“He came onto me after his outburst!” explained Anne, trying to slow her heartbeat after recalling the event. “I took no part in what was going to occur!”

    Anne tried not to recall Robert looming over her, leaning in for what was to be an exquisite kiss. Despite her confession, she had vague feelings for Robert stirring within her stomach – ones that flourished every time he spoke to her.

“He was teasing you, Anne,” Eve used a derogatory tone as if the explanation was obvious. “He’s having problems with his mind stability – you saw his outburst first hand!” 

“How could you talk about him like that behind his back?” stammered Anne faintly. “What has he ever showed for us but compassion?”

“Compassion?” Eve was infuriated by this emotive remark. “Was it compassion that made him pounce on you in the epicentre of school? Was it compassion that made him resort to abandoning us in Greg’s Comics without any explanation? Was it compassion that made him slay that Hellh… Oh, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“What?” Anne had suspected that he allies were keeping a valuable piece of information from her; now was the time to extract it from them. “Tell me now!”

    With that, Eve resorted to abandoning her hopes of guilt tripping her sister and trawled out of the room, leaving a bewildered Anne behind her. Little did she know that, as soon as Eve was out of hearing distance, Anne broke down into bitter tears of fuelled hatred for her sister, Ben and, most of all, Robert.


    Mounted upon a leather bound stand was the critically acclaimed novel HOW TO RECONSRUCT YOUR DECAPIATED AI SO IT CAN CULL MANKIND FOR DUMMIES  Yet, as it is with technical manuals, most of the instructions were in an unintelligible language. Even the multicultural Gamma (one of his head Korean, the penultimate one English and a final one Hellhoundese), could not make head – no pun intended - or tail of the conundrum.

“This should be a simple task for a mechanic,” Alpha asseverated as he materialized in the laboratory. “Instead you are wasting valuable time.”

“May I point out two minor thingsss,” intruded Gamma. “I am a trained mercenary – not an experienced mechanic. Also, reassembling a decapitated head and attaching it to a foreign body is not nearly assss ssssimple as disposing of two opponentssss; a task that our fellow comrades failed pitifully in.”

“You sound so smug when you dish out complaints,” observed Alpha. “For the benefit of us all try to reign in your ‘Mr. Hyde’ so that it does not blind your forward thinking ways.”

    But Gamma was blatantly ignoring his superior officer due to the fact he was exploiting the uses of pliers to extract a wire leading to the vertebral column. Even the placid Alpha squirmed as he witnessed a fragment of his associate’s body get torn apart to find dysfunctional parts. Also, a more practical thought entered Alpha’s head – the part of his brain that always contemplated strategies and back stabbing his cronies. Basically, the fun part of his mind.

“I can not fathom what intressssst you have in this robot,” Gamma voiced his thoughts. “After all, our organisssation has thousandssss of monstersss we can call to armsssss!”

    For a moment Alpha mused over what answer would be satisfying for the inquisitive monster. He did not wish to digress too much information in case Gamma decided that the operation would be more rewarding if the senior Monster was out of the picture.

“This synthetic creature is a valuable asset to the team,” Alpha explained. “After all, barring you and me, we have no one of intellect in our organisation.”

    Gamma sniggered at this remark, clearly finding it codswallop.

“Pull the other one,” he guffawed. “Itssssss got bellssssss on!”

    Once again disgusted by the crude behaviour of his ‘allies’, Alpha departed the room melodramatically. Behind him, Gamma returned his attention to the manual, only to once again be bewildered by the foreign languages.

“Sssugar,” cursed Gamma, lolling his three head to the side in distress.

    It was therapeutic for Eve to perch upon the derelict swings, only swaying when the breeze wafted against the playground contraption. Frequently she could hear the mellow tweeting of the auburn birds patrolling the area. The waning sun slowly descended beneath the clouds.

    Her sub-conscious desperately wanted to reverse the events of the previous twenty-four hours. Ever since the arrival of Arnold Sniffer, the gang’s friendship had been splitting at the seams. The added weight of her Mom’s imminent demise did nothing to ease the pain.

“Look at the pretty little girl!” a derogatory tone came from behind Eve. “In turmoil over something trivial. Well, all that pain will be gone soon sweetie.”

    Swiveling around, Eve came face to wings with not only a bald angel but also her writhing sister, desperately trying to squirm out of the Angel’s clutches.

“What do you want?” Eve whimpered. “I can give you a fiver but just let my sister go!”
”So now you care,” sneered Anne. “Wasn’t the same when I was playing ‘tonsil hockey’ with Robert!”

“Shut up!” Eve snapped back, trying to maintain a calm demeanour but clearly failing. “Can’t you see I’m trying to save your fricken life?”
”Girls, girls,” berated the Angel. “No need to bicker. As long as you ensure that Robert Cousins and Arnold Sniffer attend the conference tonight, no one needs to get hurt. Well, besides for the two friends you are going to betray!”

    Eve wanted to commit an act of defiance but she knew resistance was futile. In the end, she would not go patriotic and save the day. She was no hero. Life had taught her that. There are no heroes. 

    In fact, it was time for her to be one of the villains. 


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