Eye of a Boy: Blood Wars

Robert Cousins was an ordinary, adolescent pupil at St. Joseph's High School until he encountered a malevolent Hell-hound on a mission to slaughter two innocent men. Or so he thought. With him and his friend's gaining powers by the day, will he be able to scrape a victory at the eleventh hour?


4. Doubling a Double Crosser


The caustic Arnold Sniffer scampered away from the derelict school alongside his assailant, Captain Victor Knat. Over the last week, he had scoured Liverpool cautiously; attempting to uncover which fiend had alerted the Armageddon to his presence. He had only been in England half a month and he had already faced an assassination attempt, a primed bomb and a tainted Domino's pizza. Something was wrong.

"Are you sure Droner’s the culprit?" Victor questioned, bewildered. "I mean, we've known him since his stint at the Prodigy and I doubt he could summon enough bravado to cross you."

"Of course he is innocent," chuckled Arnold jubilantly. "There are only two reasons we even bothered to venture to that place; 1) It was extremely humorous to witness him squirm and 2) a thorough detective considers all the available options. Believe me Victor, I meant the mature man no harm!"

Victor highly doubted the reliability of his temporary acquaintance’s alibi. Upon a few occasions, Arnold had done such actions only for mirthful reasons. Despite this thought, Victor restricted what he said to Arnold to meagre grunts and obedient nods.

"So where do you reckon we should go now?" Arnold only asked to break the tense silence. "Do we try and stop a gang warfare or do we purchase a Happy Meal?"

Lost in a world of his own, Victor grunted ignorantly.

"Pardon?" sneered Arnold at Victor's pitiful part to play in the mediocre conversation. "When one asks a question, they mean to receive a more satisfying answer than 'grunt'. Well, unless you are requesting the answer to 'what feral noise does a warthog make during the entirety of its life?' Or 'what noise do two humans of the opposite sex make during se..." 

"Okay, okay," interrupted Victor rapidly as to avoid an intensely awkward moment. "No need to pry into Homo sapiens' night life!"

"Do you not have a thirst for knowledge about biology and the other intriguing sciences that dictate human life?" retorted Arnold, who never liked his flow of thinking to be interrupted or contradicted. "What keeps your heart pumping? How does you eye relay images to the brain? What drives homo sapiens to take part in sexu..."

"No offence intended," Victor sneered. "But it is vastly uncomfortable confiding in you about human sex life. How about you just drop me off at the Police Station and you go off to confront maniacal bad guys. I'll spare a thought for you when my secretary delivers me my steaming cappuccino."

 The two frenemies spent the rest of the journey in an uneasy silence. Despite this, they exchanged brief farewells at the end of their journey. Once more, a day trip out with the mischievous Arnold Sniffer had resulted in an alpha male feud. You could hardly have a recluse Minotaur genius partnering up with a Police Constable without any disastrous repercussions. 

Little did Victor Knat know, as he advanced upon the formidable building that was the Police Station, something was residing in the shadows.

Watching him.  

Anticipating his demise. 



Despite being a respectable law enforcer, Victor Knat spent the majority of his working time scrutinising Page 3 models in the Daily News. His reclusion was tolerated by the other Policemen but was far from respected. Some of his colleges constructed rumours about his connection with some of the Kingpins of crime. Of course, this was just meaningless gossip. Only a few cynical idiots believed such nonsense. 

That was until a few hours after Sniffer and Knat's debate. A plump, obnoxious, middle-aged man waded into the room. Inside his upper pocket was a Gun shaped outline that immediately caused alarm. If it wasn't for the Guards escorting him through the Station, every Officer would have drew their 11mm Pistols. One inquisitive man, who recognized the figure from a previous drug bust, began to hastily scour the Internet for information as to his arrival of the man at the place that was full of his sworn nemeses. His name struck fear into the hearts of many. The Munster. Somehow, he had managed to evade the Police by leaving as little evidence as possible.  

Knat was vigorously alarmed when the Munster entered his room. It had been over five years since they had last been acquainted. Reluctantly, he dropped the crumpled newspaper to address his guest. After this, Victor dismissed his guards so they could speak in private.

“What do you want?” Victor grimaced, aggravated by the Munster’s unexpected arrival. “I have no interest in your gang warfare. My days as a Mercenary for hire are done!”

“Really?” contradicted the Munster, clearly on a roll. “Then explain to me why you have been contacted over the last week thrice by Alpha and Zeta. You can’t hide secrets from me, Knat.”

The corrupt Officer stiffened at the threat. Clearly the Munster had stepped up his game.

“What do you need me to do?” sighed Victor, accepting his defeat. “But this is the last job I do for you. If it wasn’t for the Armageddon’s calibre, efficiency and pay rate, I wouldn’t even share a room with one of their members.”

Upon the window of Knat’s scattered office came three taps in succession. Each one left a slight indentation in the double glazed glass. At first, Victor took no notice of the irritable noise. Then, he recalled the fact that nothing remotely human could make that noise. Why?

Because Knat’s office was on the sixth floor.

Desperately, he tried to find a substitute for the idea that was prominent in his head. Yet, the Window Cleaners did not occupy their time at the Station on a Week Day. Also, there was certainly not a Spider-Man in the city – such fictitious characters could not leap off the page and terrorise the city.

Something had navigated the walls and was waiting outside his Office.

“Elipson!” the name came to him in an instant. “B…but how?”

“The Armageddon manage me now,” revealed the Munster in a condescending tone. “You have already betrayed the Minotaur; do you honestly think that they would reward you with countless amount of valuables for you only to betray us as well? Wake up Knat! This is the real world. In this world, morals are not black and white. It is time you atone for your crimes whilst the Armageddon savour the result. Goodbye!” 

With that, the feral Elipson launched through the window and devoured Victor Knat’s writhing body. It only took two seconds for his pulse to cease. Then, the Munster began to stride away, unscathed and with a cheque in his pocket. Little did he know that the Armageddon certainly did not leave any loose ends. He was a loose end.    



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