A very merry Christmas (1D)

Rosie is celebrating Christmas with her family, and when she gets a gift from her boyfriend Harry she realise how much he misses him. Does her Christmas wish about Harry visiting by comes true?


1. A very merry Christmas


It’s the day of Christmas and small snowflakes are falling down in the city of Holmes Chapel. In one of the oldest houses a young girl called Rosie wakes up to the sound of her alarm clock. She turns off the alarm and lightly rubs her eyes. She sits up in her bed and takes a deep breath. She get out of the bed and walks slowly towards the window.  She drags the curtains to the side; lean at the windowsill and looks out of the window. It’s still dark outside but the light from the coloured chains in the backyard makes it possible to see the snow falling down from the sky. She smiles at herself. Christmas is her absolutely favourite time of the year. She turns around and walks towards her wardrobe. She takes out a morning gown, takes it on and starts walking down to the living room to see her presents of this Christmas. As she starts walking down the stairs she can smell something nicely. She smiles for herself as she takes a deep inhale through the nose. Its smells like breakfast are almost ready. She walks into the living room, where she sees her little brother sitting between all his presents, trying do decide which one he shall open as the first. He looks up from his presents and smiles at Rosie. “Good morning, Rosie! All your presents are over there” He says, pointing at a stack of presents. Rosie smiles at her brother and says, “Happy Christmas”. She slowly walks toward the stack with presents for her and sits down in front of it. The first present that catches her eye is the medium sized, red gift in the top of the stack. She takes it in her hands, and looks at the present card, which says, “For my love, Rosie. Dearest your Harry” Rosie sighs and smiles shyly. She really misses her boyfriend Harry. She hasn’t seen him in a while, because he has been very busy with touring around the world with his band, One Direction. Rosie sighs once more and opens the present. A bright smile light up her face. The first thing she sees between the present papers is a picture frame with a photo of her and Harry sitting on a beach, hugging, while they’re watching the sunset. The picture was taken last summer, and brings back a lot of memories. With a smile on her lips she takes the photo out of the papers, and sees that there between the papers also lays a small black box. When she opens the box, a small handwritten note falls out. She takes the note and read, “Look carefully”. Rosie looks back at the little box and sees a ring. “Look carefully” She says to herself as she takes up the ring. She takes it up to her eye and sees that something is engraved into the ring. She smiles at herself as she read, “Forever yours – Harry styles”. She shyly put it on her finger, and a little tear stream down her cheek as the thought of how much she misses him hits her mind. She biggest wish right now is to celebrate Christmas with him. “Enough presents for now” she says for herself, with a new tear streaming down her cheek. She gets op, take the picture frame from Harry in her hand and walks to the kitchen.


In the kitchen stands her mum in front of the cooker. Her mum turns her head towards Rosie and says, “Good morning, Rosie. Aw love, what have happen?” as she sees the tears on Rosie’s cheek. Rosie leans at the door frame. “Good morning, mum. I got a gift from Harry.” Rosie says. “Was it a bad gift?” Her mum asks sympathetic.  Rosie let out a little giggle and says, “No mum, its just. I miss him so much” “Im sure everything is going to be alright, love” Her mum says, and blinks with one eye. “Ey, what was that? That thing with your eye?” Rosie says happily and surprised. “Nothing. Nothing. Breakfast is almost ready. Can you please set the table?” Her mum says, trying to change the subject. It goes well and Rosie forgets about her mother’s eye blinking. ”Of course, mum” Rosie says as she starts walking to the cupboard to get plates and cups. On her way to the cupboard she walks by the radio. She stops for a second and turns on the radio. ‘Winter Wonderland’ by Michael Bublé fills the kitchen. She looks at her mum and her mum looks at her. They both nod and start to sing along. Rosie continues her walk to the cupboard. She takes some plates and cups, and sits them on the table. Rosie’s mother takes the food of the cooker, sits it on the table and walks to the door. “Breakfast is ready!” she shouts into the living room and up the stairs. “Coming, mum!” Rosie hears your little brother shout back. “I’m coming, too” Rosie’s father shouts from the top of the stairs. Soon the little English family is all sitting around the kitchen table. All eating the full English breakfast; all singing along with the Christmas songs in the radio; all looking forward for the big Christmas dinner later.


“What do you say to go out and build a snowman, while I’m doing the dishes” Rosie’s mum asks after they’ve all finished the breakfast. “Let’s go!” Rosie’s little brother shouts. “Yeah, let’s do that” Rosie agrees. “Are you coming too, dad?” Rosie’s brother asks. “Yes, just begin to take on your clothes. I’ll be their in a minute” Her fathers says. Both children run up the stairs to their rooms. They take some close on the run down the stairs again. They take their jackets, hats and mittens on and run out of the door. They make snowballs and throw them at each other, having a man-to-man snowball fight. And when their dad comes out, they build the highest and coolest snowman in town.


They’ve been out in the snow for hours now, and they come back in tired from all the running around. “Grandma and grandpa will soon be here so get dressed!” Rosie’s mum shouts from the kitchen. Both children hurry again up the stairs to their rooms. Rosie had yesterday chosen what to wear, so it wouldn’t take a long time to get dressed. She looks herself in the mirror. He wears that red dress Harry brought for her in Paris last Christmas. It’s her absolutely favourite dress, because she knows Harry likes it, and it means a lot for her to wear it when he’s away. She takes on a bit of mascara as the last thing and goes down stairs.      


“Hello Rosie. What a beautiful dress!” Her grandma says as she comes down. “Thank you, Grandma. It was a present from my boyfriends at Christmas last year” Rosie says as she hugs he grandma. “He’s the curly haired one from One Direction, right?” Her granddad asks. “Hello granddad. Yeah. He’s the curly haired one” Rosie says, giggling, and hugs her granddad. “We’re looking forward to meet him.” Her grandma says. “I’m looking forward for you to meet him too. He’s a very nice guy. But unfortunately he’s touring with his band in The States right now, so maybe it will take weeks before you can meet him” Rosie says with a sad face, while she turns the ring on her finger around. “Don’t be sure of that, Rosie. It’s Christmas. Everything can happen” Her grandma says and blinks with one eye. “Why all that blinking with one eye today?” Rosie asks confused. “You’ll see. You’ll see” Her granddad says, with a smile on his lips. Rosie looks confused at her grandparents. That her mum calls “Dinner is ready” from the kitchen makes Rosie forget about blinking again. Soon the whole family is sitting around the table. “It smells delicious, love” Granddad says. “Thank you. Take all you can eat. There are lots more.” Rosie’s mum says. The goose is soon gone and now its time for Christmas pudding. Rosie’s favourite part of the dinner. She could eat this in days!


Just as Rosie has taken a big spoon full of the Christmas pudding into her mouth, the little family hears someone knocking on the door. Rosie looks up from her plate with pudding. She looks around at the other family members, expecting that some of the others will react and go and open the door. But everybody is looking at her.  “I think you should open the door, Rosie” Rosie’s mum says with a big smile on her lips. “What?” Rosie says, still with pudding in her mouth. “Yeah. Go, Rosie. Hurry!” Her brother says, with a big smile on his lips. Rosie looks confused around at her family, as while she chews. As she doesn’t have pudding in her mouth anymore she gets up from her chair and walks towards the door. She takes a deep breath and opens the door. Who could it be?


As she open the door she sees a curly haired boy with snow all over him standing on her doorstep. “Christmas surprise!” he says with a deep and slowly voice and with a bright smile on his lips. “Harry! But how? I thought you were touring!” Rosie says, and throws her arms around his boyfriend neck. He wraps his arms around her waist and hugs her tight. He says, “I couldn’t be away from my girl any longer!” and leaves a small gently kiss on her neck. He lean his head on Rosie’s head which is leaning on Harry’s shoulder. “I’ve missed you so much, beautiful” Harry says, almost as a whisper, while he gently strokes her hair. Both of them bring their heads up and they look each other deep into the eyes with their faces only a few centimetres apart. Rosie looks down for a second and then she look back into Harry’s eyes. A tear start streaming down her cheek as she says, “I’ve missed you too, Harry. So much!”. Harry smiles shyly and he gently strokes the tear away with his thumb. Harry leans a bit forward and gently kisses Rosie’s forehead. Still with his lips on her forehead he says, “No need for tears love. I’m here now” He kisses her forehead once more. He lean back again and looks into Rosie’s eyes. “I’m here now” he repeats. A shyly smile spreads on Rosie’s lips, as Harry lays his hands on her cheeks. He leans towards her and she closes her eyes. She feels Harry’s soft lips against hers. This is what she has missed the most: The warm feeling that streaming through her body when their lips are connected. They pull away from the kiss and stands with their foreheads leaning at each other. “Merry Christmas, Rosie” Harry whispers. “Yes it is, Harry. A very merry Christmas” Rosie says. 

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