You Got A Friend In Me

Woody is 16 year old Noah's best friend. He picks him up from school, they play together and do everything together. You could say they are inseparable soulmates. But disaster strikes when Noah is kidnapped. His Father James gives up any hope of finding him after a few weeks of searching. But Woody still believes that somewhere out there, Noah is still alive. He embarks on a perilous journey just to find his best friend and soulmate and bring him home before James completely blacks out.


2. Christmas Time.


Eurgh... Curse this damn homework!  Physics... Eww....  I was at home and as usual, those idiots a student might call "Teachers" have given me waaaaay too much work to do.  I'd much rather go out and play with Woody, but he seemed pretty happy, I'd walked him earlier and now he was asleep on my feet, keeping them warm.  Jesus christ if you could die from work, I'd have been stone cold dead an hour ago!  Just as I came to my last Physics question, the door opened and closed and my Dad walked in.

'Noah! I'm ho- Woah! Hey there, Woody!'  Dad said, happily greeting Woody who'd by now got up and greeted him.  'Good day?'  I shrugged.


'You hungry?'

'A little.'

'Man of few words tonight, I see.'

'I'm working.'

'Alright then.'  There was a silence for a while before Dad came up to me.  'You sure you're alright, mate?'

'Yeah I'm fine.'  I said, nodding and looking at him for a few seconds.

'You know if there's anything bothering you you can talk to me, alright?'

'Sure.'  I mumbled.  Me and my Father had a bit of an awkward relationship.  He loved me and I loved him back but we didn't really talk much.  My Parents divorced when I was ten and I started off by moving in with my Mother but she turned to drugs and Alcohol, constantly crying and banning me from seeing my Dad.  It got so bad that eventually I moved back to Dad instead as she lost custody of me after showing some violent behaviour when a guy refused to give her a discount for food she was buying.

After I moved with Dad, I moved School too and earned a lot of bullies, that's where Woody came into the picture, he was a present from my Dad as he believed I needed a friend and I was lonely.  I'd always wanted a dog, but Mum thought they were just a waste of time, space and money and slobbered everywhere.  She'd always say "no" and slapped me, calling me ungrateful and rude whenever I asked for one on my Birthday and Christmas.  I guess Mum caused me a lot of pain, as do the bullies, so I'm quite a quiet person, even if Woody's with me, I get shy a lot I suppose.

'What you doing?'  Dad asked, resting his hand on my shoulder.

'Physics.'  I replied simply.  He pointed to an equation I'd just completed.

'You made a mistake there.'

'Oh, thanks.'  I said and corrected it, he ruffled my hair, making me smile and gave me a tiny kiss on the head. 'Love you.'

'Love you too, Dad.'



'Love you too, Dad.'  Noah said, making me wag my tail once or twice.  Noah was a good boy, that was for certain, just a little shy, that's all.  He opened up to me though, telling me the horrors his Mum put him through.  Suddenly, I sensed someone was at the Garden gate and sprinted outside, prepared to give my usual polite greeting until I saw who it was.

Kara, Noah's Mother, was stumbling slightly into the garden, I could sense she was drunk and maybe a bit high too.  I started barking and blocking her, she was the LAST thing Noah needed right now.

'Get away! Get away! Help!! I'm being attacked!'  Jeez, woman! Overeactiveness, much?!

'Woody!  Come on, you goofball!'  I immediatly obeyed, hearing the sound of James' voice.  'Silly boy, Kara, hello.'

'Oh, James, hello.  Is that the case?  The mission?  To get your dog to kill all who come to this wretched place?!'

'Calm down, Kara.  Woody was just playing, wouldn't hurt a soul if his life depended on it.'

'I don't care what the fuck you think!  The nasty creature should be wearing a muzzle and tied up.'

'Is there a real reason you came here or was it just to insult my dog and my son's best mate?'

'It's just a mutt!  And I'm here because I want to see Noah.'

'Kara, that's not a good idea.'


'He doesn't want to see you.'

'Pha!!! Since when did you speak for him?'

'Since he was born and I became a proper father who knows him.'

'Knows him?!! Ha! James, just let me see the fucking boy, will you?'

'According to law y-'


'Kara, just go home, you're drunk and high.'

'Fuck you, James.'  She spat on the floor and stormed off, mumbling angrily to herself.  Both of us went back inside to find Noah in the front hall. 


'Was that Mum?'

'Yes, but don't worry, she's gone now.'  Noah nodded and followed us back into the living room.  'Hey, come on, enough with the face, what do you say we forget about her and get to doing the Christmas tree?'  Noah smiled.

'I'd like that.'

'Yeah?  Come on, let's go.'  Noah put on some music while James got the decorations and they both got down to putting up and decorating the tree.  I helped by fetching stuff.  At one point, James threw Noah over his shoulder but fell on the sofa, making them both laugh hysterically.  I barked and wagged my tail, treasuring the happy moment.  Soon, the Christmas tree was done and we settled down for dinner.  'So, you thought what you want for Christmas?'  Noah shook his head.

'I'm not really sure, just surprise me.'

'Surprise you?  Alright then.'  He checked his watch. 'You should get some rest.'

'Alright.  Night Dad.'

'Night son.'

'Woody!' I perked up at the sound of my name 'C'mon.'  He said, going to his room.  I followed him and made my usual position at the foot of his bed.  He came in not long after and got into bed.  'Woody, come here.'  He whispered and I moved forward right next to him and rested my head on his shoulder.  His soft snoring sent me into a deep sleep...

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