You Got A Friend In Me

Woody is 16 year old Noah's best friend. He picks him up from school, they play together and do everything together. You could say they are inseparable soulmates. But disaster strikes when Noah is kidnapped. His Father James gives up any hope of finding him after a few weeks of searching. But Woody still believes that somewhere out there, Noah is still alive. He embarks on a perilous journey just to find his best friend and soulmate and bring him home before James completely blacks out.


1. Brighton.


'Hey, James!'

'Samuel! Good to see you!  Robert. Joel.'  James, my owner said, shaking Samuel's hand and nodding to Robert and Joel, his colleagues from work.

'Beautiful day to be out, James.  Hello Woody!'  Robert said.  I wagged my tail and barked, then as always, gave him my paw, he chuckled as he shook it.  'I've gotta tell you James.'  He said getting up.  'I always say it to my wife and kids:  If there was a more loving, handsome or obedient dog than your Woody, then it must've left here long before we moved to Brighton.  James laughed.

'I'll agree with you on that one, he just looks more and more handsome each day.  Noah keeps teaching him loads of new tricks, he knows every trick in the book and then some!  He's a good, smart dog.  That's for sure.'  All of us settled on a bench, watching everyone pass us and the sea sparkling and moving so calmly.  Then, I got a weird feeling in my mind.  I know that feeling. Noah.  I began to do my usual whining and nudging of James, the others looked at me in confusion while he just smiled and stroked my head.  'Oh it's alright.  It's Noah he's thinking of, gotta go pick him up from School.  Is it time already boy?'  I barked in agreement.

'He ever been late for him?'

'No, no, no.  The funny thing is that Noah always finishes different times each day, there's no routine.  Woody just seems to know when he's going home.'  James said, unclipping me from my lead.  'Well go on then, off you go.'  I jogged off in the direction of the school.  'Say hi to Noah for me!'  He called out and I barked back.   It was a beautiful day, the sun was out and keeping my body nice and warm after my swim from earlier on.   My name is Woody, Woody the Springer Spaniel.  In case you were wondering, yes, I am named after the Toy Story character, don't ask.  Noah's got a little obsession with it.  Who's Noah, you ask?  Why, he's my best friend of course!  He's 16, bit of a shy one, but really lets his personality out when he's with me.  A joy to be around, great guy.  I was his present on his 14th birthday, he had me when I was just a little pup, only a matter of weeks old.

I crossed another road safely and trotted along, wagging my tail as random passers greeted me.  I guess you could call me the celebripup of the town, most people met me either on my way to pick up Noah, or with Noah himself.  Sometimes though if James was out and Noah was at School, I'd go out and explore the town for a tiny bit before fetching Noah. 

Finally, I'd got across the last road and turned the corner, passing some students who greeted me or patted me.  I was popular with the students, particularly the younger ones!  I kept walking until I reached the School gates and lay down, waiting for Noah.  He was usually out last.  Quite a few girls and boys passed, saying hello on the way out until at last, I saw my best friend and gave him a little bark to signal I was there.  He looked up and smiled.

'Woody!  Hey Buddy!  How's it going, eh?'  He bent down, letting me jump on him and give him my usual greeting of licking his face.  'Dog slober..... Thanks bud.'  I cocked my head and whined, making him laugh.  'Come on boy, let's get going!  I have homework to do.  Come on Woody, come on!'  I stayed beside him the whole time, not taking my eyes off him, I was just overjoyed to see him after our few hours of separation.... Hey!  It's a doggy instinct, alright?  Just as we reached the house, I saw a black van close by with someone watching us.  I don't know why, but I was picking up bad signals from him with my nose.  I whimpered slightly and watched him closely, but brushed it off when Noah opened the door and beckoned me in.

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