Truly, Madly, Deeply

Stacy is just a normal girl who finds herself in a rather unusual predicament when she tries out for the X Factor and finds unexpected love. Who she finds it with is the biggest surprise of all- the internationally famous boy band, One Direction. When Stacy tried out for the X Factor, it was to chase her dreams of being a famous singer, not find this love, but it turns out to be a welcome surprise.


1. Audition Day

          I  walked up to the already forming line for auditions for The X Factor USA.  I had sent in my forms, assuring I was on the list to perform today.  I hoped and prayed that I was good enough to get onto boot camp and then to the live show.  This was my dream.  I had always wanted this, and now was my chance to get it.  I was broken from my reverie when my mom patted my shoulder and said, "Stacy, this man would like to interview you."  I looked at the smiling man and smiled myself, and said, "Oh.  Yeah.  That sounds good."  My mom stayed in the line while I stepped out and followed the man to a small area that had a chair, a camera, and a few other people with a boom mic and other equipment.  I sat down in the chair and turned my attention to the man who had asked me to come over.  "Hi.  Welcome to the X Factor auditions.  What's your name and how old are you?" he asked.  "My name is Stacy Salzman and I'm sixteen." I replied.  "Okay. What brings you here today, other than to audition, of course." he asked, smiling again.  "Well..." I started off, "This has always been my dream.  There is nothing I want more than to sing and make people happy.  I also want to do this for my mom.  She has always encouraged me to chase after any dream, no matter how crazy it sounded, and I just want to give back to her."  I smiled, tears welling in my eyes after the last bit.  "Have you ever done anything like this before?" he asked.  "No.  I've never actually had the opportunity to be able to sing in front of this many people.  Actually, I don't think I've sung in front of anybody but my mom." I said, giggling a bit.  "Well, I'll give you this advice: Just have fun out there." he smiled one last time before saying thank you and telling me I could go back to the line.  "Thanks!  Bye!" I called, walking away.  I found my mom a minute later, a bit further in line, and I joined her.

          Hours later, I was finally at the front of the line.  "Next!" a woman's voice called.  I walked up to the table, my mom close behind me.  "What's your name?" the woman asked, looking up at me.  "Stacy Salzman." I replied.  "Stacy... Stacy... Stacy... aha.  Here you go.  Now just go into that building and wait for them to call your name." the woman told me.  "Thank you." I said politely.  I turned and walked towards the building, linking arms with my mom for support.  I pushed open the door and was shocked by the amount of people here.  I groaned, "Mom, how am I going to get through this?  I bet I'm not half as good as most of these people."  "Stacy, stop.  I've heard you sing.  You sound beautiful and amazing.  It takes my breath away and you can hear the emotion in your voice.  You will be fine." she reassured me.  "Thanks mom.  You're the best." I said, wrapping my arms around her neck.  We walked around the large room until we found two empty seats and sat down.  I looked around, seeing all the people here, and I got really nervous.  I decided I needed to start practicing my song to make sure I definitely knew the words.  I pulled out my iPod and clicked on the instrumental version of "Sing" by My Chemical Romance.  I got through the entire song without a mistake, and my confidence was restored.  Much later that day, a man with a clipboard called my name.  My mom and I followed the man to a backstage area, where I practiced a bit more until the man told me that it was my turn to go out and sing for the judges.  I walked up a short flight of stairs and was handed a microphone.  I waited for the other person to come off of the stage and until the man told me to go out onto the stage.  "Alright.  When you go out there, stand on the "x" on the stage." he said.  I smiled at the man.  He then told me to go out onto the stage.  I walked out and applause and cheering erupted in the place.  I stopped on the "x" in the middle of the stage.  "Hello." I said into the microphone.  "Hello.  What's your name?" Simon asked.  "My name is Stacy." I replied.  "And how old are you, Stacy?" he asked.  "I'm sixteen." I replied.  "What are you gonna sing for us today?" he asked.  "I'm gonna sing "Sing" by My Chemical Romance." I said.  "Okay.  Good Luck." he said.  "Thanks." I said.  I nodded my head slightly, signaling for the man backstage to start the music.  The music started and I started singing.  Before I finished, Simon waved his hand and the music stopped.  "Stacy, I have to say, I think you're the best performance we've had all day." he said.  My jaw dropped.  "Seriously?" I asked.  "Yeah.  Seriously." he replied.  "I'm gonna start this off by giving you a yes." he said.  "Thank you so much." I said.  "Demi?" he said.  "I really like you, too, Stacy.  You have an amazing voice, so I'm saying yes."  Tears were forming in my eyes.  "Britney?" Simon said.  "I agree with Simon and Demi.  You have an amazing voice, Stacy, and I know you're gonna go far in this business.  I'm gonna say yes as well." she said.  "Oh my god.  Thank you so much!" I said.  "L.A.?" Simon said finally.  "I think you could have chosen a better song, but I still really like you.  You have four yeses." he said.  "Thank you so much!" I said, walking off of the stage and running over to my mom.  "I did it mom!" I screamed.  "You did, baby, you did." she said.

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