Mystery Girl

When 'MysteryGirl' is a huge hit on youtube, what happens when she reveals who she really is? Will she be popular, will they stop being a fan? Will they treat her different? Well all i can tell you is that her life is about to change..BIG time.


10. Chapter 9

Kylies Point Of View

"well we can start by going to go get breakfast!" Niall said. "Yay! Im like starving!" Sam said rubbing her tummy. "Yeah me dos!" I say looking at mine. "Well good. Im in the mood for McDonalds! Are you guys ok with it?" He asked smiling. He always seems so cheery and it just makes everyone all smiley! "Yeah thats cool!" We both said at the same time. "BEST FRIEND POWERS!!" We both yell  as we do our hanshake. Then we all just started to crack up with laughter. "Ok were here! Keep your hoodies up and sunglasses on!" He warned. we did as we were told and walked casually out of the limo. at first no one noticed but after a while they started whispering and pointing. a few girls and a couple of guys came up to our table. "Hey umm.. your Niall Horan right?" The girl asked. "And your Kylie Ho-Stone?" The other girl asked. we looked at each other for a second. and we lowered our sunglasses and nodded.  "Omg no way!!" The girl shrieked. "Shhhhhhhhh!!!" We all hushed. "Sorry! I just cant believe you guys are in front of me!" The other girls shrieked. This ws weird but i liked it.  "Hey guys! What are your names" I whispered to them. They all just started gigling...the girls anyways. "Im Dione....i cant believe im talking to you right now! Your like my idol!" She whispered back. "Well its nice to meet you Dione! And i cant believe im talking to someone who says im their idol!" I say honestly back. "Im Makaila! And i just wanted to say your very talented and i love you!" She said. "I love you too!" I say giving her a hug. "Umm...Im Max. And your amazing and your pretty hot.." One of the guys said. I felt Niall tense up next to me. "aww thats so sweet! Thanks!" I say blushing. Im not used to this kind of attention. Soon everyone introduces themselves and we signed a couple things for them and took a few pictures. "Alright guys i think we should get going!" I say. They all whined but still got up. Once i got up all the kids started laughing. "what?" I asked. 'Your still in your PJ's!" One girl giggles. I Look down and remember the bet. "Oh yeah well im trying to set a trend" I say laughing. We said our good-byes and went back inside the limo. "well that was fun! I like meeting new people!" I saw clapping. "I do too! Its always fun to meet the fans as long as theres not so many at once." Niall saiys. 'Kk did you see that guy! He said you were hot and omg i was melting cause he is just so adorable and cute i mean HOT!" Sam said exaggerating. Niall stiffens up next to me again. whats up with him? "Hes not my type." I said. He seemed to relax. Thats weird. 'Kaily! You always say that about every guy that likes you! Maybe thats why you havent had a boyfriend!!" Really sam?! You had to say that outloud?! 'wait....You have never had a boyfriend?!" Niall asked surprised. I nodded and looked down embarrassed. "Wow. I think thats amazing. You havent had one cause your waiting for the special someone to come right?" He asked reading my mind. "Yeah thats exactly what i was doing." I saw amazed. 'Yeah i had girlfriends but ever since this whole one direction thing i dont know if they want me for the real me or for the fame and money.." he said truthfully. 'Aww its ok Niall! Youll find her and i promise she will be amazing and love you for you! Fame and money doesnt mean anything  to her compared to your love." I say but then i realise that i might be falling for him. "Thanks Kaily. I Think im just a little bit closer to finding her.." He said. soon we toured New York and had so much fun. Some people noticed us and some didnt are. which was good. Paps were everwhere but i didnt care because im just a normal girl who wants to have fun with some good friends.

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