Mystery Girl

When 'MysteryGirl' is a huge hit on youtube, what happens when she reveals who she really is? Will she be popular, will they stop being a fan? Will they treat her different? Well all i can tell you is that her life is about to change..BIG time.


9. Chapter 8

I woke up with Ernies hands holding me down by my waist. I tried to get up but his grip just got stronger. I smirked and carefully pulled my arms out and started to tickle him!! He was like the most ticklish guy I knew! "Hey! Kaily! Stap!!" He screamed. 'WELL YOU DIDNT LET ME GO!!" I screamed as he tickled me. 'Guys SHUT UP!!" Sam yelled. Shes not a morning person. "Have a little fun Samioo!! PLus you have to get ready soon! I talked to Niall last night and hes going to tour us today!" I say remembering he called me like at midnight. Hes such a dork! "Wait what?" Ernie asked looking angry. "You said today was just going to be us? remember?! We are you best friends anyway!" He said bothered. "Shesh calm down Ernie! Its just a tour. We can always hang just us three whenever we want!" sam said annoyed."I mean ill call him and tell him not to come..Its no problem." I said a bit sad. "Yes that would be perfect!" Ernie said. I grabbed my phone to call him. "Nope!" Sam said stealing my phone from my hands."What are you doing?!" I asked trying to get it back. "I am not going to let Ernie ruin yiur relationship with Niall. He can pout all he wants but I want him to come with us! Plus he knows his way around here. we don't!" She said. "Whatever." ernie said giving up. I walked to my luggage. I decided to call Niall. "Hey! Are you guys ready?!" Niall asked. I smiled at how exited he was. "Not yet but you can still come over and we can leave together!" I said. "Ok ill be there in like 2 minutes. We are in the same hotel by the way.." He said shyly. "Oh that's so cool! See you in a bit!" I said hanging up. Soon enough there was a knock on the door. "OMG!!!" Sam yelled. Yup Niall was here! "Your THE NIall horan!!" She squeled. "Erm..yup. That's me!" He said laughing. "Niall!!" I said while jumping on his back. "Well hello to you to Kk!" He said twirling me around. I was giggling like crazy! "Hi." ernie said blunty. I wonder whats gotten into him!? "Hi! IM NIall!" Niall stook out his hand greeting him politly. Ernie looked down at his hand and walked away. Ok...? "Sorry about him.. I don't know what got into him" I say confused. "No worries. So are you guys ready to go?! I hope you don't mind but I only have a limo to ride in out here so well be touring in there." Niall said excitedly. "No way!!!" I said. "Well lets go!!" I yelled pulling Sam out the door."Kk! Um..Your still in your PJ's!" I looked down and saw my pretty bow pjs on. I blushed realizing it.Niall just started laughing. "What?! are you to embarrassed to be seen with me with my PJ's on?!" I asked glaring at him. He tried to stop laughing but failed. "Not at all! PLus I encourage you do go like that! 50$ you wont!!" HE teased. I quickly shook his hand. "Your on Irish boy!" I said skipping to the elevator. I am so getting 50$!! Soon Sam and Niall came out. "Wheres Ernie?!" I asked pressing the button. "Oh...umm. He said he didn't want to come." Sam said looking down. Ive always known she had a crush on him even if she didn't tell me. You can just tell! "Sucks for him!" I say as we enter the elevator. "I cant belive your doing it." Sam said shaking her head. Soon elevator came on and I just started jamming out. "what?! Never seen a girl in pjs dance to elevator music?!" I asked "Actually no.." Niall said taking is ophone out and taking video. I looked at the camera and said.."And that's why I should be on So you think you can dance!!" I say. we all just started laughing as he stoped the video. "I hope you know im posting this!" He said. What?! "Fine. I don't care cause im PHENIMINIALL!!" I say making fun. "He just chuckled as the elevator came to a stop. There was people everywhere! Cameras and everything! "WOW." I said amazed. "Yeah. Welcome to my world" Niall said annoyed. I never tought it would be like this. "Just keep close and don't say anything." Niall whispered. We did as he said and we barly made it out. "Gosh that  was intense. " Sam said letting out the breath she was holding."Gosh I didn't know it was like this!" I say as we go on the limo. "Yeah this is everywhere you go. You just have to try and ignor it." He said annoyed. "well where off to now?!?!" I asked.






Why would Kk do this to me?! She said it would just be us.. no it was Niall too. Ever since she got that stupid message it has been non stop Niall. I need to get rid of him. Its the only way I can get her to myself. I have a plan.....





OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!! What do you think Ernie has in plan?!?! Comment what you think hes planning! Keep reading!! Love you guys!!

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