Mystery Girl

When 'MysteryGirl' is a huge hit on youtube, what happens when she reveals who she really is? Will she be popular, will they stop being a fan? Will they treat her different? Well all i can tell you is that her life is about to change..BIG time.


8. Chapter 7

Kaily's Point Of View

Tonght wasamazing. Just plain and simple....withiut it being plain and simple, cause hes the complete opposite of that. Tonight i felt that i had know him for years. Thats what i like about him. Not that hes THE Nial Horan. Or that hes famous, or the hes just in the biggest boyband in the world. Its because hes sweet, caring, loving, funny, amazing, and just fun to be around. "Well here we are." He said braking the comfortable  silene 'Thanks Nall. I had an amazing night." I say getting off the car as he opens the door for me. "My plesure. I had an amazing time too. Ill be staying here for a while. I hope we can do this again." He said looking deep into my eyes. Wow. I think im meltin... "That would be awesome! Maybe youcould get to meet my bestfriends! Their the best! I say rambling on about them. I hear him chuckle. "Im sorry.. i tend to get dstracted and ramble on." I say blushing. "Hey dont be. Its pretty cute to me." He says putting a piece of hair behing my ear. we just stare into each other eyes for what seems like forever. "well i guees this is good-bye for now.." he say looking down. "well call me or text me where and when. Ill be there!" I say cheerfully. He looks at e with the biggest smile i have ever seen. " Im going to hold you up to that promise!" He said pointing at me. I giggle. "well goodnight irish boy." I say. "What no hug?!?!" He asked hurt. I ran to him arms open as he catched me.  I wrapped my legs aound his waist. "Well tis is good too." He said jokingly. I hoped down giggling. "Ok well see you later?!" I asked. He smiled and thoseperfect blue eyes were shinning. "Of cource. I would do anything tosee you again." He said slowly leaving. I open the hotel door to find Ernie pacing around theroom. "Hey! Whats up?" I asked jumping on his back. "KAILY! I missed you! He said spinning in circles. 'Aww i missed you too! How was your day?" I asked as he hrew me to the couch. "Well we dint do anything. Sam went to sleep  she was tired. I wanted to wait and make sure you got home safely." He said looking a me. "well i am! You can go to sleep if you want. i know is been a long day." i say yawning." Well theres only two beds and you know Sam sleeps crazy. So ill just seep on the couch." He said grabing blankets. "What?!C'mon Ernie! Your my best friend! I hink its ok if we sleep inthe ae bed. I mean its not like were 'sleeping' together!"   i say laugghing. He stumbles a laugh. "Yeah...ok " and with that we went to sleep.Tomrrow will be amazing. Going around town, exploring New York! I cant believe this i really hppening! I still waiting for me to wake up from this amazing dream. espeially Niall. I cant believe we are actually hanging out. Maye he can tour us around here since hes been here already. Wow. Life is really good o far.....








Hey Guys! I love this story but my laptop is sooooooo slow! Im sorry for all the spelling and gramatical errors! So i guess this isit! Have a good day! Oh ad follow me on instgram! I will follow back!!! Tell me what yall think...cmment like...even if its bad!  just want your suggestion so ican fix the problems so yall can enjoy it more! Love you all!!!!!

nkki_1323 (my instagram name!!!)

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