Mystery Girl

When 'MysteryGirl' is a huge hit on youtube, what happens when she reveals who she really is? Will she be popular, will they stop being a fan? Will they treat her different? Well all i can tell you is that her life is about to change..BIG time.


6. Chapter 6

After Niall asked me to diner i rushed into my dressing room and changedback into some skinny jeans...a nice flowy shirt. with my Nike high tops(sparkly) "Well where are you going?!" Marcos asked. I blushed a bit. "Niall asked me to diner so were heading out there right now." I say. He gasped. "You get some gurl! Have fun! But not to much fun! Youre to young for that!" He yelled after me. I laughed a bit. "Hey! YYou were amazing! Wait.. where are we going?" Ernie asked. oops! "Oh well.. actual IM going on a date with Niall....but i promise tomorrow its just gonna be us ok?" I say reassuring. He looks down and nods. "Im sorry.. but i promise." I say walking towards where Niall told me to meet him. This is going to be amazing!


They are already going on a date? They just met!!! "Ernie likes Kaily Erni likes Kaily!" Sam teased behind me. "I do not!" I yell. She rolled her eyes. "Uhu.. thats why your all sad shes going on a date with Niall!" She taunted. Ok i'll admit. I had some feelings for her. But i knew she would never like me back..."Yeah I guess...but she clearly likes him waaaaaayy more. I got no shot." I whisper. I dont think she heard me cause she was on her phone. why is life so complicated? No. I am going to get her. I will do whatever WHATEVER it takes.


She is just amazing! The way her voice just was perfect! I was kinda scared to go out there. But im glad i did caud=se she said yes to the date!! Well i count it as a date idk about her. I soon find her sitting where i told her to wait. "Hiya! Are you ready?" I ask. "Ready as can be!" She said. I lead her to the car just making small talk. The ride there we just talked about anything. "This place is really fancy Niall!" She gasped. I laughed a bit. "Well their food is amazing!" I yell. We linked arms and steped in. The waitor sat us at a table towards the back. "Would you guys like to order now?" He said taking his notepad out. I look at her. She noded. "Um..ok ill have my usual." I say i came here often so they new me pretty good. "Umm ill have whatever he got." she said. The waiter looked at her. "Umm Kaily its pretty big.." I say. "Oh i know.. i mean your Niall oran. Duh its gonna be big!" She said giving the waiter the menu. 'Ok but if its too much to blame me....its practically the whole menu!" I tell her. "Well then i guess thats good! Niall..I have a huge confession...I eat an elephant on steriods..Idk if thats the right thing.. I dk my point is I eat ALOT" I just had to laugh at her way of expressing this. "Well see..." I teased. They soon came with our food. We dug in as soon as he set the plate down. "Wow this is amazing!" She yelled. I laugh. "I told you so!" I taunted. Soon we were both completly done. I stare at her wide eyed. "I told you! I eat like a cow!" She said. "Oh so now your a cow huh?!" I ask. She glared at me and threw the napkin at me. She called the waitor over and asked for some water. He came back and gave it to her but handing her something under the table. "Um may i please get the bill?" I ask. He nods and walks away. He came back. "Im sorry sir but your bill has already been paid" he said. He then handed the receipt to Kaily. "What? Kaily! I was supposed to pay!!" I said stealing the receipt. It was alot. "Niall i hate it when people pay for me! But i just like to switch things around on dates you know?" She asked. "Oh so you count this as a date?! Phew ok i thought i was the only one who thought that! But still! Im paying next time!" I yell at her. "Oh so theres going to be a next time huh? Tell me when and where, I'll be there!" She teased. I roll my eyes. The rest of the night flew by really fast. This was really fun! I hope she likes me like I like her.. I can only hope...

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