Mystery Girl

When 'MysteryGirl' is a huge hit on youtube, what happens when she reveals who she really is? Will she be popular, will they stop being a fan? Will they treat her different? Well all i can tell you is that her life is about to change..BIG time.


5. Chapter 5

I soon finish packing and sat down on my bed. I got a text from Nialler. -Call me." I soon called him.

N-Hey! I didnt think you would actually call!

M-Why wouldnt I?

N-I dont know. anyways.. So im your celebrity crush eh?


M-Oh umm.....yeah.. how did you know?

N-I told you i was a fan! Plus its all over the internet. They even have photoshoped us together. Its crazy what fans can do.

M-Wow. I didnt think they would go that far. Im really sorry if their bugging you.. i didnt think you would find out either!

N-haha its ok we get this all the time! And i think its kinda cute. But your defenatly my celebrity crush!

M-Im not even a celebrity Nialler!

N-Yet! But you will! So yeah....But anyways i wanted you to call cause i have a surprise for youh!

M-What?! Niall! A surprise! Tell me!

N-Whats the point in a surprise if i tell you?! But youll find out soon! I prosmise. Night babe! Text me?"

He said hanging up so I didnt argue. why is he doing this to me?! I soon fell asleep thinking of all the possibilities that could be my surprise.

*the next morning*

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I get up and take a shower and all that. I soon go to the refridgerator(in my room) and see a note. -Hey stoner! I hope you have a safe flight! Love you ! (ps theres a present for you inside! I thought i would get you one to congrats you!)- I open the fridge and sitting there is a james avery bag. Inside was a charm bracelet with a microphone charm, a piano, a guitar, a flute, a music note, and a question mark. This is absolutly perfect! I text her a thank you even though i knoe she wont see it till later. i hear the door bell ring. "Um hi.. Im andrew. Your new body guard. Nydia sent me her to get your things. their waiting in the limo." I big guy said. Body guard? I noded and joged outside. I open the door to fin 3 eager faces. 'Are you ready?! OMG! I cant beleive were going to new yor!!" sam yelled. I smile. Oh yes im ready. For the car ride there we mostly talked about what we were going to do out there. I was thinking about Niall. Why cant i get him out of my head?! "kaily? are you ok?!" ernie said. "What? yeah im good why?" I asked. "Couse we have been parked for a few minutes.. were her." He said. What?! Am i that out of it?! I get off to be crowdedm with a bunch of screaming girls. Some guys too. Fans? A few asked me forautograps and i did. Some how they got a picture of me too. weird. But soon andrew steped in and helped me get trough the crowd. Wow. that was intense. I look back and sam and Ernie are all bruised up and scratch. I couldnt help but laugh. "Hey! Its not funny when your the one getting beat up!" They yelled. I giggled. Ok well its not that long of a plane ride. So i decided to sleep my way through it.

"Kk. Wake up! We're here!!!" Sam yelled in my ear. 'Ow!" I yell back. 'Sorry shes just a bit exited! I am too so lets goo!!! Andrew cleared the way for us." Ernie said. I hoped off the plane and there was people EVERYWHERE! Ther was a fence thing that protected us until we got in the car. This was soooo loud! We ran into the car ocasionaly smiling at the fans for pictures. "Well that was interesting." I say letting out the breath i was holding in. "Very! Now lets go. we have to get going so you can do the ellen show on time. We dont have time to go to the hotel first so y'all can get ready over ther." Nydia said seriously. I cant seem to get her. Shes such a kid but then theres times where she doesnt even smile! We blast the radio and dance like maniacs. I got Nydia to do it with us too! She got the moves!!! "Ok guys we're here! Now theres going to be dressing rooms with your names on it. Sam and Ernie You guys are going to be in the front row audience ok? Now lets get moving" She said. What? Why are they in the audience? I didnt have time to ask so i went straight to the fitting room where Lauren and Marcos were. "Finally! We thought you werent coming! Now lets go! We have to hurry!" Lauren said pushing me lightly into the chair. "Now the good thing with you is that you are a natural beauty and dont need much on!" She said. Once she finished maros gave me a tight black and goold strapless dress. Lauren curled my hair to a perfection. "Well your all set! Go get em tiger!" Marcos said growling. Oh boy! I walk out to where the cast is. The producer came over. 'Ok just walk out when ellen says your name k?" I noded. "Good!" He said and walked away. "And heres MYSTERY GIRL!" She yelled. I walked out and the audience grew wild! I waved to them and gave ellen a hug. "Wow. I cant beleive Im talking to Mystery girl!" She said sitting down I cought Sam and ernies eyes and smiled at them. "and I cant believe Im sitting down on the Ellens show!" I say back. 'Well its my pleasure to have you! well have been hiding your identity for 3 years?!" She asked with her eyes wide. I smile. "Yeah i know its been a long time but i mean i just wanted to see what people thought of my voice without knowing its me you know? But then it got fun to see everyone wonder who she was and I liked it. But I mean its worth it now that i told everyone. I mean I m talking to THE Ellen!" I say. she laughs we atlk for a bit more. This was really fun. 'Ok well I hear you play Piano?" She asked. 'Yupers! Its my strongest instument so i play it often" She smiles. "Ok well why dont you play.. Little things from one direction and sing for us a little yeah?" She asked. Soon a few men came out and put a piano on a little stage towards the right. "Yeah ok." Everyone started cheering. I waited for them to die down.

Youre hand fits in mine like its made just for me, But bear this in mind it was meant to be.

And I'm joining up the dots with the freakles on your cheek, and it all makes sense to me.

I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, you've never loved your stomach or your tighs.

The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine,but ill love them endlessly


Louis Part

Harrys Part


As i  was about to sing Nialls part i heard the most amazing voice ever. NIALLS! I looked over not stopping the piano. It was really him. He winked at me. he came over and sat down with me. "C'mon dont stop signing!" He whispered. we sang the rest of the song together. The crowed went wild!! 'Wow. Your even better in person!" He said hugging me. "AWWWW!" everyoned awwed at us. "Yeah you too. you too." I whisper in his ear. he laughed. Oh that laugh. "k umm have you guys met because that is one LONG hug!" ellen yells. I didnt realised we were still hugging. we both blushed. "Um actually i messaged her and we sorta connected so i got her number so i mean weve talked a few times." Niall says leading me to the couch. "Ooooohhh! I little romance weve got here!" She exclaimed. "No its nothing like that really... i mean this is the first time ive actually met him!" I say. she laughs. we continue the interview and soon it was over. After the show i got to met some of the fan who got backstage. Niall was with me too. "OMG! You guys are like the cutest couple ever!" A girl said. I smiled but didnt say anything. Everyone was asking if we were going to be together. Fans. "You were amazing out there today." Niall said. I blushed. "Thanks and you did too.!" I say back. He laughs. "so i was thinking.. maybe you wanna go have some dinner tonight? Im here for a few weeks so we can totally hang whenever." She said nervously. I smile at him. I would love to."


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