Mystery Girl

When 'MysteryGirl' is a huge hit on youtube, what happens when she reveals who she really is? Will she be popular, will they stop being a fan? Will they treat her different? Well all i can tell you is that her life is about to change..BIG time.


4. Chapter 4

I quickly went to message him.

-Thanks Niall! That really means a lot from a guy in the biggest band around the world! And it would be an honor to meet you too. Just idk..let me know! Im like a huge fan by the way!!-

I am a directioner! That is one reason i sang all of their songs. Sam and Ernie looked at me funny? Should I tell them? NAh theyll survive. Soon i got another message.

-No problem! ANything for a girl like you;) ANd i think its best if you pass your number over so we dont have to go back and forth on twitter. And it just makes you cuter knowing your a fan! I am also a huge fan of you as well!-

Niall just asked me for my number! I soon sent him my number and soon got a text from him. "No more texting! were here!" Nytdia said before i could reply. We went inside and sat down in a very modern room that looked like fun. Soon a lady came out. "Hello! Im monica! I will be interviewing you for a few magazines! Nice to meet you all." She said shacking our hands. She asked some basic questions and one hit me the most. "Who is your celebrity crush?" She asked. "Umm.. I think that would have to be Niall Horan. I mean hes cute for one thing but thats not all that grabed my attention. His smile, his memorizing eyes....his voice.. and the way they describe his personality is amazing, i mean i think i would have to mmet him to be sure." I reply honestly. Wait.. does he read these magazins?! I sure hope not. The rest of the interview went by quickly. We took pictures for it it was really fun! Soon we were back in the limo. I checked my phone! 6 new messages! 2 were from niaal asking it it was me or not. The others were unknown.

-Hello! Im Harry Styles! Um.. Nialll will not stop talking about you and is worried why you wont text him back. erm just text him back so he can stop blabering! Thanks babe! Im a fan as well! I hope we can meet you sometime!-

-Its Louis! Um i got your number from Nialler cause i really wanted to say hi! I mean your voice is amazing! How can you hide something like thaat for 3 years?! Anyways just to let you know niall wont shut up about you! see you around?-

-Hello! Im Liamm! Liam payne. We all got your number from Niall, he really is a huge fan. He was nervouse when he tweeted that. But we are all fans of you!! Well text me whenever.-

-Hi kaily. Its Zayn Malik. Im guessing all the boys have texted you already and think your ignoring them .I m sure you have a reason why your not replying.! We absolutly love you! we hope to meet you soon!-

Wow. All of one direction is texting me! I soon reply to all of them saying thanks and that im a directioner as well and that i would love to meet them and the reason i didnt reply was because i was at an interview. Ernie and sam fell asleep in the car and so we dropped them off at their home. "Ok so your fllight leaves tomorrow at noon so i will pick you up around 10. Good night! see you tomorrow!"Nydia said as she dropped me off. I enter my home to the smeel of tacos. "Honey? Is that you?" My mom asked. "No! Its just some crazy homeless phyco path coming to steal your yummy tacos!" I yell as i take some. She laughs. "so..mystery girl huh? Why didnt you tell me! OMG! My daughters famouse! And not to mention the m,ost amazing singer! What are you going to call your fans?" She says forgetting about the other questions. one directions fans are directioners.. taylor swits are swifties... Kaily Ho-Stone.."Um i just came up with one but its a bit weird.. Stoners!" I yell. My mom looks at me and laughs. "Omg! Kaily thats hilarius! You should so do that! Ima STONER!" My mom yells. I think i can say i have a pretty awesome mom. "Well honey you should go pack for tomorrow! I'll be watching you! I love you! Night!" She says. I go upstairs and begin to pack. This is going to be an amazing trip.. I just know it!

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