Mystery Girl

When 'MysteryGirl' is a huge hit on youtube, what happens when she reveals who she really is? Will she be popular, will they stop being a fan? Will they treat her different? Well all i can tell you is that her life is about to change..BIG time.


3. Chapter 3

"And here is....MYSTERY GIRL!!!!" The interviewer said. That was my que to go on stage. There was a live audience!!! I gave her a hug. "Wow! Well Kaily, how does it feel to be loved by many fans of mystery girl?"

"Honestly, better than ever. You guys are amazing! You have supported me through this wholw thing, it really means alot!"

"Well how did you come up with the idea? What made you want to do this?"

"well honestly i just wanted to know what people thought of my voice without actually knowing who i was. Like my best friend said, I wanted people to like me for the talent and not for the things i do you know?"

"Why yes. And you mentioned your bestfriend? Who may that lucky girl be?"

"Actually a guy said that but both of my friends our here! C'mon on out guys!" I said as music played and my awesome friends came out. They looked amazing. Each one sat on one side of me.

"So these are your bestfriends! Well dont be shy introduce yourself!"

"Hi im Sam!"

"And Im Ernie!"
"So.. jow do you guys meet?"

"Um well me and Kaily have known each other for quite a while im not even sure." Sam said embarrased.

"I actually meet her this year. She plays tennis and made Varisity team in her freshman year! And you have to be really good to do that! But anyways Coach paired us up and we practiced all the time then we just got.. super close!" Ernie said. Yeah made a bestfriend in less than a year!

"Wow..Well it was nice meeting you two!"

The interview went on for a while more just basically asking me things and wanting to know my history. After it was done, she came up to me. "Well thanks for coming! I really enjoyed interviewing you! Woulod you like to meet some of your fans?" Fans? I would have to get used to that! "Really?! I would love to!" I said following her what seemend like a room. Iside were about 30-50 people. "Well these are all random fans we have picked from outside. There will be security around you can just shout for help. Enjoy!" She said. I looked around. They havent noticed me so i went over and got a drink. "OMG! ITS HER!" I heard someone shriek. I turn around and instantly they all crowded around me. "Guys guys guys! Its ok i wont be leaving ntil i meet everysingle one of you ok? Just be patient iwill get to you!" I said they all listen and backed away and made a line infront of a table. I sat down on the other side. "Hi Kaily! Omg i cant believe im talking to you! Can you sign this?!" She handed me a oicture i had taken for my 17th birthday. How did they get these. Everyone had one! I mean i looked good in the oicture but it was weird. "Ofcourse!" I quickly got to everyone my hand exausted from signing. Guess i have to get used to that huh? I took a few pictures with everyone as well. "Thank you guys for comming! I hope you had a good time! Im sorry but i have to go for a few more interviews! Love you all!" I said walking out of the door. I went back to the dressing room and grabed my phone. My twitter was blowing up! I followed as many people as i could then i tweeted: Wow! Today has been really fun! Thanks for all who watched todays show! Hope i can meet some more of you guys! Thanks again! Love you!. I quickly changed back and headed to where i had left Sam and Ernie. "Hey guys! Did you guys have fun?" I say. "We were on tv! Yesh we did!" They both shouted. I laughed. I went over to the table with FOOD! I quickly stuffed my face with everything they had there. "Kaily? We nned to go for the magazines now." I hear Nydia say. I turn around with food in both hands and im guessing food all over my face. Everyone started to laugh. "Wow! Looks like someone has to meet Niall!" Nydia shouted. I quickly cleaned myself up. I laugh and join them in the limo. "Ok so how was you first bit of fame going?" She asked. "It  was amazing! I got to meet alot of fans! And they were fun to be with! The interview was fun! Im lad i got to do it with theses two!" I said hugging them. We all laughed. "Well hon, this isnet even the begginning." She said. Tell me about it. Soon my phone beeped. I checked it out it was twitter.

Wow! You are one amazing girl! I have been a fan since the first video you posted! You seem really cool and laid back! Your so funny as well! Maybe we can meet sometime? It would be an honor to meet someone who sings our songs better than we do! Message me!

That was from THE Niall Horan!



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