Mystery Girl

When 'MysteryGirl' is a huge hit on youtube, what happens when she reveals who she really is? Will she be popular, will they stop being a fan? Will they treat her different? Well all i can tell you is that her life is about to change..BIG time.


2. Chapter 2

"Kaily! She goes to our school! I cant beleive it!!!" Sam yells as she gets in my car. yeah mostly all our morning starts with yelling. "what?? No way!" I yell back. Ernie and her where talking about all they way to school. We parted ways and I went to first period. Everyone, even the teacher was buzzing about 'mystery girl' As soon as class started, the announcement came on.

"Will Kaily Ho-stone please come to your Ap's office? Thank you!"

Weird. I never get in trouble! I look at my teacher for approval and I slowly make my way there. "Kaily! i though you would have never made it! Come on, sit!" He said. There was alot of people in there with notepads and recorders. Whats going on? "Um is there something wrong sir?" I ask politly. He chuckles. "Oh no! Well you see.. you Kaily Ho-stone are the only person in this school to have the initials, K.H." He said eying me funny. Oh! "Well Mr. Collin. Yiu are correct. I am 'Mystery girl'" I say shyly. He stares at me for quite a while. "Prove it" He said while sitting back. I cleared my throught and began to sing, 'Give your Heart a Break' by Demi Lovato. It was the first that came into my head. When I finished there was an applause. Wow. "Well you certainly are Kaily. Now will you do the announcements? Then I have a few things to tell you." He said leading me to the intercom. I go up and turn it on. "Hiya Oak Ridge! Its Kaily Ho-stone! Now here is one big news we have at school today. So im guessong you've heard of 'mystery girl' ring a bell? Well as you all may know. She goes to this very school, and her initials are K.H well guys. I know who she is. Its me. Well thanks guys for listening and thanks for supporting me all throught this. It really means alot. Ever see me in the hallway just say Hi! Hehe. well thats all for today folks! See ya around! And this is Kaily Ho-stone mysterygirl." I say reading the script he had gaven me. Wow. People will actually know who I am! I soon walk back to Mr.Collins. "You said there was some things you wanted to discuss with me?" I said as I sat down again. "Oh yes! Well ABC news want to do a live interview with you today, and i was going to give you a free pass because i was looking at you profile and you have Exellent grades! So whenever you need a pass just ask me got it?" ABC!! What ima be on TV! "Thanks Mr. Collons! But may I have 2 more passes. I cant do this without my best firends there." I say honestly. I might not have told them but they were my MAIN suporters. "Of course yes! You will just have to go pick them up on your way out. What are their names? " he asked. yay! "Um oh! Sam and Enie. Thank you!" I say taking the notes and running to Sam's 1st period. I enter the room and all the talking stops. I hear a whisper. "Thats her!" I smile. Um Mr.Collins is givivn Sam a free pass to come with me." I say handing the note to him. He nods. Sam looks at me wide eyed. I grab her arm and pull her out of the classroom. "Why didnt you tellme!?" She aske kinda andry but not so much. "I'm sorry! But i didnt want anyone to know. If it makes you feel better, my mom didnt know either!" I say. She laughs. We went to Ernies first period. I enter. No one recongnizes me cause they are a year older. "Um Mr.Collins is giving Ernie a free pass t ocome with me. I say handing him the note. He looks at me. "And who might you be? And why does he need a free pass?" The teacher asked. "Um. Im Kaily Ho-stone, and I have to leave school for an ABC interview live today and I cant be there without him. I kinda need his support through all of this." I say. Once i had said my name his eyes widen. "Your Mystery girl?!" The whole class said. I nod and drag Ernie outside. "K! Im your best firendand you couldnt have told me?!" He asked. Wow. I should have told them huh! "Im sorry I'll explain later! But lets go! We have to get going!" I say. I drag them to my car. SHIT! HOw do i know where to go?! I soon see people with cameras by a limo. I run up to them. "Hi um do you know where the ABC headquaters are?" I asked. They look at me funny. "Are you Kaily Ho-stone and Sam and Enrie?" The limo driver asked. We nodded and he quickly led us inside the limo. "I will be taking you there just sit tight. These paps are everywhere!" He said driving a little faster than your supposed to. as we got inside there was a young woman in there also. "Um hi! May I ask you who you are?" I ask. She looked up. "Oh hi! Im Nydia, your new agent! I have some things to discuss with you is that all right?" She asked. I have an agent?!" I noded. "Ok well today we are going to the ABC interview. After that you have an interview with a couple of teen magazines. Tomorrow you have to go to New York and have an interview with Ellen. After that you are going to go to a few photoshots. Then On sunday you may fly back home or just stay there for a few more days." she said reading th elist. Wow. " Thats quiet a lot. But yeah i  can do it! As long as they can come along." I say hugging my frieds. She looks at them. "Fine. But you guyshave to be prepaired for some question to got it?" She asked them. They nodded. we soon arrived at the interview. "Hello! May I ask your name please?" The front desk lady asked. "Kaily Ho-stone." I said. Her eyes widen. "Your mystery girl?! Wow i have been a fan!! Sincethe beggingning! Can you autograph this?!" She asked as she gave me a pice of paper. Autograph? I took the paper and signed it. I gave it back. "WOW! Thanks! Oh and just go down the hall and find the dressing room that says Mystery girl." She said admireing the signiture. Nydia took the lead. she opened the door for us. "OK your stylist are in there to fix you guys up! Have fun!" She said. She seemed pretty cool i mean she wasnt that old. "Hi! Im Lauren! your hair and make-up stylist! Nice to finally meet you!" She said exitedly. She seemed young also. I smiled. Then a guy cam around. "Oh! Hi there! Im Marcos! Your clothes stylist!" He said giving me a hug. Wow i love these people! I have a feeling we will all be close friends. "Well hi to you guys! Im Kaily and these are my best friends! You will be seing them alot cause they will always be with me. Unless they dont want to i mean thats fine." I say looking at them. "How can we not want to bew with you!" Sam said. "Yeah! were like brohs! I mean we never want to leave your side! We always got you back!" Ernie said. Aw! they are truly amazing. "Yay! well you 2 can come to the atttached dressing room and i will get your clothes ready as well! This is so exiting!" He said clapping. I managed to giggle. I wonder how the inter view is going to go?



(A/N Hey guys! I like though of a new story over night and i thought it was pretty good. Theres no one direction action yet.. BUT there will in a couple of chapters. I have everything planned out so just hold on to your socks! So tell me what you think! COMMENT! I will reply and read your stories also!!

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