Mystery Girl

When 'MysteryGirl' is a huge hit on youtube, what happens when she reveals who she really is? Will she be popular, will they stop being a fan? Will they treat her different? Well all i can tell you is that her life is about to change..BIG time.


12. Chapter 11




So Ernie nor Sam has even tried to contact me.. i have tried but they wont answer their phone or text. I just cant stand being without them. Im basically like their sister but ever since the whole Mystery girl incident... they have changed! Or is it me that has changed? "Kaily?" Nydia asked. I snapped out of it and looked at her. I havent seen her since the interview! "OH yeah sorry.. what did you say again?" I asked confused. "I said do you know where Ernie and Sam are?" She repeated. "Oh no... they kinda hate me know and wont return any of my text or calls." I say getting teary eyed. "Oh sweety is ok! Its their lost that they lost an amazing friend like you! Lets just worry about getting the boys and you home." she said hugging me. I looked at her and nodded. I called my mom earlier to make sure she had told the boys their information and she had and we were arriving there and 12:36. I just cant wait to go home and just relax! But i have school on Monday! UGH!! "Wheres Niall?" I ask Nydia. "Oh he went to get you some breakfast. Once he gets here we need to go to the airport so you guys can be there on time ok?" She said still typing things on her computer. I nodded even though she couldnt see me. I had some time to think to myself and went to my bedroom. I went on instagram.. I had gained so many followers that i just tried to follow as many as i could i love my fans! They keep on asking me if this was the real Kaily Ho-Stone account and there was some one that said it was fake. So i decided to make a video! "Hey guys! Its moi! Kaily ho-stone wishing you a good day! Love you!" And i quickly posted it. Soon enough there was alot of comments saying have a good day too! And things like i love you too and everything. I tweeted that when i get home i would do a twit cam at 3 oclack with a special surprise for them. They all asked what was the surprise and everything. People asctually like my voice. I think thats amazing! Maybe its time i wrote some of my own stuff... "Hey! Im back!" NIall shouted from the door. I got off the floor and ran to him. "Wow missed me much?" He said chuckling. "You have no idea. I dont like being alone.. and without Ernie and sam..." I drofted off and started crying again. "No love! Dont cry i have some hot fries!" Niall sang.  Ah niall! I could help but laugh inside how cute he was. "Well we should get going now! I dont think you giys want to be late!" Nydia said grabbing the food and pushing us out the door. As soon as we arrived to the airport there was like a million people there! Signs that guys were holding saying Marry me and i love you! and your hot! "Wow. How much longer until we board the plane?" I asked Nydia."We have like 3 hours." She said. Usually i go to the airport two hours before. "OK so we have a bit of time.." I said drifting off. I headed over to where the gates help the fans. "OMG! Its Kaily!!!!!" One girl said. I managed to laughed. "Yup its me!" I say. "So how are you guys doing?" I shouted. They all scremed. "So im guessing your here because your taviling today right?" I asked. One person shouted "No were here to see you!" I was amazed by this. "You guys are here to see me?!" I asked shocked. They all screamed again. "Well then, if you guys came for me, me is what your going to get! You!" I said pointing at a guy with the sign saying 'Marry Me!' "Me?!" He asked shocked. "Yeah! Whats your favorite song?" I asked. "Anything you sing can be my favorite!" He shouted back. I laughed. "The cup song!" Someone else shouted. I looked at the girl. "The cup song huh? Who has a cup with them?" I asked. The guy earlier reached out first to hand me a black plastic cup. "Thanks!" I winked. He blushed. I sat on the floor facing the crowed. Alot of people got their phone out to record. 'all right so this is for all of you guys here at the airport!" I say excitedly. I looked over and Niall who was still in disguise. Nydia was also recording. Im glad to have her as my agent. shes so cool! I started to to the cup thingy and started to sing as well. I sang it twice because i know the song is short. Once i was done everyone was clapping and screaming and cheering! "Tank you guys!" I say waving! Oh wait.. i asked Nydia is she had a silver sharpie and she has like a whole collection of sharpies! She did and handed it to me. I quickly signed the black cup. "Here you go buddy! Thanks for letting me use it!" I said giving it back to him. The other people tried to snatch it from him. 'Hey! I will try to sign something for all of you! Just calm down!" I said. They did and reached out their personal things to sign. For a whole hour i spent it taking pictures and recording their answering machine and recording videos with them. I had so much fun! Soon i knew i had to go. "Ok guys i kinda have to go now!" I said. They all booed. "I had so much fun spending time with you guys! Wait! Im going to put you guys on instagram! On three you all scream ok?!" I asked grabbing my phone. I went to the video and recorded from left to right all the people screaming. 'Thank you guys! I Love you! And  im doing a twitcam later so check that out!" I say finally getting my stuff and going inside. "Wow..." Niall said looking at me. I hated that i couldnt see his eyes.. His stupid sun glasses were in the way. "What?" i asked confused. "You are truly amazing did you know that?" He said smling. "What are you talking about?' I asked still a little confused. "Well i mean, you took a whole hour of your day just to hang out with the people outside the airport! I mean do you know how many artist would just wave and walk through? Shit i even do that sometimes!" He said amazed. "Well they came here to see me apparently.. I wasnt just going to be like oh you drove all the way out here to see my hand wave at you..I wanted them to have fun! And it wasnt just just for them. I had fun too! It made me forget about ernie and Sam for a bit. I liked it!" I said explaining. I truly do like spending time with the people who were out there. "Well lik i said, your amazing! And by the way you were amazing when you sang." He said turning around and walking to the security check. "Thanks! I love that song so much!" I said skipping over to him. We finally reached the gate and sat down. "Are you ready to go home?" Niall asked. "Yeah. Im so ready to go back to my own bed! I miss my baby too!" I said. "Your baby?" He asked confused. I laughed at him thinking of an actual baby. "My dog silly! Hes so cute!" I say looking for a picture. I finally found one and showed him. "Wow huskys are so cuite!!!" He said looking at him closer. "whats his name?" He asked. "Oh his name is Prince!:" I said. "Thats adorable!" He said giving my phone back. "Yeah but i have school on Monday. Something im not looking foward to. "Oh i have a tennis tournament monday during school! I ahvent practiced since i left!" I said rememebring. Shit. Im going to suck! "No way! Can me and the boys come watch?Or are we not allowed to?" He asked. "No yall can come! Its an away tournament so ill text you the adress when i ask Coach. This weekend i have to spend it practicing.... wait.." I say remembering. "What is i?" He asked turning to fully face me. "Oh its just that Ernie and I always preactice and i remembered i cant call him to come by.." I said sad again. "Dont worry! Im sure we can call your coach and ask for a favor!" He said. Yeah maybe coach can come by and practice with me. "THanks buddy!" I say hugging him. Soon we boarded the plane and i managed to sleep through all the plane ride. Niall woke me up and told me we were home. "Wow im finally home." I said grabbing my little luggage and steping out on the stairs. There was a lot of people waiting there too. "Can i stay here with them for no more than an hour?" I asked Niall. "Its your choice love." he chuckled. The officer there to hold back the crowd had a mega phone. "Good afteroon sir! May i use you bull horn?" i asked nicely. He smiled and handed it to me. "How are you guys doing today?" I shouted into it. They went wild and didnt stop screaming. "Alright now quiet down before they kick us out!" I say laughing. "I LOVE YOU KAILY!! IM A STONER!!!" A girl yelled. I bursted out laughing. "I love you too! Anyways i cant saty for long because i have to get home to do a twitcam for you all with a huge surprise for you all! Ill probably sing a few things fro you guys but then i have to go ok?" I said into the thingy. The all booed but understood. I took pictures with them and everything. "OK well bye guys!!! See you soon!" I say and run through the little opening the cops made for us.  NIall followed until we saw my moms mini cooper. "Thats her!" I said dropping my luggage and running full speed towards her. "Momma!!!" I yell hugging her. "Hey baby cakes!!! I  MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" She yelled back. He stood there hugging for like a full minute. "Mom this is Niall... Niall this is my mom!" I said introducing them. Well its really nice to meet you Niall. IM glad you can come by!" She said hugging him. "Nice to meet you too! Im honored to stay at your guys house!" He said joking. "Well we should get going to pick up the rest of the boys! Im so exited!" My mom yelled. She was a mommay directioner. hahah! 












Hey yall! So it was more like a filler but oh yell!! Follow my one direction instagram account! 


I co own it with my friend Maddi! So yeah hop you liked it! Love you all and just kik me whenever! 


thats my kik!!^^^ anayways have a good day!!

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