Mystery Girl

When 'MysteryGirl' is a huge hit on youtube, what happens when she reveals who she really is? Will she be popular, will they stop being a fan? Will they treat her different? Well all i can tell you is that her life is about to change..BIG time.


11. Chapter 10

"I believe you owe me 50 bucks!" I say opening my hand. "Haha it hasnt been all day dummie!" He said sticking his toungue out. I stick it back out. "Ah..Young Love!" Sam says hugging both of us. Really?! I blush and sit down straight. "So back to the hotel?!" Niall asked changing the subject..THANK GOD!! "Yeah totally!" Sam said taking pictures of herself probably posting it on instagram. "Um actually i really dont wanna face Ernie right now. Hes acting all weird and rude!" I say more like a whisper. 'Cmon on Kk! Do you not know why hes acting like that?!" sam asked annoyed. "I have to agree with Kk. I mean to offense to your friend and all but he was a bit rude. when a guy sticks his hand out for a hand shake its only right to shake it. Not walk away." Niall said honestly. I nodded in agreement. "Omg you guys are so blind! I can even see it!" She said a bit annoyed. "what is it Sam! Just spill!" I say getting annoyed as well/ ":He abviosly likes you.. like alot!! I mean do you not see the way he looks at you?!" She said getting her phone out and showing me pictures she took without us knowing. "I dont see it.. I mean why would he like me? Im like his best friend!" I say a little weirded out. he slike my brother! "Oh yeah thats right! You can never see a guy liking at you. Kk you have the whole population of boys at our school dying to ask you to homecomming, not to mention Prom!!" She said a bit angry. Whats up with her? "I guess i dont noticed because i dont pay attention. Plus having a boyfriend is not on the top of my list right now. I Have to work on school and not to mention that i have a career to carry on!" If she was going to be like this so will i. 'plus whats wrong with ernie liking me? He knows i love him like a brother. I could never imagine myself with him. Its kinda weird!" I say. 'Because Kaily! Because every guy becomes my friend just to get close to you. And you know whats worse?! Having your crush for the longest time admit he wants to be with my bestfriend. I always though me and Ernie would be together. Untill he told me he liked you. That crushed me. And im sick and tired of it! Stop the limo!" She said. The driver did as told and she just walked out. I didnt even have the voice to call her back. why is she getting mad at me?! I cant help but i start to tear up. "C'mon. Its ok love. Its going to be all right." Niall coos as he hugs me into his chest. "But Niall. Its not my fault is it?" I asked unsure myself. "Of course not. You cant help your looks or other guys emotions. You just have a charm that puts every guy in your spell. Like a love potion." He said trying to cheer me up. I managed to giggle. "See thats what i like to see. The happy cheery Kaily!" He said stretching my smile wider. If only he knew im not always like this. "Im sorry you had to see that. I dont know what happened. Ugh i wish we didnt have this problem. Now i cant even go into the room. My two best friends hate me!" I say sobbing a little more."Its ok you can stay with me until things get straight." He said rubbing my back. "Arnt you leaving in a few days?" I asked hoping he would stay forever. 'Actually next thursday.. But i still have a few months of free time. Are you going back home after New York?" He asked. "Yeah i leave on Friday." I say. Thats one day after him. One day without him. "How about i move my flight and instead of going back with the boys? We can come to you?" He asked exitedly! WAS HE JOKING?!?! "Thats perfect! We have a guest behind our pool! It only has four bedrooms but we have a few in the actuall house." I sa yplanning ahead. "Thats perfect! HOw about you call your mom and ask yeah?" he saud handing my phone. I quickly dial her number and wait for her to answer.

M- Hey sweetie hows everything going?!

K-Great! Its been really fun! BUT theres been some bad news.

M-Oh no what is it honey?! Do i need to beat someone up?! Cause you know i will! Ill go all Momma nija on them! 

Omg mom! I totally forgot to tell her she was on speaker. Niall couldnt hold it in and bursted out laughing. So did i! 

M-Who was that?!

K-Momma its Niall! I totally forgot to tell you you were on speaker! 

M-Well thanks for teling me! ANyways did you hear that young man! YOu hurt her in any way or form.. I will go momma ninja on you. And trust me. YOu DO NOT wanna see that!


N- Mrs. Ho-Stone i promise i wouldnt do anything to her! I love you!

K- NIall!

M-I love you too sweet boy! Anyways what were you saying babycakes?

K- Oh well the bad news was that ernie and Sam have totally ignored me. I mean we were all ok yesturday and today neither of them like me! SO It was just me and Niall and he said that instead of him going back to the boys on thursday, we could arrange they boys and him to fly in at the same time as i do and they can crash with us for a while! Is that cool with you?

N- Pretty please!! With a cherry on top!!!

M- Omg totally! Thats going to be so much fun! Pass me over the boys number and ill talk to them about arrangments!

K- Thanks mommy! I love you! Ill send you their info in like 5!

M- Ok baby! Have fun and dont you think about those two horrible riends of yours! Ill see you in a week! Love you! 

YAY!! "Your mom is so cool!" NIall creamed. Yeah she is pretty cool isnt she? "Yeah shes cool. I mean what other mom would let 5 teenagers sleep over for a few months?...wait most of you arnt even teenagers anymore.. anyways you get my point!" I say. "Hah your so cute when you do that" He said boping my nose. "Do what?" I asked confised. "That! That face you do when your confused!" What?! I amke a face?! "Hah well im sure i look sexxy as hell when i do it!" I say making fun. Soon we arrive and go to bed in his room. Today was mostly good and partially bad. Hopefull this week goes by fast so i can finally go home!







HI Guys! Sorry! I have been super busy on homework! I mean i have tennis practice and then i give piano lessons to little kids and then i have geometry packets to do every night plus all my pre ap courses homework and projects! Its HORRIBLE!! Anyways! Thanks for reading! LIke it and comment what you think! Please let your friends know about my stories! it would mean a lot to me! Oh and my new instagram for one direction fans is


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Thanks a bunch!!!

LOve you all!!

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