The luck of the irish.

Toni and Sophie have been best friends scince they were tots. Now they have moved away from Ireland they finally feel free for once. When their best friend Niall and his new band mates do a concert at Nandos, will the girls take a liking to some of his new band mates or will they go in the other direction?


2. Come fly away come fly with me. 1/2

Toni's P.O.V

I arrive at the air-port looking amazed at how many people are here on a sunday! There's a mix of forgin accents travelling all around the place and funny smells. I wait in the waiting room at the front of the air-port looking out at all the planes leaving to go to amazing places. I look outside on the path way and see Sophie coming with 3 suitcases *face palm* oh gawd.

Sophie's P.O.V

I see Toni looking at me through the glass window face palming herself .. why was she doing that? I run inside the waiting room and give her a massive hug. "Toni!" "Hey soph, um whats with all the luggage?" "What do you mean this is nothing, I only packed important stuff!" "What you're whole closet?" Toni giggles abit and so do I. "Not even"


We both walk out of the waiting room and to the check-in. The lady looks scary. "Hi girls where are we off to today? " London here are our tickets we brought off-line" Toni says with a smile. "Oh how much luggage do you have there?'' "Um we don't know aren't you suppose to weigh it?" Toni says. "Idoit" Sophie mumbles while pad-locking her bag. "Oh yes I am but you ... just put them on the scale!" "Ok" Toni puts her luggage on the scales. "42 KG you have to pay $10 extra" "Um ok" Toni hands the lady the money. "Sophie.. Sophie?" "Huh what?" "Put you're bags on the scales" "Oh okay" "Miss you're bag weighs 52KG!"Are you kidding me I barly packed anything! The scales are wrong!!" "I'm sorry miss but that will be $60" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" "MISS WOULD YOU PLEASE CALM DOWN!!" "NO I WILL NOT CALM DOWN UNTILL YOU GET NEW SCALES AND WEIGH MY BAG PROPERLY!" "Miss I will call the police if you do not calm down!" "Sophie just back away and go look at that shop over there" "oooooo that's a pretty shop! I will be back to deal with you soon you old hag" "Sophie just go" Toni giggles abit. "Here you go lady I'm sorry about my friend she just hates giving strangers money unless it for shopping or charity" "If she ever entres this air-port again I will call the police!" "Please no need for that just take this $60 and we will be out of you're hair" "Don't I deserve a tip?" "Um no bye" Toni takes the tickets and put the luggage on the scales and she watched them slide away. She grabs their hand bags and goes to get some boost juice for both of them.

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