The luck of the irish.

Toni and Sophie have been best friends scince they were tots. Now they have moved away from Ireland they finally feel free for once. When their best friend Niall and his new band mates do a concert at Nandos, will the girls take a liking to some of his new band mates or will they go in the other direction?


1. A new chapter in life.

Toni's P.O.V

I stare at my empty room looking amazed at how big it looks without any furniture. My thoughts get interupted by my mums sobs coming from the kitchen. I walk down stairs and give her a big  bear hug, "Send me emails every night and make sure you ring me when you get to England." "Everything will be fine mum, Niall is there to look after us if we need anything." "I guess you're right sweetheart." *Beep beep* "There's my taxi mum I should probably get going." " I will get you're things" "thanks mum" My mum goes up stairs to get my bags. "Here you go sweetie have a safe trip." I pull her into a bear hug and kiss her on the cheek. I get a bit teary and so does mum, but as they say you need to let go of the things you love.

Sophie's P.O.V

"Sophie are you ready? The taxi is here!" "Yep be down there soon" I grab my Favourite white Ray Ban's and my hand bag and go down stairs to start a new life in England .. but first I have to get to the air-port. "Bye mum have a great time without me!" "oh sweetie.. you know i will!" "haha mum" *beep beep* "the taxi man is getting angry!" I stick my head out the window to talk to the taxi driver. "calm you're farm you dumb taxi driver!" "excuse me missy?!?!" "you heard me I will be out soon!" I shut the window and turn to face my mum whos laughing her head off. "oh sweetie I will miss you so much!" I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I put my bags in the boot of the taxi and wave out the window to my mum. Here we go, my adventure is just beginning.




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