Ellie is Zayn malik's girlfriend. She gets alot of hate and it makes her go nuts and now she cuts herself. When she was walking along the park and see zayn kissing a random girl will she kill herself?? Did Zayn do it on purpose??


2. the boys are here

after Zack left i was so happy that i got to see my Zaynie

i wanted to suprise him with a party.

i called Eleanor,Danielle and Taylor

they all picked up on the second ring.

Hey girls i said cheerfully

Hey they said all together

so i was thinking we should surprise the guys with a pool party.

Yes, that would be awesome said Eleanor

Yes and i can even show off my new bathing suit to harry said taylor excitedly

And maybe we should have the party organised at a 5 star hotel whith a huge pool?? suggested Danielle.

Yes that would be lovely i said

Danielle and Eleanor got the party decorations and reserved the pool for tonight and Taylor and I were sending out the invitations.


Everyone came to the party which was amazayn.

and so everyone started to jump in the pool to take a quick swim.


Zayn POV

i am so excited to see my girl. I wanted to kiss her for a long time. When we got out of the plane and the boys and I were looking for the girls but they were not there. We started to get worried.

Paul told us to get in the van so we did what we were told. 

Paul where are the girls i asked

i don't no he replied


Guys you all are going to stay at this hotel for tonight paul told us.

UGH!! i groaned

we got out of the van and went to the pool to take a quick swim and when we got to the pool we saw everyone.

Justin, did you throw this party for us Harry asked

nope and so he pointed to a tent where Eleanor,Ellie,Danielle and Taylor were talking.

We all ran to them except Niall and he stayed with Justin


Ellie's POv

The girls and I were talking about how proud we were about the party.

i heard my name being called, i turned around and saw ZAYN and i rand up to him and jump on him and kissed him for a very long time and so did the girls



If you guys want another chapter be a fan of mine and i will make another one and also please give me a idea of the next chapter please. Thanks guys I love u all

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