Ellie is Zayn malik's girlfriend. She gets alot of hate and it makes her go nuts and now she cuts herself. When she was walking along the park and see zayn kissing a random girl will she kill herself?? Did Zayn do it on purpose??


1. Zayn comes back from tour

i am so excited, my Zaynie is coming back from tour i said to myself excitdly

a knock from the front door interrupted my thoughts.

I get up from the couch and head over to the door. When i open it i see my ex boyfriend Zack standing there looking at the ground.

yes?? i say trying to get his attention and it worked.

Oh... hi Ellie erm... can we talk he asked 

erm.. sure come in i said and moved out of the doorway to let him in.

we sat on the couch together.

So whats up i asked still a bit nervous

ok... Ellie please come back to me and we can still be together. I no i messed up but please give me a second chance. I didn't mean to do that to you, please forgive me.

i smiled and said " i forgive you" 

he smiled and said thankyou and we hugged.

erm.. but i want to start as friends im sorry i said softly

ok.. i will treat you right he said

i remembered that was still dating Zayn 

erm.. Zack i have a boyfriend i said

his smile turned into a small frown.

im sorry but im happy with Zayn i said softly

Its alright... but remebers this i will always be with you no matter what happens

i smiled and hugged him for a long time.

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