The perfect Man?

This is a Miranda (TV) spinoff.

Years on, times have changed. Gone are the days that Miranda and Stevie chatted and spent time with Gary. She dumped her 'perfect boyfriend after getting worked up over nothing and before she could apologize, Tilly stepped in and asked Gary out! Will Miranda ever make things right between her and Gary? Or will she be single forever?


4. Chapter 4

What seemed like years were only seconds. Stevie could not contain herself.


“Oh My God, it’s Tilly!” Miranda heard, before everything went black.

She had passed out, most likely from sheer anger or shock.  When her eyes finally opened, about two hours later, faces crowded over her so she couldn’t see any light. Miranda could see her mother, Stevie, Tilly, and a nurse. She was in hospital. After gasping for breath and sitting up, she spoke.

“Um, why am I here? I am perfectly fine!” The nurse gave her a glance, and then turned to Stevie.

“She can go home now. There’s nothing wrong with her, just a false alarm. Don’t worry about it.” She said. Stevie took Miranda by the hand and they walked to the car.

Bending down (A LOT!) to get to the same level as Stevie, Miranda whispered, “Why did Tilly come?”

Stevie replied, “Oh, she told us everything. Well, not us, me, but nevermind…” Miranda interrupted her. “Ok then, can you just tell me what she said? I’d rather NOT talk face to face; I don’t ever want to see her or Gary ever again.” Miranda huffed, crossing her arms like a stroppy five year old.

“But that’s just it! Tilly isn’t dating Gary, it was all a misunderstanding! The two of them went to a community event, and when Tilly got hooked up with a guy who looked like Gary, well, some passers-by just took it the wrong way.” Stevie said, raising her voice from a whisper. The look on Miranda’s face was strange, and she looked confused. “Was that too much for your pea sized brain to take in?” Stevie added, deviously.


“Shut up, you twit. Honestly, it’s Christmas soon, you should start spreading joy to those around you… and maybe this year you won’t be a stupid little idiot and actually eat one little chocolate per day! Really, who can buy an advent calendar and sit around ignoring it when you know there’s little chocolates behind each door?” Miranda started her Christmas advent calendar speech.

“Ok, let’s not talk about Christmas and get back to business…” Stevie said, attempting to change the subject. Before anything else was spoken, a voice approached from outside the car.


It was Tilly.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I said… Yes, Of course not…. Oh, bear with, I have another call coming through…” She was obviously on her mobile phone.

“Oh hi…Yes I know…Tremendulous! ... He was such a Nudulator…Right, I need to go… Au Revoir!”

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