The perfect Man?

This is a Miranda (TV) spinoff.

Years on, times have changed. Gone are the days that Miranda and Stevie chatted and spent time with Gary. She dumped her 'perfect boyfriend after getting worked up over nothing and before she could apologize, Tilly stepped in and asked Gary out! Will Miranda ever make things right between her and Gary? Or will she be single forever?


3. Chapter 3

“Hello!” Miranda cried, a little worried.

“Um, hi..” Jamie replied. “So, what do you do, do you work?”

“Well, I am an Olympic Gymnast!” Miranda answered, thinking quickly.

“Um, I thought you ran this joke shop?” Jamie asked, a little bemused.

“Well, actually it’s a joke SLASH gift shop. And no, I’m not actually a gymnast, I lied…” Miranda went on, awkwardly.

“Oh, that’s funny!” Jamie laughed. His laugh was snotty and slightly geeky…

“Actually it’s not, I lied-“ But Miranda was interrupted. A delivery man entered the shop, carrying a huge parcel. He was chewing gum and looked very bored, as if he didn’t want to be there.



“This is a delivery of whoopee cushions for your joke shop,” The man said, without looking up. “Just sign here…” Miranda wrote her signature on a slip of paper, and held her arms out, ready to receive the large box.

“Well, here you are, Sir. Bye!” The delivery guy turned and walked out of the shop, leaving Miranda speechless and fuming.

“Excuse me?!” Miranda was horrified, but when she noticed that the man didn’t seem to hear her, she shrugged and turned to face Jamie again. Before she could start talking, however, Penny and Stevie stepped in.


“Well, hello. Do you want to hear this week’s laugh? It is based on Gangnam Style by P S Y. Ha ha ha ha ha…” Penny laughed, excitedly. Everyone was ‘wierded out’ so Stevie changed the subject.

“Miranda, can we play my favourite game?” She asked, getting hyper.

“What’s your favourite game?” Jamie stepped in. He didn’t seem to have much involvement in the conversation, but no one seemed to notice anyway.

Miranda and Stevie looked at eachother. “WHERE’S MIRANDA!!!!!” They yelled simultaneously.

By this time, Jamie was seriously scared. “Right, I’m leaving…” He whispered, edging towards the door.

“No, don’t go!!! I think you are really hot!” Miranda cried, before gasping and realising what she’s said.

“I’m sorry, Miranda…I just don’’t think you are the right kind of woman for me.” He said, before walking away, leaving Miranda heartbroken.

Miranda started singing. “All by myself…Don’t wanna be….all by myself…”

“Oh shut up, Miranda. You’ll get over it someday.” Stevie stepped in.

Before Miranda could answer, someone burst in…


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