The perfect Man?

This is a Miranda (TV) spinoff.

Years on, times have changed. Gone are the days that Miranda and Stevie chatted and spent time with Gary. She dumped her 'perfect boyfriend after getting worked up over nothing and before she could apologize, Tilly stepped in and asked Gary out! Will Miranda ever make things right between her and Gary? Or will she be single forever?


1. Chapter 1

“You know, Miranda… You really should fight for Gary…” Stevie’s voice rang in Miranda’s ears.Things had gone terribly wrong between her and Gary, what with Miranda breaking up with Gary and Tilly asking him out before Miranda got the chance to apologize.


“Shut up, you sound like mum!” Miranda whined. Gary had been put at the back of her mind…but obviously, you can still remember things from the back of your mind, so it’s a rubbish excuse to stop thinking about something.

“You’re not over him, you know that. I know that. Your mum knows that. The only people that don’t know are Gary and Tilly! How much do you think about him?” Stevie asked in a kind voice.

“Never.” Stevie glanced at her in disbelief.

“Fine, basically never.” Stevie’s eyebrows raised, waiting for a true answer.

“Okay, ALL THE TIME!” And then Miranda breathed out heavily.  She was really upset, but didn’t want to show it.

“Hang on, let me make you feel better.” Stevie then went over to the stairs and fell over a step.”

Miranda just looked at Stevie. “You’re rubbish! Only someone with grace and elegance like me can fall over so comically.”

Stevie gasped. “Well that’s a bit offensive. You have elegance?” She sniggered.

“Shut your mouth!” Just as Stevie opened her mouth to protest, a chocolate fairy cake was shoved in her mouth.

“Anyway, what happened to cheering me up?” Miranda pouted. “Do you like my cute puppy dog face?”

Stevie spat the cake out and laughed. “You? A cute puppy dog? If anything you look like one of those huge Saint Bernard dogs!”

“I mean it this time, do you want more cake to shut you up?” Miranda got cross.

“Well, not particularly no - ”  Stevie began.

“Good, so make me feel better! Make me feel better!”

“Honestly, Miranda, you sound like a two year old whining to go to the Bear Factory at the shopping centre! Actually, you sound like you when you want to go to the Bear Factory!” Stevie giggled, and pulled out Miranda’s bear collection.

Pretending to look shocked and appalled, Miranda protested, “I do NOT go to the Bear Factory!”

Stevie pointed to the bear collection. “Well, they came here for a…. for a… for tea party!”

“A tea party?” Stevie spluttered.

Just as Miranda was about to reply, the shop door opened and Penny strolled in.

“Oh God.” Miranda muttered, under her breath. “Hi mum.” She groaned.

“Hello. Well, I came here to talk to you about Gary.” Penny announced.

A sigh came from Miranda’s direction. “Oh, not you as well! I don’t want to get back with him, Gary thinks I hate him, and Tilly thinks I hate her and it’s all too awkward! You know I don’t go well with awkward situations!”

Stevie stepped in. “Well actually, every social event this year has been awkward, so why would this one matter?”

“Well, I was about to suggest that you forget Gary.” Penny opened the door and a man walked in. He was young, sexy and completely fit… “Miranda, meet Jamie.”


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