Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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20. Final Chapter/ Chapter 20

"niall wait!" i explained, rushing to the bathroom. he slammed the door in my face, making me jump back a bit. liam came up behind me and rested his hand on my shoulder. i shrugged it off and walked back into the bedroom, closing the door hard behind me. as i changed into my clothes i heard the faint sound of an argument downstairs. my head was confused, i needed to get out of here fast. but i couldnt, it was as if something was holding me back. my bag was packed and all ready to go. i turned the door handle and opened it just as niall walked out of the bathroom with red, puffy eyes. he looked at me, blanking me as he continued to walk down the stairs. i chased after him, carrying my heavy bag. i dumped it on the floor at the bottom of the stairs and grabbed nialls arm, spinning him round to face me. his eyes were a blood shot red, his hair ruffled and messy.
"please, just leave me alone. i cant deal with this now" niall whimpered, rubbing his wet nose with his arm. he walked out of the hallway and into the living room. louis and harry walked out of the living room to watch me leave, hugging me as they said goodbye.
"love you boys" i smiled weakly at them, pecking their cheeks softly. they smiled as i left the house out into the cold evening air. i carried my bag with me down the street, heading to the nearest taxi service to take me anywhere.
"y/n wait!" i heard an irish voice yell after me. i spun round to see niall running towards me, his hair blowing in the slight breeze.
"dont say anything. look i just want to say that i will never find a girl like you before, and i dont care if you leave but-"
"oh thanks. thanks a lot." i snapped back, spinning back around but he grabbed my arm, pulling me back round. our lips latching onto one anothers. we parted and he gazed deep into my eyes.
"let me finish. i know that we will be back together again...but." he closed his eyes and looked down at the ground, taking a deep breath in. my heart skipped a beat. i held his hand softly. his head moved up and his eyes opened, looking deep into mine. "...for now, i want to give you this." niall continued, he rummaged around in his pocket in his sweat pants, pulling out a small, velvet box.
"niall what are you-" he put his finger on my lips, stopping me from talking.
"im not proposing silly. its a promise ring. so i promise, that no matter where you are, or where i am...i promise i will come looking for you and i will find you. and we will be together." niall said softly, opening up the box for me to find the most beautiful ring ever. it was small and silver, with a small diamond in the middle. it sparkled in the light of the setting sun. my eyes lit up as he took it out of the box and placed it gently around my finger.
"its beautiful" i whispered, staring at it in amazement.
"just like you" niall replied, smiling at me. he leaned forward and kissed my cheek softly. "ive been meaning to give it to you for a while but everything has been so hectic. i just thought now would be an appropriate time." niall explained, i grinned at him as a small tear fell down my cheek.
"i love you nialler"
"i love you too y/n" he replied, pulling me in for a tight hug; our lips connecting as we did so. we came apart again as i bent down and picked up my bag off of the ground. i stared at him through my watery eyes before i spun round and walked away. leaving niall to stand alone in the dark sky. i walked down the road and round the corner so he couldnt see me. i pushed my back up against a brick wall, sliding down to the floor in a pool of tears, bringing my knees up to my chest as i cried softly to myself. i put my hand on my stomach, remembering what i did with niall which made me weep even harder. i played with my fingers as i wept, pulling the promise ring off of my finger slowly and placing it in the bottom of my bag. i squeezed my eyes together, letting the tears fall.
"bye niall" i whispered to myself, biting my lip hard. i stood up and wiped the tears with my sleeve, walking further down the road with the sun setting behind me.

my eyes flew open as the cold wind hit my face. i stretched in my bed and looked at the open window across from my bed.
"snow!" i explained, running out of bed and peering out of the window to the blank canvas that had set across the city. "merry christmas" i said to myself as i smiled out of the window. the snowflakes fell onto the snow below, setting softly. i looked ahead at the city not far away, the large christmas tree covered in tinsel, ball balls and fake snow. there was a large ice rink surrounding the christmas tree; full of happy couples and families. i sighed to myself, remembering me and niall a few months ago. he tried to get in contact with me two months ago back in october, but i ignored him. i didnt deserve him, he was too good to me. i closed the window to my room and walked to my cupboard, pulling out the bag that i had taken with me when i left nialls. as i sat down on the cold floor, i emptied it out and at the bottom was a small, silver ring; glistening in the sunlight as it came through the window. i picked it up and put it on my finger, holding it out in front of me and admiring its beauty. holding my hand to my chest, i murmured the words i hadnt said in a long time "i miss you, niall" my eyes shut fast, letting a tear spill over the edge of my eye lid. i shot up off of the floor and darted to my phone on the side, scrolling down my contacts and stopping on nialls. my finger hovered over the call button. i hesitated at first, but then pressed it. holding the phone to my ear, i listened to it ring.
"hello?" my heart skipped a few beats as i heard his voice down the end of the line.
"niall? its y/n" i replied, swallowing hard as i spoke. there was silence for a few seconds down the other end of the line.
"hold on a minute" he said. the phone went silent and the slight sound of shuffling was all i could hear. he picked the phone back up and continued. "is this really y/n?" he asked me.
"yeah, er merry christmas!" i exclaimed, trying to make things less awkward.
"niall is that her? give me the phone!" i could hear harry and louis whine down the other end of the line.
"no piss off!" niall exclaimed, i giggled to myself a bit.
"hi y/n! we miss you!" louis exclaimed, harry laughing in the background. there was a sound of a sharp slap and footsteps getting further away.
"sorry about that." niall laughed. i smiled to myself, the sound of his voice made me happy. "merry christmas to you too."
"thanks. why arent you guys with your families?" i asked him, furrowing my eyebrows, even though he couldnt see.
"we will be later." he replied. i nodded to myself with an added "oh" and plucked up the courage to ask him if he wanted to meet me.
"niall you want to...grab a cup of coffee this afternoon? thats if you dont have plans?" i added in, biting my finger nails, waiting for the answer. there was a few moments silence, my heart beat picking up pace.
"yeah sure, the normal place? around twelve?" he asked me. a large smile grew on my face as he answered me.
"yeah sure, see you there." i replied, hanging up the phone, breathing out a sigh of relief. i got dressed and ready, keeping the ring on my finger. sliding on my bobble hat, scarf, gloves and coat, i walked outside into the cold city air. the snow was falling faster, the snowflakes becoming bigger. the snow crunched underneath my feet as i walked. i arrived at the coffee shop, only a few people were in; everyone else was playing in the snow. as i opened the door, the bell rang. i saw a familiar blonde boy wrapped up in a coat, sitting in the back of the coffee shop at a sofa. my smile grew wider as i walked up to him.
"excuse me is this seat taken?" i asked him, waiting for him to look up. he kept his gaze on his phone that was in his lap, obviously not wanting to be recognised.
"err yeah sorry love" he replied, not making eye contact.
"i guess i'll leave then, by niall." i added. his head shot up and realised it was me. a small growing on his face. he stood up fast and threw his arms around me, hugging me tightly as he buried his head in my neck. we came apart from the hug and looked into each others eyes for a few seconds before i sat next to him on the sofa.
"you look...amazing" he said, his eyes searching my body. i stared at him in pure amazement, mentally undressing him.
"thanks. you too, you look...gorgeous." his cheeks flushed red as he grabbed my hand gently and held it; rubbing his thumb on it softly.
"so why did you want to see me?" he asked me, looking at me with his beautiful eyes.
"i want to get back into our relationship, nialler." i smiled at him sweatly. his eyes lit up like a candle.
"really? i've been thinking about you so much y/n, these past few months have been hell for me." niall explained, a smile twitched onto my face. "i think you were right, us having a few months apart. me and the boys are great now. we sorted everything out" niall smiled at me. i nodded at him, wanting to kiss his lips passionately.
"thats great to hear."
"they have all missed you, even liam. he asked me when i was next going to call you." niall explained. i raised my eyebrows in shock at what i had just heard.
"really?!" i exclaimed. he nodded at me, looking a bit smug with himself. i started to get a bit warm so i decided to take off my layers. i removed my hat and scarf, coat and as i took off my gloves, niall grabbed my hand, held it in place as he gazed at it.
"you're still wearing the ring" he whispered, looking up into my eyes. i smiled weakly at him.
"yep" i lied a little bit, i hadnt worn it in months, but i had kept it and thought about it all the time and that was good enough for me. "you made a promise to me. and i knew you would stick to that promise no matter what." i smiled at him. he leaned in and pecked my lips softly. the small kiss that it was meant to be became a bigger kiss, his soft tongue trailing at the bottom of my lip, asking for entrance. i accepted and opened my mouth, letting him come in. the kiss became more heated as i ran my hands through the back of his hair. i saw out of the corner of my eye, papparazzi taking pictures of us through the window. they must have found out where niall was. i stopped kissing and whispered to him in his ear.
"we're being watched." i nodded towards the window and bit my lip. niall stood up and pulled me with him, opening the door to the coffee shop and kissing me hard as the cameras exploded with flashes.
"niall, are you and y/n back together?!" one man yelled. we came out of the kiss and niall smiled at them.
"yes we are. merry christmas everyone!" he exclaimed, waving to the paps and walking back inside with me trailing behind. we sat back down on the sofa, talking for hours and catching up with everything that had been going on. eventually, it started to get dark outside. we stood up and he led me back to the house where the rest of the boys were. we opened the front door and were welcomed by three boys hurtling towards me, bombarding me with hugs and kisses.
"we missed you so much!" louis exclaimed, hugging me tightly, grinning as he did so. i greeted everyone and walked into the living room. liam stood by the sofa, with a large smile on his face. there was an open fire behind the tv on the wall, creating heat around the room. stockings were pinned up on the fire place, a large christmas tree in the corner of the room. i ran to liam and hugged him tightly. the boys jumped onto the sofa, putting on a christmas film. i stood behind the sofa, smiling at everything. it was perfect. niall came up behind me and wrapped his arm around my waist, putting his chin on my shoulder. his eyebrows furrowed together as his hands gently rubbed round my waist. he looked at me, his eyes widening with happiness.
"remember the day i left, we had the best sex ever?" i whispered in his ear, remembering when niall had been so weak after that he was trembling. his cheeks flushed red as he nodded. " four months pregnant." i added. a wide grind spread across his face. he spun me round and hugged me, minding the small bump. he kissed my lips hard and lead me to the sofa; ready to celebrate christmas together.

my life changed after that day, i had been through a roller coaster. you're probably wondering where molly went. after the day she came into our house, she never came back. the directioner family had accepted me and helped us name the baby. we had a little girl and named her ella. we carried on with our lives. liam met someone named danielle and they're still together. everything was perfect, and as they say in fairy tales, we all lived happily ever after.


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