Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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9. Chapter 9

i opened the fridge door to my two favourite boys; ben and jerry. as i grabbed the carton of ice cream, i pulled out a spoon and stuck it on top of the pot. it had been one and half months since i had left the boys. my life wasnt going to plan. i didnt have a flat, didnt have a job. everything was going wrong. as i got under the blanket on the bed, i pressed the play button on the tv and let the movie start. i had been staying in a 3 star hotel, renting out a room. i had no contact with the boys but i didnt think they wanted to keep in contact. it was half way through the film when my phone started buzzing on my lap. my heart started racing fast when i saw who was texting.
~i miss u babe x~
i looked at the text, a small tear falling from my face.
~i miss u too x~
i hit send and held the phone to my chest, taking in deep breaths.
~where are you? i want to come and get you x~
butterflies started to erupt in my stomach as i read the text. i wanted niall to come and get me, but everyone hated me. the boys, the fans. i had to delete my twitter because of all the hate and death threats. i decided it would be best if niall didnt know where i was, it would hurt me and him too much to see him again. my phone vibrated again.
~tell me where you are, i want to talk x~
~no niall i cant im sorry x~
i cried softly to myself, my heart went to him. i love niall so much, but i can never undo what i did and said to him. and liam.
~yes you can. if its about liam, dont worry he has moved on babe, and so i have i, i still love you x~
i took a deep breath in and replied to niall slowly, telling him to meet me somewhere other than the hotel, telling him to meet me in a place that i wasnt at. there was a small park opposite the hotel, across the road. i told him to meet me there on the swings. hours and past and there was no sign of niall. curiosity got the better of me, i walked out the hotel door and out into the cool evening night, across the road and onto the small park. i perched myself on one of the swings, swinging back and forth slowly, my head resting on the chain, a stray tear falling down my cheek.
"hey." a small voice said. i looked up and saw him looking down at me. standing up from the swing, i ran into his arms, hugging tightly as i cried into his chest. "i didnt think you'd be here." he cried softly, holding my head to my chest as he whimpered, kissing the top of it.
"why did you have nialls phone?" i asked him, staring up into his eyes softly.
"i didnt think you'd meet me if i texted you." he said softly, looking up to the dark sky, trying to stop the tears from falling.
"oh liam. im so sorry. please forgive me." i cried hysterically.
"i forgive you. i still love you." he whispered, i came apart from the hug, staring into his watery eyes.
"really?" i asked him, a small smile twitching onto my face.
"yes. i want to try again, y/n. but...i have a feeling that you dont love me back, that you're still in love with niall." liam replied, looking down at the ground. i held his hand and led him to the swings. sitting down on the one next to him, we talked for hours, sorting everything out. eventually he stood up next to my swing.
"liam i cant go back with you. im sorry." i said softly to him, standing up, holding his hand.
"no liam, im sorry. i cant do this anymore." i cried softly, wiping a tear away with my sleeve. he grabbed my waist, looking down at me, our chests touching, breathing getting faster as we stared into each others eyes.
"maybe this will change your mind." he said sternly, pulling me in, our lips attaching to each other. i flung my arms around his neck, our mouths moving in sync. i pulled away from him, staring at him with watery eyes.
"i need to go" i whispered to him.
"no dont. please babe." liam pleaded me, still holding onto my arm.
"liam. i dont deserve you." i said to him, pushing him away slowly. i walked backwards, leaving liam standing by the swings, desperation in his eyes.
"no. dont go babe." he begged me. i shook my head and walked back into the hotel, up the stairs and to the front of the door to my room. i opened it slowly, trying to close it from behind me when it was interrupted by someone opening the door from the other side. they forced it open, walking in my room and pushing me onto the bed, climbing on top of me.
"im not losing you again." liam said with force, throwing his lips onto mine.

i woke up, warm and comforted. my eyes opened to see i was in the arms of another. i turned my head to see that i was laying on top of liams naked body. i smiled slightly, reminding me of the good old days when i used to wake up next to him, when i was his girlfriend, i turned over so i was laying on my front on his body, trailing my fingers in circles on his chest. he eyes fluttered open as he looked down at me.
"morning gorgeous." he grinned, rubbing his sleepy eyes. i slid up to his lips and pecked them.
"ive missed this." i said softly staring into his eyes.
"me too. but lets not talk about that, its in the past now." he smiled at me.
"liam, im sorry. for everything. for ruining our relationship, your friendship with niall-"
"y/n. its in the past. and me and niall are ok now." he smiled at me. i flicked a quick grin at him and lay my head back down on his bare chest, his arms wrapped around my body. i was glad i was back with liam. i truly loved liam and i wasnt going to mess it up again. i wanted to be with him; niall is over with. i fell into a light doze in nialls arms, comforted by them. niall? liam, in liams arms, i corrected myself in my head.
"babe." liam asked softly, playing with bits of my hair.
"mmm" i replied.
"will you be my girlfriend again?" liam asked me. i opened my eyes and looked up at him.
"really? you want me back?" i asked. his small smile turned into a big grin.
"yes. yes i do." i threw my lips onto his, grinning slightly as i kissed him. my heart sunk a bit at the thought i was back with liam. why did it do this? i loved liam. my head kept asking me the same question over and over again. was i trying to convince myself that i loved him to help get over niall? i pushed the thought to the back of my head and lay softly in his arms.

i was surprised to see that the boys were happy to see me, hugging me when i walked into the house. except for niall who stayed in the living room. i walked through and saw him sitting without his top on, siping a bottle of beer, his legs on the coffee table as he watched tv. he sensed i was standing behind him and turned around, looking shocked. he put his bottle down and walked over to me, closing the door, showing the boys that we needed to sort things out. niall walked up to me and pushed his lips onto mine, a few tears falling down our cheeks. we came out of the kiss, breathing hard as we did, my hand running down slowly on his bare chest.
"ive missed you." he whimpered, his eyes red and puffy.
"ive missed you too. look niall, what i said outside of the hotel about me not loving you anymore was a lie." i told him, running my hands through the back of his hair. he smiled through a wall of tears.
"i love you" he whispered, biting his lip, wanting the tears to fall down. "but...but you dont love me back anymore and im fine with that. you're back with liam and thats where you should be." niall added quietly. i nodded to him, agreeing. the door opened and we immediately separated.
"everything alright?" asked liam, holding onto the door handle. i nodded as i wiped away a few stray tears. liam smiled and walked back out of the room into the kitchen i turned to go back with him, but my arm was grabbed by niall, turning me back around.
"tell me you love me y/n. i know you still do."
"no niall i cant, im sorry." i cried softly. "i love liam."
"are you trying to convince me or yourself?" he asked me plainly.

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