Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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8. Chapter 8

i stood up slowly, wiping the tears from my eyes. my mascara had ran down my face, make up smudged.
"no, no liam i wont go!" i exclaimed, screaming at him. the boys were huddled in the corner, zayn hugging niall, comforting him. liam walked back through the door, anger building up inside of him.
"what did you say?" he asked me, walking forward as he peered down at me, his eyes red and swollen; much like mine.
"i said i wont go. i want to talk about this, work it out." i whispered to him, my heart pounding so hard it was coming out of my chest.
"fine. lets talk about it." he exclaimed, walking to the living room, me following behind him. i perched on the edge of the sofa as liam slammed the door close, making me jump.
"why did you do it?" he asked me. i gulped and looked up to him. "was i not good enough for you? am i not handsome enough? what does niall have that i dont have? huh?!" he interrogated me.
"liam its not like that. i love you so much, it hurt me to hurt you!" i said to him through tears.
"you dont love me! i bet you and niall were laughing at me behind my back!" he yelled, pointing to the closed living room door. i looked at the clock behind him on the wall, it was nearly midnight.
"liam you know thats not true! it pained me to do it! you can even ask harry!" i stopped talking suddenly as liam froze, his eyebrows knitted together.
"harry? harry knew about this?!" he yelled. i nodded slowly, weeping to myself.
"yes he caught us together in the pool." i replied, rubbing my runny nose.
"the pool?! thats why you came into bed with your hair wet! you snuck out and shagged niall in the pool? under my nose?!" he screamed at me. i stood up suddenly and walked around the coffee table, keeping my distance from liam.
"yes and no. we didnt have sex in the pool-"
"but you were about to when harry interrupted?" liam shot daggers at me, wiping his eyes with his sleeve. he threw his jacket off and undid his top buttons to his shirt, taking off his tie and throwing it to the ground.
"yes" i gulped, looking at my hands in disappointment.
"so whenever you two were alone, you were doing something?!" he asked me. i nodded slowly. he looked away from me, his eyes gazing at the ceiling in disbelief. "i think im gonna be sick. whenever i kissed you, or held you, or made love to you; you were getting the same from niall!" the living room door creaked open to reveal zayn.
"li, im gonna take niall to a hotel for tonight. just to give you some space." zayn smiled sympathetically at him. he pulled out niall from behind the door. my heart snapped in half when i saw his red eyes, runny nose, hair messed up.
"yes, take the filthy son-of-a-bitch with you. no one gives a fuck about him. i thought you were my best friend niall." liam said to his face, niall kept staring down at the ground, tears falling fast.
"im sorry" he whispered as he left the room with zayn.
"sorry doesnt bring back my girlfriend and our friendship!" liam exclaimed as he slammed the door closed behind the boys. he fell onto the sofa, his head in his hands, crying hard as he did so. i sat down next to him, throwing my arm around his shoulders. "you know what hurts? i was going to ask you to properly move in with me. bet you would have liked that, be living with niall permanently."
"when were you going to tell me?" he asked me. "were you ever gonna tell me?"
"no, we were just not yet." i answered him.
"was he better than me?" he asked, closing his eyes, waiting for an answer. i stayed silent. he stood up and grabbed the door handle, opening the door to go upstairs. "now i know where i stand." he whispered, walking out of the living room and up the stairs. i walked into the kitchen, louis and harry sitting at the breakfast bar, a glass of vodka each. i sat down next to harry, throwing my head in my hands.
"i told you so." harry said bluntly, taking a gulp of his drink.
"dont start harry." i threw back at him, grabbing the bottle and gulping it down, nearly finishing it. i stood up, walking towards the door. "bye" i croaked out, a tear falling down my cheek to add to the multiple that had already fallen. i smiled weakly at them through a shield of water stinging in my eyes. i closed the door gently and took a deep breath in as i walked up the stairs. standing outside liams room, i turned the door handle and pushed it open. he was sitting on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands, only in his boxer shorts. he heard me in the entrance to the room, and looked up at me.
"what?" he asked me.
"i came to collect my things." i whispered to him, still waring my dress from the award show.
"oh yeah, that reminds me." liam said bluntly. getting up and walking to the chest of draws. he pulled one out and emptied all of my clothes onto the floor in anger. he ran to the cupboard, opening it with force as he threw my suitcase out behind him, pulling my clothes off the hangers and chucking them to the ground. he picked up the large pile of clothing, stuffing it in my arms, plonking the suitcase on top.
"do you have a place to stay the night?" he asked me.
"i'll stay at a hotel." i answered him. "bye liam" i whispered, tears pouring down both of our faces. he pushed me out of the door, closing it in my face. i trudged down the stairs into the living room where louis was watching television quietly with a beer in his hand. i threw my clothes on the ground and stuffed them in my suitcase, zipping it shut i stood up, louis not turning his head to look at me; his gaze was kept on the tv.
"go to niall, y/n." louis said. i turned my head to face him.
"what?" i asked.
"go to niall, just go. and never come back. you've broken us apart. we cant fix this now. just go to him, love him, take care of him. never look back at this summer." louis whimpered, his head now facing mine. i stared at him through watery eyes. walking out the house pulling my suitcase along, i turned around and saw liam in the window, smiling weakly at me. i waved at him slowly as i walked out of the house to another life. i walked down the cold road in pitch black darkness, not having changed out of my dress. i stopped outside a hotel, hoping zayn and niall were there. as soon as i walked in, i saw them both sitting in the cafe in the lobby, a cup of coffee in front of them. i walked over and stood next to niall. zayn looked up at me, niall looking straight forward.
"can i join you?" i asked him. he nodded and ordered another coffee. i sat on the chair next to them both, silence filled the area.
"did liam kick you out?" zayn asked me. i nodded slowly. "i'll leave you two to it." zayn smiled at us both, getting up off of his chair and walking over to the bar. i sat awkwardly next to niall, a damp and crumpled tissue in his hand.
"im sorry for everything. i never meant to hurt you." he whispered to me.
"im sorry too. look niall, i think it would be best for all of us if i just left. louis thinks i should stay with you but i cant. it would hurt liam. this is gonna be the last time you will ever see me." i cried to him. i got up off my chair, picking up my bag as i bent down to kiss his cheek softly. "just think of me as your summer love." i smiled through watery eyes. "bye" i croaked out, walking away and waving a small wave to zayn who was at the counter. i walked outside to the pitch black city; not sure where to go next. i had to get used to live my life without the boys, it was going to be difficult but im sure i will manage. i heard heavy footsteps behind me, my name being called.
"y/n! y/n!" i span round to see niall running towards me. he grabbed my hands as i dropped my bag.
"dont go, please dont go, i beg you not to." he cried. my eyes filled up with water and spilled over the edge, tumbling down my cheeks.
"no niall, i cant stay. i hurt you and liam. ive pulled your friendship apart. please just let me go." i said plainly to him. i went to walk away but he tugged my arm back.
"no, no dont go."
"niall get off, please! niall let go!" i screamed at him, trying to get my arm away from him.
"no, please dont go! i love you y/n!" niall whimpered.
"well i dont love you anymore niall! we have to move on!" i yelped, regretting what i had just said. he let go of my hand, his eyes stuck to my gaze. "i didnt mean that." he shook his head and turned around, walking back into the hotel. my face was soaking wet from tears. i had screwed everything up, and there was nothing i could do but move on with my life.

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