Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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7. Chapter 7

"and the nominees are, the wanted, one direction, usher, justin bieber and conor maynard.... and the winner is.." fearne cotton spoke into the microphone, the whole audience on the edge of their seats. "one direction!" she yelped! the boys shot up off their chairs as they hugged each other, screaming as they did. the whole arena was screaming as the boys walked down the three steps. i stood up and hugged them all.
"well done babe" i whispered in nialls ear. he hugged me and kissed my cheek, smiling widely. liam turned around, his smile dropped off his face when he saw me and niall hugging.
"niall go." i spoke through my teeth, nudging him towards the boys.
"oh!" he exclaimed, turning round and running up to the boys as they walked onto the stage. the took the award from fearne and stood in front of the microphone together.
"well, first we just want to say a massive thank you to the fans! we couldnt have done any of this without you! we owe it all to you!" liam spoke into the microphone, the screams getting louder.
"thank you!" harry exclaimed. the boys chorused thank yous together and made their way off the stage. they came and sat back down, except niall who hugged justin bieber as justin congratulated them. i looked over at niall in lust, his hair was so beautiful today; in a perfect quiff. his clothes fitted him perfectly as he laughed at his conversation.
"y/n, y/n?" liam asked, waving a hand in front of my face, getting me out of my trance.
"yes babe?" i asked him, turning to face him, smiling.
"are you ok?" he asked me, raising an eyebrow.
"yeah i err...just need the loo." i smiled at him, standing up and walking down the stairs to the next level of the arena where the standing seats were. i walked down the isle, round the seats towards the toilet, passing niall and justin as i did. niall grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him and justin.
"where you going babe?" niall asked me.
"to the toilet, its the interval." i eyed at him, reminding him what he whispered in my ear at the beginning of the show.
"oh right, i might as well go too." he smiled, tapping justin on the arm and walking away next to me. i turned around and saw that liam was looking at us back in his seat. i diverted my eyes away from him and carried on walking with niall. he lead me through the doors and into a small corridor with a door on each side saying 'Ladies' and 'Gentlemen'. i turned to face niall.
"why did you want me to meet you here, nialler?" i asked him.
"because, i want you." he spoke, directly into my eyes. he pushed me against the wall, staring down at me, his eyes gazing into mine as he whispered into my ear; "right here, right now" he whispered seductively, kissing my neck.
"niall." i murmured, closing my eyes as i let him kiss down my neck and down to my collarbone.
"yes baby" he asked in between kisses.
"its half an hour till your next nomination." i whispered to him. he grabbed my waist and pushed me through the door into the mens bathroom. luckily, it was empty. he turned the lock on the door behind him so no one could get it. he turned back around as i slammed him against the wall. ripping off his jacket and tie, throwing them to the ground.
"you rip my dress, you pay for it." i winked at him; pushing my body up onto his as our lips smashed together with passion. "congratulations on your award" i whispered in his ear, winking as i went down on my knees, un-zipping his trousers. i felt nialls breathing getting heavier as i slowly undid the zip, teasing him as i did. i suddenly stopped when i heard banging on the locked door.
"zayn its locked." i heard liam said on the other side of the door. i looked up at niall, we stayed frozen.
"excuse me, can you unlock this please?" liam asked the janitor behind the door. i quickly stood up as niall did up his jeans. he rubbed his hand across his face, scrubbing off the lipstick. the door swung open just as niall did up his top and put his tie and jacket back on as i helped him with his collar.
"whats going on here?" asked liam, standing in the doorway, his watery eyes glistening in the light. niall and i froze on the spot, tears forming in my eyes.
"y/n?" liam asked. zayn walked in with harry and immediately stopped when they saw us.
"nothing" i croaked out, a tear falling down my face.
"nothing? nothing?! then why were you helping niall do his shirt back up?!" liam exclaimed stepping forward as a small tear droplet escaped from his eye.
"liam, i dont want to talk about this now." i whimpered.
"you're fucking right we're not!" he screamed, turning round and shoving past zayn and harry with anger. zayn shook his head in disappointment and followed liam out, running after him. harry crossed his arms and glared at us.
"i hope you're both fucking happy." he spat at us. skidding on his heel and walking out of the bathroom. i turned to face niall, biting my lip as tears streamed down our faces.
"thanks niall. thanks." i said through gritted teeth, storming out of the bathroom, leaving niall behind.

"liam wait!" i exclaimed as i followed liam into the house, niall trailing behind and the boys following awkwardly, standing in the living room as me and liam argued in the kitchen.
"so when did this start? huh? WHEN DID THIS START?" he screamed in my face, tears falling down both our cheeks, my body shaking.
" i dont know" i cried.
"stop lying to me! stop it!" he screeched, grabbing a glass from the fridge and pulling out a bottle of vodka. he poured out the vodka into the glass right to the top and downed it in one.
"liam stop! LIAM! your kidneys liam! LIAM!" i screamed as he finished the glass, wiping his mouth with his sleeve.
"oh shut up you silly little slut. yeah thats what you are. A SLUT!" he yelled in my face. "SLUT! SLUT FUCKING SLUT!" he screamed at the top of his voice, launching the glass full pelt at the wall, smashing all over the floor. i screamed and threw my hand over my mouth. the door flung open and niall raced in. "oh fuck off. i thought you were my best friend!"
"liam please." niall choked on his tears, putting his arm on liams shoulder.
"get off me!" he threw nialls arm off of him. "why? why would you do this to me?! i thought you loved me, y/n." liam said more softer, grabbing my hands as i hysterically cried.
"i do." i cried to him. niall breathed in suddenly as i spoke to him, walking round the kitchen in tears.
"no you dont." liam swallowed. "if you did, you would have shagged niall fucking horan!" he screamed at me again, slamming his fist on the breakfast bar hard.
"liam, please hear me out." i whispered to him.
"no. just go, y/n. go. get your bag and leave please, we're over." he whispered, staring into my eyes, walking out of the kitchen, past the boys. i fell to the ground in a pool of tears.

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