Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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6. Chapter 6

"zayn hurry up, the limo is here!" liam shouted through the limo window at zayn who was checking his hair in the mirror by the front door. zayn ran out of the house, slamming the door shut behind him. he got in the car and sat next to niall who was next to me with liam, harry and louis in front of us.
"ready?" the driver said in front of the black screen.
"yeah" we all replied together. the limo sped off, on its way to the red carpet for the music awards. half an hour had past and we were stuck on the motorway, the traffic was bad.
"for fuck sake" niall moaned, peering past me and looking at the traffic in front of us.
"we're going to be late!" harry exclaimed, slamming his hand on his thigh in anger.
"calm down harry." i said calmly. he shot me the evils a he was pretty pissed at me and niall for lying and cheating on liam. the limo stared moving again and took a turning into a road that drove through the woods to the entrance to red carpet. the entrance had to be secret so there would be no fans jumping out and getting hit by the car. the limo drove through the woods and slowed down when it got to a clearing, just road for miles, a few trees around us. the driver opened the small compartment and turned to look at us.
"small problem, we'vre ran out of petrol. theres a garage half a mile away, if we walk now, we can get some and get to the red carpet in time." the driver smiled at us. the boys sighed as liam, louis and zayn stepped out of the car with the driver.
"we'll go, you guys stay here." liam said, peering down into the car.
"ok babe" i smiled at him as he closed the door, walking away with the other boys. an awkward tension built up in the car as me, niall and harry sat along. niall slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me in close.
"no no no. none of that while im here" harry ordered making niall immediately drawing his arm away.
"sorry" we both mumbled, looking down at our laps.
"i cant believe you can both do this to liam." harry spat out. i blocked out the thought of hurting liam, it made me cry everytime i thought about it. "so have you two...y'know...had sex? im guessing you have because of the plates-"
"yes we have." niall threw back at harry, putting his arm back round my waist. he turned to me and staredinto my eyes. "and shes the best ever" he whispered, leaning in to kiss me, his tongue whirling around my mouth.
"stop!" harry ordered, we came apart and sat awkwardly. "i hope you're going to tell liam! he deserves to know!" harry yelped.
"well...we were thinking about keeping it from him a bit longer?" i whispered, biting my lip, unsure of what harry might think.
"what, just so you two can have sex for longer?" harry asked, raising an eyebrow as he became more agitated.
"no harry, its not like that." i added in.
"why are you doing this to him?" he asked me.
"i dont know..."
"i do. its because i love her and i dont give a fuck what people say or think, i love y/n. so if you have a problem with it then fine, but dont tell me because i wont give a fuck." niall spat out at harry, making him looked shocked; raising his eyebrows high. niall slammed his lips against mine to show harry that i was his and he meant what he said.
"you really mean that?" i smiled at him. he nodded and grinned at me, kissing me softly again.
"thats it." harry said, holding his hands up as he got out of the car. we followed him, the cool evening wind blowing softly.
"whats it?" i asked him, holding my hand up above my eyes to keep the setting sun in the bare, sandy road to stop them from getting hurt.
"i cant be with you two when you do THAT. i feel bad for liam" harry sighed, referring to the kissing. i looked down at my lilac, floor length, strapless dress and saw that there was sand getting on the bottom.
"oh shoot, my dress." i said, fiddling with the ends, dusting the sand off.
"you look phenomenal in that dress babe." niall said to me, smiling as he stood in his suit.
"thanks, you look handsome too." i grinned at him. harry rolled his eyes and started to walk around, scuffing his shoe in the dirt. the boys eventually arrived with the can of petrol and soon enough, we were on our way to the music awards. we pulled up outside the red carpet, thousands of people screaming as celebrities got out of their cars. we were next. the doors opened and the screams became louder as one by one the boys got out, waving at the fans and paps, flashes as the cameras snapped pictures of them. liam stood by the car and held my hand as i stepped out. the screams suddenly became louder and thousands of people started chanting my name and liams. we walked with the boys and stood in the middle of the red carpet, smiling with our arms around each other as we had our pictures taken. we separated and the boys went their own ways to sign pictures. liam pulled me close and whispered in my ear;
"go and sign some autographs babe"
"but im not famous" i whispered back to him, pulling out my long, straight hair away from my face as the wind gently blew.
"so, they still love you. theyre directioners, and my girlfriend, you mean a lot to them" he smiled at me, pecking my lips, making the screams and cameras louder. i walked over to the side and signed some autographs for the fans, they screamed as i walked over.
"you look so pretty, y/n!"
"i wish i was you!"
"you and liam are SO cute together!" they yelled as i thanked them and signed some papers and took some pictures. after a few minutes of going down the fans, liam grabbed my hand and took us to the center and got a picture of just us with our arms around each other. niall was standing diagonally behind us, looking betrayed and upset that i couldnt take one with him. we started to get closer to the door of the arena when i froze on the spot and grabbed liams arm.
"whats wrong babe?" he asked me.
"jelena is over there!" i said excitedly. i had always wanted to meet them, i loved them.
"here, let me introduce you." liam smiled at me. he pulled me towards them. they stopped talking and turned to face us, cameras flashing at us.
"justin, selena, you know my girlfriend, y/n?" liam smiled at them. they both grinned at me, my heart beating fast.
"sure, hi y/n. you look so beautiful!" selena said to me, making me blush.
"thank you! you too!"
"hey whats up?" asked justin, hugging me. we walked into the arena, lights flashing everywhere in the dark room. a man showed us to our seats. i sat down next to liam with niall behind me. niall leaned forward and whispered in my ear.
"meet me in the corridor at the interval." he whispered, his breath on my neck making me shiver.

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