Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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5. Chapter 5

"what are we going to do?" i cried to him as he pulled me into his arms.
"i dont know babe" niall sighed, brushing my wet hair softly with his hands. i got away from niall and walked out of the pool, climbing out and picking my clothes up. niall jumped out, water dripping from his boxers. he followed me inside and closed the back door behind him.
"here." he whispered, getting a towel out of the cupboard and throwing it to me.
"thanks" i replied, drying myself off as i chucked my hair into a wet, messy bun. "im gonna go back to bed now nialler. night" i said, kissing his lips softly in the dark as he picked a biscuit out of the biscuit tin.
"love you" he smiled at me. i turned around and walked through the door. "hey, y/n." he said, i spun round to face him in the dark. "everythings gonna be alright" he smiled at me.
"i hope so" i replied, my heart beat picking up pace. i closed the kitchen door and walked quietly upstairs and back into my bedroom. i came to an abrupt halt outside the closed door when i saw a line of light on the floor. liam was awake. i opened the door a tad, peering my head round the corner. the bed was empty. i walked in and closed the door behind me carefully. tip toeing my way back to bed, i heard the bathroom door open and the light turn off. i froze in my position.
"where have you been?" liam asked as he stood behind me in the bathroom doorway. i turned around to see him leaning against the door frame, his arms crossed, hair messy and only wearing his boxers. he looked irresistible. "i went for a bit of fresh air" i replied, smiling at him as i slowly climbed into bed. "it was a bit stuffy for me."
"your hair is wet" liam said, walking over to the bed.
"yes. yes it is." i stuttered out, not sure where i was going. "i went for a swim-"
"at midnight?" liam snapped at me. i nodded slowly at him. "you know i dont feel like i know you anymore, y/n." liam spat out. i stood up from the bed and walked over to him.
"liam, dont say that." i said softly, stroking down his shoulder.
"the y/n i know, wouldnt just spontaneously go out for a random swim in the middle of the night. whats going on, y/n?" liam asked, hurt in his eyes. i hated lying to him. i loved him so much.
"li, i dont wanna do this now, its late-"
"no, no lets do this now. because there never is a right time to talk to you! i feel like youre slipping away from me! i dont like it..." liam murmured the last part of the sentence quietly to himself, looking down at the ground, hurt. i grabbed his hands in mine and made him look into my eyes.
"liam, get this into your head. if you think im cheating, im not. i love YOU." i lied to him. i was lying. lying straight into his eyes. i hated myself for doing this. a weak smile appeared on his mouth. i pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back as he kissed my neck.
"i love you" he whispered into my ear. i closed my eyes, letting the tears run free. i was a bad person.
"i love you too" i choked out.

"morning all, ready for today?" exclaimed louis as he bounded into the kitchen, wearing only his pajama bottoms. the boys groaned as they stabbed away at their breakfast. "oh come on you lazy bunch, it will be fun!" louis exclaimed, grabbing a plate and joining the rest of us at the breakfast table; helping himself to eggs and bacon.
"do we have to go?" niall moaned as he shoved food into his mouth, making me laugh. he slid his foot up my leg from across the opposite side of the table, making me giggle. he winked slyly at me, causing me to blush.
"yes we have to go!" liam exclaimed, taking a sip of his orange juice, his hand resting on mine as he was sitting next to me.
"but we go to every award show!" niall exclaimed, slamming his fork on the table.
"but niall, if you dont go, then i cant go, then i cant wear my new dress" i replied, crossing my arms across my chest.
"yeah niall, we all wanna see y/n looking hot" zayn laughed, winking at me. liam coughed and put his arm around my shoulders, showing the boys that i was his and no one else's. "ooh liams getting protective" zayn giggled, pulling funny faces at us both, making me laugh but liams face stayed serious.
"dont worry babe, im yours and only yours." i said, kissing his lips. i saw niall tense out of the corner of my eye as i did so.
"thats what you think." harry muttered to himself, making me and niall shoot glares at harry, telling him to shut up.
"what?!" liam exclaimed, looking confused.
"oh yeah, y/n is cheating on you with niall" harry said casually, pushing bacon into his mouth. the table went dead silent, mine and nialls mouths wide open. "only joking!" harry burst out, everyone breathing out in relief. me and niall nervously laughed at harry.
"good!" liam laughed at harry, hoping it was only a joke.
"harry youre so funny" i laughed at him, shooting him a fast glare. i suddenly got up off of the table and placing my plate in the sink with a bang.
"hey be careful with that plate y/n, we only have a few left. i found some broken the other day, looked like they had fallen from the breakfast bar." zayn shrugged at the table. me and niall froze, remembering the night we had sex on the bar, pushing plates and glasses off. harry stared at us, suddenly realising it was because of us.
"oh yeah! that was me, sorry, i'll buy more" harry butted in, saving me and niall once again.
"what did you do with those plates?" zayn asked him, looking at him in disbelief.
"i had a breakfast adventure..." harry murmured, lying through his teeth.
"lovely" liam muttered, standing up and bringing his plate to the sink.
"anyway...i think i'll get ready, we're leaving in two hours!" i exclaimed, walking out of the kitchen and up into my bedroom. i closed the door but it was interrupted by a foot in the way. i opened the door to find niall grinning at me. "nialler what are you doing?" i asked him.
"this" he said, pushing me in the bedroom, smashing his lips onto mine. i pushed him off of me, in shock.
"niall, liam is downstairs!" i exclaimed.
"no he's not, he's gone to the dry cleaners" niall smiled at me, locking the bedroom door behind him.
"well it that case..." i replied smugly, pushing niall against the wall, kissing him hard as he ran his hands up my body, taking off my top and throwing it to the ground. he groaned loud as i kissed him, running my hands through his soft hair. he picked me up and pushed me onto the floor, taking off his top and throwing it behind him. he ripped off my shorts as i pulled down his trousers, our bodies getting heated. we moaned together as the kiss became deeper and more passionate.
"oh god niall." i moaned as he kissed down my naked body. all of a sudden, the door handle started to shake just as niall thrusted hard.
"y/n, are you ok?" zayn asked on the other side of the door.
"yeah just getting changed" i yelped out, wiping the sweat from my head, nialls face inches away from me, sweating.
"er ok" zayn replied, walking away. i sighed and relaxed.
"that was close."

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