Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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4. Chapter 4

"i havent spoken to you all day" liam said as he took off his clothes and climbed into bed in just his underwear.
"yeah i've noticed" i replied to him, spitting my toothpaste in the sink and walking back into the bedroom.
"have i done something to upset you?" liam asked me as i climbed into bed next to him.
"no liam you havent." i smiled at him. truth was, i had done something wrong, not liam. i cheated on him with his best friend and as was going to meet niall again tonight.
"then why are you freezing me out?" liam exclaimed, getting worked up.
"are you breaking up with me?" liam exclaimed, jumping up from the bed, looking down at me. i threw the covers off and stood up.
"liam im not breaking up with you. i love you!" i replied, walking round the bed to liams side.
"then tell me the truth. why was you and niall trending on twitter?" asked liam, crossing his arms across his chest. i sighed heavily.
"i dont know-"
"stop lying to me, y/n!" liam yelped, throwing his arms out to the side and running his hand through his hair. "for the past few days i've felt like we've been slipping apart..." liam whispered, perching at the end of the bed. i sat next to him, wrapping my arm around his shoulder. he looked deep into my eyes, sadness growing inside of them.
"i know. i've been feeling it too." i whispered as i looked out the window at the dark sky ahead.
"i miss you" liam replied to me. my stomach closed up in a tiny ball, crunching up tight as he said those three word to me. i gulped as my mouth went stone dry.
"i miss you too" i croaked out, tears filling in my eyes as one tumbled down my cheek.
"hey, dont cry beautiful" liam whispered, wiping away my tear.
"liam" i whispered, smiling at him.
"shh babe, lets get to bed, its late" he smiled at me. we got up and climbed into bed; liam pulling me into his arms tight. "love you" he whispered into my ear at the back of my head. i reached forward, turning out the lamp. the light went out but my eyes were fixed on the clock. it was an hour till midnight.

i lay in bed for what felt like hours, sweat was falling from my head; i felt nervous and sick. liams sweaty arms were still wrapped around my body. the clock was midnight. was i really going to cheat on liam again?! i undid liams arms from around my waist and stood up silently. turning round to look at a sleeping liam, i smiled weakly at him. i opened the bedroom door and closed it behind me. bumping into a body in the dark hallway, i jumped out of my skin.
"niall, what are you doing? you scared the life out of me" i whispered at him, he put an arm around my waist and pulled me close to him, walking quietly down the stairs. we walked past the living room door and into the kitchen. it was pitch black, the lights were off and the room was dead silent. niall slowly unlocked the back door and led me outside, closing it again behind him. we sat down on the bench by the swimming pool that was lit up by the lights in the water.
"look niall. before anything else happens i want you to know that i love liam, and i dont wan to do anything to hurt him" i sighed, staring up into nialls eyes.
"i know. but i just want to say, what we did the other day in the kitchen, i will never forget it. that meant a lot to me. you mean a lot to me." he whispered, kissing me softly on the lips as his eyes closed slowly. our lips stayed attached together as he moved in closer; putting his hands on my waist. i came apart, looking at him.
"why are we doing this?" i asked him.
"i dont know, y/n. you tell me" i stood up and walked around the edge of the pool. "i love liam and i dont want to ruin what i have with him. but i think im starting to fall for someone else too." i whispered to myself.
"me too." niall sighed, looking down at his hands. he stood up and walked over to me. "i think im falling in love with you, y/n." niall said to me, staring into my eyes filled with lust.
"i think im falling in love with you too." i replied. all of a sudden he took off his clothes, only standing in his boxers and dive bombed into the pool even though it was midnight and pitch black. he came up from the water laughing
"your turn!" he exclaimed. i pulled my top and shorts off, only in my bra and knickers and jumped in the pool with niall. his lips met mine as we were both underwater, his hand at the back of my head. we rose to the surface, laughing and giggling. niall swam closer to me, his arms around my waist as his wet lips touched mine softly. we came out of the kiss as he smiled at me.
"you're so beautiful, y/n." niall grinned, tucking my wet hair behind my ear, making me blush crimson.
"you're not so bad looking yourself" i winked at niall, throwing my arms around his neck as i pulled his head into mine, our lips smacking together as we kissed passionately. i froze during the kiss, my eyes opening wide. niall opened his eyes, realising that i had stopped the kiss. his lips came off of mine as he looked at me quizzically.
"whats wrong babe?"
"i hear someone coming" we froze in the pool as we heard the sound of footsteps inside the house coming closer to the back door. niall pushed my head under the water and moved in front of me. i held my breathe, my arms wrapped around his legs on the bottom of the pool.
"what are you doing niall?" i heard a deep voice above the surface of the pool.
"just felt like a swim" niall replied. my breath started to go, fading out. i had to come up for a gasp of air.
"er right.." i recognised harrys voice. i climbed up nialls body in the water, my head coming up to the surface of the pool, taking a deep breath.
"y/n?!" harry exclaimed. walking around the pool to see me with my arms around niall, my head resting on his back.
"hi" i squeaked out.
"whats going on here?" harry asked, looking down at me and niall.
"we felt like coming for a swim" i smiled weakly at harry who was only wearing boxer shorts.
"at midnight?!"
"yes harry, at midnight!" niall exclaimed, turning round and putting his arm around my waist.
"is something going on between you two?" harry asked as he pointed to both of us. we turned our heads to look at each other.
"y..yes" niall muttered out. looking down at the bottom of the pool, ashamed.
"but, y/n, you're with liam!" harry yelled at us. anger in his eyes.
"harry please dont tell anyone!" i pleaded him, walking forward in the pool, creating ripples of water. i put my hands on the side and looked up at harry.
"fine. but this isnt fair on liam. either you tell him in the next week or i will." harry spat out, walking back into the house and slamming the back door. niall walked towards me, putting his hand on my bare back.
"what are we going to do?" i cried to him as he pulled me into his arms.

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