Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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3. Chapter 3

"er y/n, why is y/n and niall trending on twitter worldwide?" liam asked as he sunk into the sofa next to me. my heart started beating fast as i remembered my conversation with niall over twitcam yesterday.
"er i dont know" i replied quickly, getting up and walking swiftly to the kitchen, getting a glass of water and chugging it down fast.
"did something happen between you two when we left the room?"
"no nothing happened" i replied, swallowing my water hard. liam looked at me, as if he knew i was lying. but i was also telling the truth, nothing did happen between me and niall, we just had a personal conversation.
"really? well if nothing had happened then why is the trend world wide?" liam asked me again following me round the breakfast bar.
"liam nothing happened!l i exclaimed, getting aggravated.
"stop lying!"
"im not!!"
"whats going on in here?" niall asked, coming into the kitchen and saw that me and liam were arguing. he froze on the spot, realising what it was about.
"look at the worldwide trend and you'll find out" liam snapped at him, hurrying out of the kitchen, pushing past nialls shoulder. he slammed the door shut behind him, making us jump. niall walked over to the kitchen cupboard, opening it and pulling out two bags of crisps and throwing me one. he walked over to me and leaned on the breakfast bar, stuffing crisps into his mouth.
"niall what we gonna do?" i asked him.
"about what?" niall asked through a mouthful of food.
"about us! this! we're trending worldwide on twitter, liam thinks i've cheated on him with his best mate!" i exclaimed, slamming my bag of crisps on the dining room table behind me.
"im sure its not that bad-"
"not that bad?! niall, liam just shoved past you! dont you care?" i yelled at him.
"no, y/n, i dont. i dont care what liam thinks or the fans." niall exclaimed, devouring his crisps and throwing the packet away.
"why?" i asked him softly. holding his arm as we got closer. i searched his eyes for an answer.
" fed up with things getting to my head" niall sighed at me, looking down then looking sadly up into my eyes, making my heart melt. how have i not noticed all this time how beautiful niall was? i smiled slightly at him, our stares connected. his eyes pierced into my soul as if he could read what i was thinking.
"can i ask you something?"
"yeah sure"
"do you ever believe that friends can become more than friends?" i asked him. he shrugged and then nodded his head at me.
"yeah i guess, if they are close and have a special...connection" he whispered at me, our eyes latched into each other. his hands slowly moved onto my hips, his head moved closer to mine, whispering in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. "why"
"no reason" i gulped. his body was pressed up against mine. "niall-" he slammed his lips onto mine and pressed my body hard onto the breakfast bar, it hurt but i didnt care. he pulled off my top and threw it onto the floor. he pushed me onto the breakfast bar, climbing on top of me as plates smashed onto the ground. the kiss became faster, more heated. i undid his jeans, pulling them off of him. glasses and cups being pushed onto the ground, making an ear piercing sound. i felt guilty for cheating on liam, but right now, i didnt care. niall stopped kissing me, sweat dripping from his chin as he gazed into my eyes, our hearts beating fast.
"is anyone home" he whispered into my ear, our naked bodies wrapped around each other as we lay on the breakfast bar. i shook my head and grabbed his head, pulling it back to mine, latching our lips back onto each other. niall thrusted into me, making me scream out.
"shh baby" niall whispered into my ear, his hair messed up, cheeks bright red.
"dont say shh nialler, no ones home now fuck me" i screamed-whispered back, he laughed and kissed down my body, making me shake.

it was the evening and we were all gathered on the sofa watching x factor. louis screaming at the tv when the acts came on, making us laugh. he was really getting into it. my legs were propped up on liams. he hadnt kissed me all day. i had a large dollop of guilt in the pit of my stomach about earlier. i had sex with niall whilst dating liam. my phone vibrated in my pocket. i got it out and saw a text from niall, sitting on a bean bag on the other side of the sofa; opposite me.
--are we gonna tell anyone? xx --

--naa too complicated. i feel so bad for liam though, hes my boyfriend xx --

--you shouldnt babe, it was good ;) ily Xx--

--love you too xx--
i smiled at my phone as i looked up and saw niall gazing at me, biting his lip, making my toes curl. my phone buzzed again, seeing niall had made another text.
--meet me in the garden at midnight xx-- my heart fluttered as i read the text. what did he have planned? i felt bad about what i did with niall earlier, i love liam, so much; but niall is different.

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