Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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2. Chapter 2

i shuffled around the hot bed next to liam. i couldnt get comfortable. i dont know why i couldnt get comfortable, i had nothing to worry about.
"babe whats wrong?" liam asked me in his sleepy voice. i sat up and huffed, turning the light on.
"i cant sleep." i sighed. liam leaned over and pulled me lips to his. they latched onto each other, his hand on the back of my bed as he pulled me onto him. he took off my bra in one easy motion as i removed his underwear, throwing it to the ground swiftly. he flipped me over onto my back, kissing down my body, leaving wet patches down my skin.

my eyes fluttered open to the sunlight beaming through the windows. i sat up in bed, looking to my left to see the bed empty. i got up and put on my shorts and t-shirt that i used for pajamas and walked out of the bedroom door into the hot hallway. the house was quiet, too quiet. i walked down the hall and peered into each of the boys' rooms. empty. as i walked downstairs i heard the slight sound of shuffling feet, whispering and bowls clinking together. i slowly opened the door to the living room and the rest of the downstairs, peering my head round the corner i saw no one. my body crept round the door, and looked into the opened planned downstairs. i heard whispering, fidgeting in the kitchen.
"hello?" i asked as i walked into the kitchen.
"SURPRISE!" yelled five boys as they jumped up out from behind the breakfast bar and cupboards. i screamed loudly as i ran towards them, a smile on my face.
"happy birthday beautiful" liam smiled at me, kissing my lips and hugging me tightly. i saw the boys behind him, holding a large purple cake with icing on and 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N' written across the top. i came apart from the hug and kissed each of the boys on the cheeks.
"happy birthday y/n" zayn smiled at me as he kissed me on the head.
"thanks" i smiled at him. i looked at niall who was sitting timidly at the table, playing with a fork.
"i think niallers hungry" i laughed, nodding over to niall. the boys turned around and laughed at him.
"CHEF LOUIS IS HERE!" louis piped up, running to the stove and began making pancakes. the boys joined him, harry pouring flour of louis' hair, zayn standing next to louis and inspecting what he was doing and liam setting up the plates and ingredients. i sat next to niall at the table and tapped his shoulder. he turned to look at me and flashed me a quick smile.
"happy birthday" he murmured at me.
"thanks" i replied. "niall? whats wrong?" he shook his head and peered down at the tablen playing with a pink napkin.
"dont give me that bullshit." i replied, he looked up, his beautiful eyes reaching deep into my soul. "you can tell me" i whispered to him, smiling weakly.
"i know" he smiled at me, kissing my cheek. he came apart from my cheek and stared into my eyes, my heart beating fast, our noses centimeters apart. i looked down at his lips, my breathing getting faster...
"y/n?" my eyes darted away from niall and dragged back to liam who was bringing the plates over. i shot up off of the chair and helped liam set the table. i tried to keep my eyes away from zayn who was staring at me with a disapproving look on his face. i set the plates down on the table and walked to the shelves that were stacked with cups. zayn walked over and joined me, pulling out glasses.
"i saw you, what you and niall were doing. dont think about it" zayn whispered to me, pulling a cup out of my hand and walking over to the table.

"hi guys, so we're just here to say hello quickly wish y/n a happy birthday!" liam said into the webcam on the laptop. he thought it would be a nice idea to do a twitcam for me on my birthday, to see what the fans were saying. we all sat on the sofa, huddled together, me sitting on harrys lap, his arms wrapped around my waist. harry was sitting next to niall at the end of the sofa, who was tapping on his phone, replying to a few texts and skimming through twitter. "i know! lets show the fans what we got y/n for her birthday! harry exclaimed, throwing me off of him as the four boys ran off of the sofa into the other room, leaving me and niall alone. i turned to face niall who had a neutral look on his face.
"niall? are you going to tell me whats wrong now?" i asked him, turning on the sofa to face him.
"stop asking me y/n, im fine! and if i was going to tell someone, you would not be one of the people" i was starting to get infuriated by niall, he was hiding something that i wanted to find out.
"niall for gods sake just tell me!" i exclaimed.
"fine" he whispered, taking a deep breath out. he looked up at me, his eyes searching around in my mind. "there is this girl, that i really like, and she's been in my life for a while now and i think im starting to like her." niall said, looking down and playing with his hands. i lifted his head up with my hand, his blue eyes gazing into mine.
"nialler, who is she?" i whispered to him.
"its-" he replied but the boys burst through the door, holding clothes, shoes, bags and make up. they poured onto the sofa, talking to the fans and showing them the presents. niall sighed heavily and sunk back into the sofa. i realised that me and niall had our conversation in front of over 60000 people live...

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