Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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19. Chapter 19

"but everything is so complicated niall." i sighed, looking down at the table.
"i dont care what liam thinks or says-"
"yes you do, otherwise you wouldnt have reacted the way you did." i snapped back at him, remembering the incident in the car.
"look im sorry about that, just please come back and we can all talk about this." niall exclaimed, holding my hand tightly across the table. a few people started to turn around and realise niall was there.
"niall...i have ruined your friendship, all the fans hate me..." i sighed to myself, rubbing my forehead with my free hand, thinking about how everything was in a big mess.
"the fans dont hate you." niall replied to me, tugging on my arm for him to look up at me. i stared deeply into his saddened eyes.
"i still think it would be best if we took time apart for a while. let you guys fix things." i suggested once again. niall was about to answer when a girl walked over to us, holding a camera in her hand. she had long dark, curly hair that went almost down to her waist. her gaze was set on niall.
"excuse me niall, can i have a picture with you please?" she asked him, her smile wide. niall sighed quietly and rolled his eyes at me whilst she turned the camera on.
"yeah sure babe" he smiled at her as he stood up. i offered to take the picture for them. he put his arm around her waist and pulled her in close, both smiling widely. a dollop of jealousy landed in my stomach. i hated seeing niall with another girl that wasnt me, even if she was a fan. i snapped the camera and handed it back to her as niall sat back down.
"hey, arent you y/n?" she asked me.
"yeah" i replied, a small sick feeling building up in my stomach.
"i cant believe what you did to liam. you broke his heart and knowing you, you'll probably break our nialls' too." she snapped at me, turning on her heels and walking out of the cafe. i sat back down, my eyes filled with hurt. nialls mouth was down to the floor. he walked over to my seat, i moved over so he could perch his bum on the edge. nialls arm threw round my shoulder pulling me in tightly.
"i cant believe she said that. is that what everyone thinks?" i turned to ask him, my eyes watery. he played with a lose piece of hair, twiddling it round his fingers.
"no babe. come, lets get out of here and go back home" he smiled at me, standing up and holding my hand, pulling me out of the cafe.

as i walked into the house, silence hit me int he face hard. there wasnt a sound anywhere except the sound of footsteps behind me belonging to niall as he walked through the front door.
"where is everyone?" i asked him, turning around as he closed the door.
"i dont know babe." he whispered, holding my hand and walking me upstairs. i swung open his bedroom door and flopped down onto the bed on my back, breathing out heavily.
"remember how this summer started?" i asked niall as he climbed on top of me, running his fingers along my skin.
"yeah" he nodded as he kissed my neck softly.
"can you believe how much everything has changed?" i asked him, staring into his eyes as he breathed softly onto my face.
"i know, its babe, you wanna have that talk now, or-" niall whispered, moving my hair out of the way from my chest, leaving him to kiss softly every inch of my skin. i wrapped my arms around his body, moaning softly as he kissed me.
"maybe later" i whispered back as his lips made there way up to my cheeks and along to my lips. he ran his hands up and down my body, taking each others clothes off as he did so. we moved roughly around the bed as the kiss became firm and rough; our legs wrapped around each other as the bedding dropped off the bed. we rolled around in a ball of hot passion. he left sweet kisses down my body, to the corner of my thighs. our hot, steaming bodys were pressed up against each other. after a while, we relaxed and lay in each others arms, niall laying on his stomach on top of me, shaking as he lay his head gently on my head. i held him gently, he was a precious boy.
"are you ok?" i asked him softly, his head nodded softly, not being able to keep still. sweat was falling off of his naked body onto mine and the bed. "you sure?" i asked, my voice unsteady. his body was trembling after that, i still held him and stroked his head gently; kissing it with my wet lips.
"im just a bit unsteady" he whispered, circling his fingers around my shoulder.
"i know babe" i replied. he looked up at me with his puppy dog eyes. i kissed his trembling lips carefully. "i really enjoyed that" i smiled at him, he grinned back at me as i wiped the sweat from off of his head.
"stay babe. please" niall pleaded, closing his eyes as he rested onto me. i took a deep breath in and answered him simply.
"no niall. im only thinking of you and the boys, just for a month or two." i said, closing my eyes tightly as i grimaced, waiting for his reply. but he didnt say anything. he lay there, on me, silently. without saying a word. his hand rubbing my skin softly.
"mmm" he replied finally. i wasnt sure what that answer was, but we just lay their in each others arms, silently listening to the soft wind outside the house. there was a knock at the door. my head shot up and niall reached down to the floor, picking up the bed sheets and pulling them over us. the bedroom door swung open revealing liam in the door way. his face looked hurt. i sat up in bed, pushing niall off of me.
"i need to talk to you y/n." liam said sternly. niall reached down and put his underwear on, leaving the room silently. i wrapped a sbed sheet round me and stood up next to liam, closing the door behind him.
"what do you want liam?" i asked him, trying not to sound too rude.
"listen y/n. i think it would be best if you-"
"left for a bit? yeah, i was thinking the same thing liam" i smiled weakly at him, sitting on the floor with my legs tucked underneath me. liam joined me shortly.
"err yeah, we think, well i think that-"
"liam, i know what you're going to say. its ok" i smiled, getting up and grabbing my bag. "im going to stay at a friends for a while, let you guys figure things out and let the media stuff calm down for a bit" i explained to him, throwing clothes in a bag.
"how long will you be gone for?" liam asked me, his eyes following me around the room.
"a few months, until the media cools down." i smiled at him. he nodded after.
"so are you actually leaving?" a saddened niall said in the doorway. i nodded to him and walked over to him, holding his hand softly in mine as my other handheld the bed sheet up that as around my body.
"niall, me and liam think its best for the band-" i tried to explain to him.
"no you dont! liam is trying to get rid of you so i am unhappy! just forget it." niall exclaimed. "have a happy life y/n" he spat at me, storming across the hall into the bathroom.

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