Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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18. Chapter 18

"why did you have to say that on live tv?!" a strong irish voice screeched from outside the car. my eyes slowly pierced open and looked around the car. i had fallen asleep across the seat in the car, curled up into a ball with salty tears dried onto my skin.
"im sorry ok! it just came out!" liam exclaimed. i sat up, rubbing my red eyes as i looked out of the dark windows. i could see them standing by the car, arguing. all because of me. everything that happened was because of me, i caused arguments. i was the cause for everything. the car opened and niall pushed me to the end of the car as he piled in next to me in anger, looking straight ahead. "he's acting like a child!" liam exclaimed!
"fuck off" niall spat back, leaning to the side and slamming the door shut, locking it so no one could get out or in.
"niall are you al-"
"yes im fine." he snapped at me. i sat next to him, looking desperately at his saddened face. i put my hand softly on his leg, but he pushed it off with one quick motion. i pulled my hand back quickly and looked down at my lap. awkward tension filled the inside of the car. the outside had gone quite, maybe the boys had gone inside.
"niall" i said softly, leaning forward as i looked into his eyes that were staring vacantly ahead of him.
"what" he threw back at me, his eyes darting to face me.
"we need to talk." i replied simply. his eyes softened as he turned to face me.
"about what?"
"us. i think....i think we should take a break for a few weeks, let you boys fix your friendship 'reconnect'...without me." i added in at the end. i heard his heart sink as i spoke. he stared at me in desperation.
"w-what? are you dumping me? after all of this, YOU'RE dumping ME?!" niall exclaimed, his face in disbelief.
"no niall, im not dumping you...i love you-"
"you have a funny way of showing it." niall puffed out, running a hand through his blonde quiff.
"i love you niall. but i think that we shouldnt be around each other for awhile. you need to focus on your future, and thats the band." i explained to him, holding his hands softly as i looked into his watery eyes.
"'re my future y/n. i love you." he whimpered, looking hurt. i tried hard not to cry, i never wanted any of this to happen.
"now that the whole world has found out what happened between me, you and liam, we need to leave it to cool it down a bit, you understand?" i added in, rubbing his hand with my thumb. he nodded at me, looking like a small boy with tears falling down his soft cheeks. i kissed the tear on his cheek, our eyes connected.
"will it be for long?" he asked me timidly, his voice soft as his beautiful eyes stared into mine, searching for an answer.
"no, i promise, niall. i will come back for you." i cried to him. i rested my head on his chest, niall stroked my hair as i cried softly into him.
"where will you go?" he whispered, swallowing hard. i wrapped my arms tightly around his waist.
"to a friends. my mums" i sighed softly. i never got on with my mum, we never saw eye to eye. all of my friends were close with their mums, except for me. i hadnt spoken to her in years. niall knew my troubles and understood everything.
"your mums? are you sure?" he asked me. i looked up at him and nodded, unsure of everything. "i dont want you to go. because if you may never come back." he sighed. i knew on some level that we would lose touch, i would meet someone and so would he. there was a sharp knock on the window of the car. i shot up and leaned over niall to unlock the car door, his eyes never leaving me. "stay" he whispered in my ear, sending shivers up and down my back. the boys piled in the car. louis dragged liam in, tearts falling down his face from his red and puffy eyes. he ignored nialls gaze to him and stared blankly out of the window. the car ride home was quiet, which was unusual for these boys.
"i hope you're happy y/n." liam spat at me.
"excuse me?" i snapped back at him, wondering why he randomly jumped at me.
"you have caused all of this. if it wasnt for you and you're stupid feelings none of this would have happened. so thanks." liam smiled sarcastically. i bit my lip trying not to cry. zayn put his hand on my leg as he was sitting next to me.
"hey! y/n's feelings arent stupid! just because she preferred me over 'little old liam payne'" niall shouted back at him, grabbing my hand and holding it in his firmly.
"niall please stop." i said to him softly.
"yeah niall, listen to your girlfriend." liam said sarcastically. i had had enough of this. the car stopped at a traffic light for what seemed like forever.
"oh shut up ya bastard." niall growled at him. liams mouth dropped open. i stood up in the car, my back bending.
"right thats it. im getting out." i yelped. opening the door on the freeway. luckily the traffic lights were still on red.
"what?! where are you going?" niall exclaimed, i bent down at the open car door and peered into it, five mouths down to the ground.
"i dont know but i dont like seeing you fight so im going."
"bye!" liam said cheerfully, waving at me with sarcasm written all over his face.
"stop being a cunt" niall spat at him. i rolled my eyes and slammed the door shut. niall rolled down the window and yelled out at me as i walked away in between the traffic.
"y/n! wait!" niall exclaimed, climbing out of the car and running up to me.
"niall what are you doing?" i exclaimed.
"we need to sort this out! liam didnt mean what he said!" niall explained to me. i loved niall, so much, and i hated to see him get hurt...
"no niall we dont! i obviously have caused this conflict between you guys and i hate it! please, just leave. i'll see you later." i murmured to him. his grip loosened on my hand as i walked away on the path off of the freeway.

i sat in a small coffee shop, tapping on the table as i sipped my hot chocolate. it was getting dark outside. i had no idea where i was, i just walked for miles. my phone buzzed on the table as i put my cup down. another text from niall. i sighed as i looked at the flashing screen.
"why are you ignoring me?" niall asked as he walked into the coffee shop and sat in front of me.
"how did you find me?" i asked him, giving him my cup of hot chocolate for a sip.
"i used the i.p. adress of your phone and tracked it down." niall laughed.
"how did you do that?!" i exclaimed as i stole my cup out of nialls grip before he drank the whole thing.
"not telling" he whispered. "come home babe" he said softly, holding my hand across the table.
"but liam-"
"who cares what liam thinks? just come home! and i was thinking about what you said in the vare about us having a break....i dont want one." niall sighed, kissing my hand softly. "please" he pleaded, looking softly into my eyes.

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