Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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17. Chapter 17

"morning babe" niall whispered in my ear as he rolled over to face me in bed. my eyes opened and looked up at niall who was lying on top of me under the covers. his morning hair sticking up, sleepy eyes staring at me as a small smile appeared on my face.
"morning gorgeous." i replied, kissing his lips softly as i threw my arms around his back, stroking his soft skin carefully. "you have that interview this morning dont you?" i asked him as his nose touched mine, his hot body still laying on mine. i dug my hand down the back of his boxers, niall giggled as i did so.
"mmm yeah, but i dont want to." niall whispered as he kissed my cheek, going down to my neck. his arms went under my neck, playing with the loose strands of hair. "i just wanna stay here.....with stuff." niall whispered, his warm breath hitting my skin as he talked in between kisses.
"that sounds nice" i murmured back at him, running my hands out of the back of his boxers and up his back, into his soft blonde hair. his lips touched mine softly as we sunk into a passionate kiss, his tongue venturing around my mouth in pleasure. we ended it and stared into my eyes for a few moments. "babe, i need a shower." i said to niall, pushing him slowly off of me as i got up off the bed. i grabbed a towel from the floor and took off my clothes, wrapping the towel around my waist. i turned around to seeing niall staring at me, his eyes looking at me in pure wonderment as he bit his lip softly. i winked at him slyly and walked out the bedroom into the bathroom.
"harry, get out i need to shower." i laughed as i walked in on harry standing in front of the toilet. he did his boxers back up and turned around to face me, his cheeks turning red.
"oh sorry" he laughed, quickly running his hands under the tap and running out of the bathroom. i closed the door behind me and turned the shower on, dropping my towel to the floor. i opened the glass door to the shower and closed it behind me, stepping under the hot water as it ran down my body. i suddenly felt a pair of hands trail down my back, making me turn around, screaming slightly. as i turned i saw niall, taking off his boxers as he came into the small shower with me, closing the glass door behind him.
"you look so hot when you're wet." niall whispered in my ear, letting the steamy, hot water land on our naked bodies. i laughed and kissed his lips, running my fingers through his wet hair as his ran down my back, one hand down to my bum. he pushed me up against the damp, tiled wall with force as his hands trailed down my body whilst the kiss grew stronger and faster. our wet bodies pushed up against one another as he thrusted hard. i pulled his head into my back, wrapping my arms around him. he sucked on the skin of my neck shoulders, leaving love bites.

"babe are you coming with us?" niall asked me as the other four boys walked out of the door to the car parked outside. i thought for a moment as i leaned on the door frame of the front door.
"yeah sure, why not?" i laughed, grabbing my jacket and closing the front door behind me; taking nialls hand as he led me to the car. i got in and sat in between niall and harry. wow, millions of girls would give anything to be where i am right now, i thought to myself as i sat in the car, my head resting on nialls shoulder as he stroked my hand. my head shot up as i realised something. "wait, arent there going to be tons of fans there?!" i asked, looking around at the five handsome boys in the car.
"yeah, dont worry, they all love you. they said they would understand if they were in the position you were in." zayn smiled at me, leaning across the car and stroking my knee softly. i smiled weakly at him, my heart beating fast with nerves. liam shuffled awkwardly in the car next to zayn and started fiddling with his fingers. the car stopped in the car park of the guest section of the studio. there were no fans, but some round the front of the studio. we climbed out if the car and were greeted by the security inside the studio.
"it feels nice not to have to run inside because of the screaming girls." louis laughed next to me, walking inside and down a hallway as they got led into their large dressing room. the room had two large sofas in and a make up counter, mirrors with light bulbs around.
"there you go." the man said as he closed the door on us. zayn fell down onto the sofa next to harry and louis. liam sat on the edge of the chair, playing with a pair of hair straightners. i sat on nialls lap on the second sofa, playing with his hair softly as he grinned up at me. there was a knock on the dressing room door. i slid off of nialls lap and sat next to him on the sofa. a brunette woman walked in and smiled at the boys. they stood up and walked over to her, hugging her as they did. i stayed sitting on the sofa, an awkward tension building up inside of me.
"hey mandy, great to see you again." liam smiled at her.
"great to see you too! and this is-"
"this is y/n, my girlfriend." niall smiled, liam shifted slightly as he stood. niall grabbed my hand and hoisted my up off the sofa. i stood up and hugged her. it was a petty hug, not emotion involved.
"i know who she is, everyone does." mandy snapped at me, her smile weak and fake as she talked. i nodded at her, smiling awkwardly as i did. she led the boys out of the room, leaving me and her in the dressing room. "you want to come and watch backstage?" she asked me, i nodded at her.
"yeah thanks" i smiled. she span on her heels and walked away, leading me backstage. i looked down at her shoes as my eyes widened at how big the heel was. "you have really nice shoes." i smiled at her as i trotted along next to her down the hallway.
"thanks. but you cant have them. you cant have everything you want, you've already had two of one direction." she snapped at me, her shoulder length, brown curls bouncing as she walked. my eyes widened as she spoke. she opened a door into the small studio where all the equipment was. "there is a tv there, sit and watch. steve, show her the headphones she can use to watch the show, i think its going to be quite memorable." she smiled evilly at me as she closed the door behind me. i sat down next to steve on a swivel chair, putting a pair of headphones on and looking at a monitor, surrounded by buttons and monitors.
"just click this button when the show starts to hear the audio." steve instructed, pointing to a red button by my hand. i smiled at him and nodded, watching him move dials up and down, controlling some of the recording camera. i watched on the small monitor as the boys, sat down on the sofa, waving to the crowd as they screamed their names. mandy sat in front of them, smiling as she crossed one leg over the other. i watched them through the screen, getting comfortable.
"hello its great to have you on the show boys!" mandy exclaimed, the crowd screaming. they all said hello and waved at the cameras and crowd. "now, i have been asked by so many 1D fans about what is up with liam and niall and this mystery girl of yours!" mandy exclaimed, pointing at niall and liam. they looked at each other across zayns body who was in between them. the crowd went dead silent, my heart beat picked up. liam cleared his throat and was about to say something when niall interrupted.
"yeah me and y/n are dating and im very lucky to have a girl like her." niall smiled at the camera, his cheeks turning red. liam shuffled uncomfortably in his seat as mandy stared at the five boys on the couch.
"right so...i thought she was liams girlfriend?" she asked niall, moving her eyeline to liam. liam looked up at her, one of the cameras zoomed in on his eyes, looking like a lost puppy.
"err yeah she was, but it didnt work out." liam said timidly.
"and why was that?" mandy asked, leaning forward a bit. i threw my hand in front of my mouth, not wanting him to answer. steve next to me put on a pair of headphones like mine and leaned across, watching the show with me.
"because we just fell out of love-"
"now liam i dont think thats true...i heard from twitter, newspapers and lots of fans that she cheated on you with niall." nialls eyes widened, as did the other boys', gasps from the crowd filled the awkward atmosphere in the room. water filled in my eyes, i felt ashamed and embarrassed.
"well you shouldnt believe everything you hear in the media." niall added in, backing me up, his voice was shaking.
"but is it true?" mandy asked, taking a sip of water.
"im not saying!" niall exclaimed, leaning back on his chair.
"but could it be true-"
"im not saying! shes my girlfriend and our life is private!" exclaimed niall getting worked up. zayn patted his knee, calming him down.
"so it is true?"
"i dont think thats your place to say-"
"yes it is true, ok!?" liam exclaimed. nialls head darted towards him, betrayed. liam looked sadly down at his ground as gasps and murmurs filled the audience. i shot up from my chair, ripping the headphones off my head and throwing them on the chair; storming out of the studio and out into the fresh air. i sat in the car and buried my head in my hands, weeping softly to myself.

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