Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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16. Chapter 16

"shes so weird..." harry said as he gave me back my phone after i showed him the text. i shuffled awkwardly under the covers as harry sat further down the bed, resting on my legs.
"a freaky bitch is what i would say" i snorted out, laying down on nialls bare chest as he played with my hair softly. a small smile grew on harrys face as he looked at us snuggled up in bed together. i took nialls hand and played with his fingers as i held it loosely.
"you guys are so cute together!" harry exclaimed, his smile growing. i looked up at niall and grinned at him widely. "how is liam taking it?" harry asked, crawling into bed next to me, stealing all of the covers.
"yes of course you can come into our bed." niall said sarcastically, laughing as harry snuggled up next to us, keeping himself warm.
"sorry!" harry laughed, smiling as he threw his arms across both of us and cuddled tightly. i laughed as he burried his head in my neck, his soft curls tickling my chin. "anyway, is liam comfortable with all of this?" harry asked again, yawning at the end as his eyes gently shut, even though it was the morning.
"comfortable with what?" liam asked, standing in the doorway as he held a tray full of cups of tea in his hands. harrys eyes darted open as he sat up in bed next to me.
"err...comfortable with the whole molly thing." harry spat out, my heart rate slowing down as niall breathed out quietly.
"what molly thing?" liam asked, coming into the room, handing us a cup of tea each as we thanked him. he was obviously taking the whole 'me and niall' situation well, which was a good sign. i got out my phone and showed him the text, his eyebrows raised high on his head as he read it.
"oh" liam whispered to himself, handing back my phone. he looked at the bed that consisted of me and niall cuddling each other and harry snuggling up to me and laughed. "you all look cosy." liam laughed, as he looked down at us.
"want to join?" harry asked liam, wriggling his eyebrows. liam nodded with a "go on then" added at the end. as he got into bed next to harry, i looked worryingly up at niall, thinking how awkward this would be. liam lay down on the bed just as a dark haired boy and a hyper one entered the room.
"vas happenin?!" zayn exclaimed as louis jumped onto the bed, landing on my legs which caused me to scream out in pain. nialls hand tightened round my hand as he whispered seductively in my ear.
"i like that sound babe. wanna make it again later?" he whispered, making me shiver.
"alright." i replied, winking at him as i bit my lip.
"you kinky bitches i heard all of that." harry laughed as he pushed himself on me harder as zayn joined in the group snuggle in bed by getting in next to liam. louis lay on top of us playing with harrys curls in his fingers. i looked at harry, miming to him to stop talking.

"niall arent you going with the guys to get food?" i asked him as i dropped onto the sofa next to him. he shook his head at my as his arm went over my shoulder.
"naah i would rather stay here with you and make out." he winked at me, our heads slowly coming together as both our eyes closed. we leaned in for the kiss, his soft lips touching mine. we sunk into it, running my hands through his soft blonde hair as his trailed down my back. he moaned softly as my fingers tugged at his hair gently. he liked it when i did that. as his hands made their way up my back, he pulled off my top, the kiss disconnecting for a second. we stared into each others eyes as he lifted it off my head and dropped it softly onto the floor. i did the same to him, as he pushed his bare chest up against me, making me fall onto the sofa, nialls legs either side of my body. i undid his jeans with my hands and slid them down his legs and pulled them off. The kiss became faster and more passionate as it went on. After a few minutes our soft make out session had turned into a heated, naked one. Little did I realise that me and liam had sex on this very sofa just last night. I did feel like a slut, and a whore. I decided not to tell niall that I slept with liam for one last time last night; it would upset him, so I kept it to myself. Niall thrusted hard as I moaned out in pleasure. He left wet kisses down my sweaty body. His nose touching mine as he kissed me around my face, his heart beating fast as his breathing pace picked up.
"I love you so much y/n." Niall whispered. "Remember that night when harry walked in on us when we were in the swimming pool?" Niall asked me, ruining the moment. i nodded at him. "why dont we carry that on with no interruptions?" niall asked, coming off of me and wrapping a blanket round both of us, our hot bodies pushed together.
"i'd rather stay inside babe." i whispered in his ear, moving a strand of hair out of his eyes. he grinned at me, showing me his beautiful smile that i loved.
"well in that case..." niall replied. he suddenly pushed me up against the wall firmly, making me screech out in surprise. the blanket from around us dropped, our naked bodies pressed up against each other. we heard the front door open and immediately stopped kissing. the living room door was closed, thank fully. we stood silent in the house as niall slowly bent down and picked up the blanket, wrapping it around us again.
"who do you thinks there?" i whispered to him, trying hard not to breath.
"i dont know babe." niall whispered back, his arms tightly around my body as he held up the blanket behind my back. two footsteps came towards the door and stopped in front of it. i looked up to niall, scared of who it was. his eyes were fixed on the door.
"niall" i whimpered to him, burying me head on his chest, my eyes burning into the living room door.
"shh babe" niall replied, kissing my head reassuringly.
"niall, come out, come out where ever you are...i know you're in here babe. you cant hide from me" a scary, yet cheerful voice echoed through the house.
"thats molly" i said anxiously. we stood in the same spot, holding our breaths. niall reached forward and grabbed a handful of clothes off the sofa. we moved quietly into the kitchen, behind us, closing the door quietly. as we threw our clothes on, our hands locked around one another's.
"this girl needs to be locked up." niall whispered as we backed away from the kitchen door and towards the back door. nialls phone buzzed quietly in his pocket. he picked it up and answered it without saying anything.
"i know where you are babe. i can see you" nialls face froze as molly hung up. i slowly turned around and saw her standing outside the back door, a large smile drawn on her face. i screamed and let go of nialls hand. he spun round to see he and grabbed it again.
"i wont let her hurt you." he murmured. she slowly pushed the door handle down and opened the back door, coming into the kitchen. i decided not to be a woss and stand up for myself.
"fuck off." i spat out at her, as she slowly walked towards me.
"thats not very nice" molly said, her eyes fixated on me. her glare then moved onto niall, a wicked smile being drawn on her face.
"molly, i think you should go." niall said nervously.
"no, im not leaving until i got what i came for. thats you niall." she said sternly, her face nearly touching nialls. he let go of my hand slowly pushed her off of him.
"molly just go. you're wasting your time! i never loved you and i never did!" niall tried to said nicely. her face switched from an evil smile to a glare.
"what? you son-of-a-bitch, niall horan. how could you say that! of course you loved me! you still do!" she exclaimed, pushing him back.
"molly just go!" he exclaimed.
"NO! no i wont go! how can you love HER when you have a perfectly good girl for you right here!" she yelled at him. i realised that molly wasnt what i thought she was. i thought she was nice, then a bitch and now a total and utter freak. she stared at me as the other boys rushed into the kitchen and stopped abruptly as they saw molly.
"whats going on?" zayn asked, stepping forward.
"i was just leaving" molly said sternly. walking up to niall and whispering in his ear harshly.
"i'll be back for you niall. and this time, you wont say no." she spun round on her heels and walked out of the kitchen and through the gate. we relaxed as she left.
"what the hell happened there then?" louis exclaimed, walking over to us.
"i dont know, she must have found where we hid the key and came in our house and threatened us!" niall exclaimed, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, pulling me in tightly. i saw liam tense out of the corner of my eye as he did that.

"hey liam" i said as liam entered my room whilst i painted my toe nails on the floor.
"hey." he replied, sitting down next to me as he leaned his back against the wall. "i just wanted to come and talk to you and say that im really happy for you and niall. really i am. even if that does mean you have a psycho ex-girlfriend of nialls stalking you both." liam laughed. i rolled my eyes and laughed with him. the laughter died down and he took the paint brush out of my hand, resting it on the floor on a bit of toilet paper. he grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes. my heart softened as he did. "God, i will never get tired of looking into your eyes."he said softly.
"yeah i know, you're with niall. but i just want to say y/n, whoever you're with, wherever you are; you will always be somewhere in my heart. im sorry that i just couldnt give you what you wanted. but im glad that niall can." liam smiled at me. a watery tear filled up in my eye as he spoke to me. "and i just want to say, the other night when we...y' really meant a lot to me." he smiled weakily.
"it meant a lot to me too. and i will never forget it" i replied, kissing him on the lips softly. he stood up and smiled at me.
"i like the colour" he said, nodding down to the colour i was painting my toe nails.
"thanks" i laughed as he left the room. niall walked past liam and came into the bedroom, laying on the bed next to me as he played with his phone.
"we have an interview at 'morning, its mandy' and apparently she is going to ask me and liam about our relationship with you. is that ok?" niall asked, turning his head to face me on the floor.
"wont that be a bit awkward?" i replied, putting my nail varnish away.
"im sure it will be fine" niall replied. after today, i dont think i could handle another piece of drama. i had a feeling that this interview with mandy wasnt going to end as well as i hoped it would...

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