Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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15. Chapter 15

i bit my lip as i walked towards their door, my hand turning the handle slowly and opening the door... as i creaked in, i saw them on their bed, tapping on their phone as the light shone on their face.
"hey y/n. what are you doing here? arent you supposed to be...telling whoever it is?" he asked me as he got off the bed and turned on his bedroom light. i nodded at him and wrapped my arms around his waist as he pulled me in for a tight hug.
"i never thought it would be this difficult." i sighed as i played with the back of his shirt.
"do you have any idea at all who you want to be with?" he asked me as we came out of the hug and sat on the small sofa in the corner of the room, my legs resting on his.
"nope" i sighed, running my hands through my hair. he nodded slowly, his curls bouncing as he did so. "i love liam so much, he treats me right, and he honestly cares about me but-"
"he's already let you go." harry replied softly, looking straight out in front of him. i nodded to agree with him.
"but niall. i keep going back to niall for some reason, i dont know why. i know that if i went with niall, liam would not be ok with it!" i exclaimed, leaning my head on my hand. "ugh when did things become so complicated?!" i grunted in frustration. I had the whole summer planned out with me and liam. Why did I have to ruin everything? Why couldn’t I of jut stuck with liam and none of this would have happened. But then, I would have never discovered my love for niall.
"yes it must be so hard having to guys, and handsome guys, fall in love with you" harry said sarcastically. i shot him a glare and stuck my middle finger up at him as we giggled in the dim room. The laughing died down as we sat quietly, thinking in the dark. All I could hear was the sound of harrys breathing in the background. I sat on the sofa with my legs on him, thinking about everything.
"i should go" isaid softly, finally choosing my decision, I stood up and smiled weakly at harry. he stood up after me and pulled me in for a hug again, his hands rubbing my back softly. "thanks haz" he smiled as i pecked his lips softly and left him in the bedroom. i walked out to the cool hallway and straight to the bedroom door. as i swung it open, i saw them sleeping softly on the bed. the lights were off but the curtains were open, letting the moonlight stream into the room. i tiptoed quietly to their bed, not wanting to wake them up. as i climbed into bed behind them, i wrapped my arms around their waist, tucking my head in between their neck and shoulder. his eyes open slowly as i leaned in and pecked his cheek carefully, leaving a tingly sensation on his cheek.
"y/n?!" he exclaimed, turning over and pulling me in close, a large grin spread across his face. "i cant believe this" he smiled softly, kissing my lips softly as his hands trailed along the back of my shirt softly.
"i love you so much, im never letting you go again. this is it ok? no more screwing up and messing around, this is where i want to be. With you" i whispered, softly, our foreheads touching as he kissed me all around my neck, collar bone, cheeks. leaving trails of his scent over my body.
"i love you so much, i hope you know that" he smiled at me, teeth glistening in the moonlight. a small tear droplet escaped his eye, leaving me to wipe it away with my thumb gently.
"i love you too. i've realised just how much i love you. and i wont let anything come in between us." i smiled through watery eyes as the tears stung in the corners of my eyes.
"agreed." I giggle quietly, running my hands down the side of his soft cheeks. "you need a shave" i laughed, making circles with my finger on his skin, our eyes latched onto each other.
"yeah well, you like it that way." he replied, winking at me softly. my heart fluttered as he did so. He moved his leg under the covers and wrapped it around mine as our bodies were pushed up together, our noses nearly touching as we cuddled. “I love you so much y/n” he whispered, smiling at me. I knew I had made the right choice, it was obvious that I was so in love with him. I never stopped thinking about him. He was on my mind all day and night.
“I love you too” I grinned back at him, kissing his lips softly as I did so.
“how are we going to tell liam? Are we going to do it together?” he ased me softly, shuffling around in bed and pulling me on top of his body, hugging my waist as he did. I ran circles on his bare chest, looking down onto it.
“I guess we have to someday. He’s already let me go, Nialler.” I replied, not making eye contact with him. I sighed out softly as he pulled me up my body and kissed my forehead softly.
“I have a question. Why did you choose me? Why not liam?” niall asked me, scratching his nose as he spoke. I smiled at him whist he did so, he was so irresistible, everything he did made me for harder in love with him.
“well…whenever I was around you, I got butterflies. Whenever you smiled, I smiled. And I had a dream about you and liam earlier…I had to choose between the two and I chose you. Looks like fate wanted us to be together and so did I. plus, I realised that if I was to choose Liam, I wouldn’t be one hundred percent happy, because I wouldn’t be with you. And whoever you would end up with, I would be insanely jealous” I smiled at him, kissing his lips softly.
“that’s so sweet. I love you so much, seeing you with liam killed me. Im so glad that you’re mine now babe” niall grinned at me, showing his braces off. I smiled weakly. It dropped off my face when I heard liams bedroom door open and close suddenly. I shot up off of niall and ran to the door, pressing my ear against it. Niall climbed out of bed and leaned up against the door, also pushing his ear onto it. Our faces were nearly touching. I looked up at his messy hair, wishing to just run my hands through it as we make out softly… “y/n!” he snapped at me, trying not to laugh as he caught me gawping at him. He was trying to open the door. I got off it and peered down the dark hallway, nialls hot hand tightly holding onto mine. The sound of the television turned on downstairs. We crept down the stairs and peered through the tiny crack in the living room door to see liam sitting on the sofa, looking vacantly at the tv screen that was showing . he turned around and his face dropped off as he saw me and niall peering round the corner.
“oh” liam simply said to himself as he got up off the sofa and walked towards the two of us. We walked towards him as we entered the living room “so are two an item then.” We turned to look at each other and nodded to him. He looked down sadly at his feet and laughed. “it’s ok, im really happy that you guys are together. y/n, you’re obviously happier with him than you are with me and I respect that.” He smiled at me, pulling me into a weak hug.
“liam, I love you so much-‘’
“don’t say that please. You’ll make it too hard. I just want you to know that there is no hard feelings Nialler.” Liam said as he got out of the hug from me.
“thanks man” niall smiled at him. I stood awkwardly in the middle of the both them as the silence filled the room. “I should be going to bed” niall yawned, holding my hand as I walked out of the room with niall, saying goodnight to liam. My heart cracked as I left him and went to bed with niall. We went in the bedroom and sat on the bed. My phone buzzed in my pocket.
1 new message – it read. I furrowed my eyebrows and opened the message, my mouth dropping to the floor as I read it. Niall looked at me, I could see him out the corner of my eye.
“whats wrong babe?” niall asked, trying to look at what was on my phone screen.
“somehow molly got my number and text me.” I said, turning to face him, worry in my eyes. “she said that if I don’t let her have you, she’ll have to get you her own way.” I said, reading out the text. Niall grabbed my phone and read the message, his mouth dropping. He threw the phone down the bed and turned to face me, staring deep into my eyes.
“I want to see her try.” Niall said smugly, kissing me softly on the lips.

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