Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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14. Chapter 14

we ran inside the house as our shoes squelched on the wooden floorboards. i flung open the living room door to see liam sitting on the edge of the sofa, his head in his hands. i walked over to him as he patted the seat next to him, gesturing for me to sit down. niall walked quietly into the kitchen where an awaiting molly was sat.
"i think we need a long talk babe." liam smiled at me as i threw my soaking wet hair up into a high bun.
"liam before you say anything about what happened out there with niall" i interrupted, pointing to the window at the front of the house. "i want you to know how much i love you." i added in, holding his hand softly in mine.
"i know beautiful." he smiled at me, his eyes twinkling. the rain ran slowly down the windows as the water droplets raced each other to the bottom. " i need to know y/n, if you still want to be with me. because if you dont then i totally understand. you cant help who you fall in love with." liam smiled at me softly. a tear escaped my eye as it stung its way down my face. he got his hand and rubbed the tear off with his thumb.
"liam....i dont know." i croaked back at him, playing with his fingers with mine. he leaned in and kissed my forehead sweetly.
"take all the time you need babe." he smiled at me softly as he got up off the sofa, my eyes following him round the room. he ran his hands through his hair and breathed out slowly as he walked through to the kitchen. molly shoved past him, causing liam to shout back at her as she rushed towards me, hate and anguish in her eyes as her tears fell down. i stood up to face molly as she swiped her hand across my face had as i fell back onto the sofa with a screech. niall and liam raced into the living room. my face stung as i tried to get back up.
"you fucking bitch! kissing MY boyfriend! he's not yours anymore!" she screamed as she went to hit me again, but got stopped by liam holding her back. niall stood crying in the arms of zayn who had just raced downstairs. i stood frightened as she screamed at me, trying to claw her way out of liams grip.
"maybe you should go." liam said calmly once molly had calmed down. she looked behind liam at niall standing in the corner, looking scared out of his mind. she walked over to him, his eyes red and puffy.
"nialler, im so sorry. lets work this out?" she asked him, trying to win him back. i walked over to her and tapped on her shoulder before niall could answer.
"i think we all know the answer to that question. oh and one other thing, only nialls friends call him nialler, not his disturbing girlfriends. now get out!" i screamed at her, pointing to the door. she gulped hard and left the house without looking back, her hair messy from the petty fight. niall ran into my arms and wrapped his arms into my waist tightly as he cried onto my chest.
"im so sorry" he weeped softly. my heart went to him as he whispered to me. i rubbed his back and kissed the top of his head softly.
"its ok nialler" i smiled, holding him in my arms. liam stood staring at us, looking hurt and almost abandoned. he came out of my grip and rubbed his eyes.
"i want to go to bed." he said to the rest of us, zayn put his hand softly on his back and led him up the stairs. i sat on the edge of the sofa and put my head in my hands.
"this is the worst summer" i laughed to myself.
"go to him" liam added. i looked up immediately, my head confused. "go to niall y/n. i know you want to." he smiled weakily.
"just go to him, please." he said softly. i shook my profusely and stood up, grabbing liams hand and walked him up the stairs in silence. we got to the bedroom door and opened it slowly to go to bed.

"ok you first." i laughed as he placed the strawberry softly in my mouth, chewing it slowly. he moved forward slowly in the hot tub, put his hands on my back as he put a strawberry half way out of his mouth. i leaned in forward and grabbed the other half in my mouth, resulting in a tender kiss. i ran my hands through his hair as his ran up and down my back. i came out of the kiss and looked around me, confused as to where we were.
"were are we?" i asked him softly.
"we're in a hot tub babe." he smiled back at me, kissing collar bone softly.
"i know that but where!" i repeated again.
"we're in a park. where you and liam had your first date." he smiled back at me, his half naked, wet body pushed up against me.
"why are we here?" i asked the boy opposite me. he ignored my question and stood up, getting out of the hot tub and walking over to a boy standing by a tree, looking deeply saddened.
"niall where are you going? whats going on?" i asked niall as he walked away. i stood up and ran after him, grabbing his arm but he ignored me, he carried on walking towards liam. "niall answer me! niall!" i yelped. he got towards liam as they both turned to look at me. "you cant have both of us y/n. thats selfish." they said at the same time, staring into my eyes, mutual expressions on their faces.
"what? whats going on?" i exclaimed, my heart rate starting to pick up as i panicked.
"choose me y/n. no one compares to me, everyone loves the sweet irish boy." niall said blankly, staring into my eyes with no expression.
"do you want to hurt me again? could you end it with me again?" liam asked, his eyes digging into my soul.
"no, no i dont!" i exclaimed. i walked towards them both but theyre bodies became faint, they started moving back into the air. "wait!" i exclaimed, reaching out my hand. one of them grabbed my wrist making me screech out.
"do you want me y/n?" one of them asked. i looked at them, staring into their eyes.
"yes. yes i do." i gulped hard as their grip loosened on my wrist. "well i think i do" i added. the grip tightened again, pulling me close to them as my lips latched onto theirs.
"chose me. you know you want to. he's gone now, it can be just us two." he whispered in my ear. i wiped a tear from my eye as he spoke to me.
"do you truly love me?"
"more than anything." he smiled back at me. his hand let go of my wrist as he slowly disappeared into the air, leaving me standing alone with a big decision on my hands.

my eyes flicked open fast as i looked around the empty room, a dim glow flooding through the open living room window. i remembered why i was downstairs, i had gotten a glass of water during the night to calm me down but fell back asleep on the sofa. my forehead was sweaty, my body shaking hard. i dropped my feet onto the floor and put my head in my hands. 'this is such a mess. i love them both but why do i always go back to niall? why did i chose him in the dream? is niall the right one for me?' i thought to myself, remembering the dream i just had. what did that dream mean? was it a sign saying that i was meant to chose niall?
"hey" a small voice whispered. i turned to look behind me and saw liam standing in the doorway. "are you alright babe?" he asked, sitting down next to me as he put his arm around my shoulders, pulling me in close.
"no. i hate this. i love you so much liam but-"
"you also love niall" he sighed to himself, his head dropped to the floor as he exhaled loudly. "do you know...who..." i shook my head at him.
"i cant make this decision liam." i cried into his arms. he pulled me in and kissed the top of my head as a tear fell onto it. he was crying.
"i can. i can make it for you." he said softly, his hug getting tighter. liam stood up and turned on the stereo to a slow song, one from their new album. he put out his hand as i grabbed it, pulling me up onto my feet as he pulled me in close, dancing together, our bodies close as 'summer love' played quietly in the background.
"you were mine for the summer..." he sang silently on in my ear. as he sung it, it reminded me of the summer that was nearly over. my relationship with niall, how i realised that i could fall deeply in love with a friend and lose another. how i could fall for two boys at once. my head rested on liams shoulder, tucked under his neck as my arms drooped around his shoulders with his round my waist.
"do you truly love me liam?" i asked, closing my eyes as we danced slowly to the song together. i squeezed in my eyes, letting the tears trickle down my cheeks.
"more than anything." he replied, making my eyes dart open. thats what was said in the dream, but by niall. 'dreams arent real dont mean real events. but they can show you what you want.' i remembered by biology teacher telling me when i was younger. my head came off of liams neck as i stared into his watery eyes.
"go to niall. he'll be waiting for you. i hope he knows how lucky he is." he whispered as he kissed my forehead softly.
"liam. i love you. and i hope you remember that to me, you wont be just 'anybody'" i smiled at him, kissing his lips softly. he pulled me in close, our foreheads resting on each others. liam breathed deeply, our eyes closing as the music played on.
"make love to me y/n. one last time" he whispered to me. i wasnt sure what do to, but i wanted to, it seemed fair to liam. silence filled the room when the song stopped. he breathed out in disappointment. i opened my eyes and looked up at him, pulling his head in close as my lips touched his softly. he followed and ended up leading the kiss. it was slow and passionate. he moved over to the sofa next to us, pushing me down slowly. he pulled my top off and left kisses down my body, making my skin tingle as he did. ten minutes had past and i was on top of liam, making love to him. not rough, not fast. but slow and romantic love. as i balanced on top of him, a leg either side of his waist, i bent down and kissed his hot, steaming body with my wet lips. he ran his hands through my hair gently as i did so. his arms moved down my back and pulled me up his body, making me react. i lay on top of his body, panting hard as his strong arms were wrapped around mine. i looked into his eyes that were staring down at me in pure wonderment.
"i love you so much. i will never forget tonight." he whispered, pulling a wisp of hair out of my face and tucking it behind my ear. "oh and another thing, take care of niall. he's precious." he smiled softly at me. i smiled weakly and lay my head down on his hot chest. we got up and dressed in
i stepped out of his grip as i smiled weakly at him, tears stinging my eyes. i walked out of the room, leaving liam standing alone. as i walked up the stairs, liam went straight to his room and closing the door behind him. i stopped in front of nialls room, my hand hovering over the door handle. is this what i wanted? do i want niall or do i just think i do? i put my hand down and walked back, standing in the hallway between liam and nialls bedrooms. i ran my hands through my hair in frustration of who to pick. i bit my lip as i walked towards their door, my hand turning the handle slowly and opening their door...

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