Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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13. Chapter 13

"i hate that bitch."
"just ignore her y/n, shes not worth it. and i thought you were over niall now anyway?" harry asked, swimming round the pool on his back. i swam next to him, up and down the pool.
"i am its just...its hard to see them two together." i sighed, trying hard not to swallow a mouthful of water.
"i know babe." he smiled at me.
"CANNON BALL!" screeched a half naked louis, running up to the pool and bombing it, splashing me and harry in the face. he swam to the surface and flicked his hair everywhere.
"thanks louis." harry laughed, rearranging his wet hair.
"hey i just heard molly suggest to niall about going away for the weekend, just them two." louis said, biting his lip. i stopped swimming around in the pool and stood up straight, walking over to louis.
"what?" i asked softly, my heart clenching tightly.
"does anyone else think molly is moving things for niall a bit...too quickly?" louis asked us, floating in the water, creating ripples. i nodded vigorously at him, harry agreeing too. "maybe i should talk to niall about it? ask him if he's ok with things going so fast?" louis suggested.
"yes, do that!" i exclaimed. louis raised an eyebrow up at my enthusiasm, but i brushed it off.


watching niall and molly make out on the sofa while the film was going on wasnt my ideal friday night. i shuffled awkwardly in my seat as she ran her hands under his top. i felt bad for y/n, she had been through so much and she cant decide who she is in love with. i needed to talk to niall, molly was obviously making her upset. i coughed slightly, trying to get her attention. she came out of the kiss and looked behind her to me.
"hey molly, can you get us some popcorn please?" i asked her, nodding over to the empty bowl in front of me. she looked at me as if i was stupid.
"get it yourself." she threw back, turning round and continued kissing niall with added pace. i cringed at the noises and positions they were in and decided that i was going to have to do this the hard way. i stood up and dragged niall up by his shirt, pulling him off molly.
"harry what the fuck?!" niall asked as i dragged him into the kitchen and slammed the door shut.
"we need to talk." i said plainly, getting straight to the point.
"are you breaking up with me?" niall asked, holding his hand to his heart as he gasped, laughing afterwards. i stood staring at him with a straight face, looking not amused.
"its about molly-"
"oh god, here we go. so shes a put impulsive about the way she kisses and 'makes love' but-" i interrupted niall before this conversation became more uncomfortable.
"niall we think she is moving your relationship too fast. louis heard her saying to you that you were going away from the weekend! just slow down mate!" i said calmly, only thinking about niall. i grabbed a popcorn bag from the cupboard and put it in the microwave.
"what? you cant tell me how to run my relationship! thats none of your fucking business." niall exclaimed, getting agitated.
"niall calm down. and i thought you were being like this with molly just to make y/n jealous?" i asked him, raising an eyebrow. niall looked around the room, biting his lip as he tried to avoid my stare.
"i was...but then...molly is just..."
"such a bitch." y/n spat as she walked into the kitchen, throwing her coat on the breakfast bar behind niall. he turned around and looked directly at her.
"what did you say about my girlfriend?"

"what did you say about my girlfriend?"
"i said shes such a bitch. because she is niall." i threw back at niall. it hurt me to upset niall, i cared about him so deeply and i couldnt stand to see him with another girl.
"no shes not. you just need to get to know her."
"get to know her?! do you even know anything about her? no you dont! all you do is suck her face off and shag her all night! thats the difference between our relationships and your relationship!" i yelled at him, poking him hard in the chest, he looked back at me, his face similar to a rabbit in headlights. "we HAD a connection. you guys dont." i said softly, grabbing my coat again and walking out of the kitchen. tears started to tumble down my cheeks, i had to be honest with niall, i couldnt keep pretending i was fine with him and molly for much longer. i pushed past liam in the hallway, a confused look on his face.
"babe whats wrong?" he asked me as i ran to the front door.
"everything." i yelled back, slamming the door behind me. i walked down the street in fury. the sky turning from a light blue to a dark grey. thunder erupted from the sky as rain started to pour down my face, drenching me. i heard wet footsteps behind me, my name being called in a small irish accent. i spun round, hair sticking to my face as my tears were camouflaged in the rain.
"y/n! wait!" niall yelled, running up to me. his eyes were red and puffy, hair stuck to his face as his white shirt became see-through.
"what do you want niall?" i asked him., he suddenly grabbed my hands and looked straight into my teary eyes.
"look ok im sorry if i have upset you, its only because i love you so much y/n. so much, more than you can imagine. it kills me to see you with liam, to here you two having a great time. im sorry" he cried to me, wiping his noce with his wet arm.
"its too late for sorrys niall. you hurt me and humiliated me. you thought i was a liar. just, leave me alone please." i replied softly to him, ignoring his pleading stare.
"no, no y/n. please, stay with me." he begged, holding onto my hands as i tried to pull away.
"niall, get off." i cried, slipping my soaking wet hands out of his grip.
"NO!" he screamed at me, grabbing my body and pulling my lips towards him as we made out passionately. i put my arms round his neck as one ran through his wet hair. he grabbed my bum and back to pull my closer, not wanting to let each other go. i pulled out of the kiss and burst out crying. still not wanting to let go of our grips.
"we have to move on niall. please. find a nice girl, take care of her, kiss her, marry her-"
"no, no i want to be with you!" he exclaimed, choking on his tears.
"have kids with her, grow old with her. but please niall, please, that girl just cant be me." i cried softly, our foreheads resting against each other.
"i wont let you go, i cant!" he held onto my shoulders softly. i came apart from him, my arm outstretched as he gripped my hand tightly. i saw behind niall, a tall brunette boy, standing in the middle of the path, his mouth slightly open, sadness surrounding him. i threw my hand to my mouth as i watched liam walk back into the house.

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