Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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12. Chapter 12

"whats up with you?" liam asked me, swinging our arms back and forth as we walked through the pitch black park together.
"nothing" i mumbled to myself. liam stopped walking and turned to me.
"it doesnt sound like nothing to me, now tell me y/n!" liam exclaimed. he pulled me into him, hugging as he did so.
"its molly. shes not as sweet as everyone thinks." i said slowly, looking down to the ground as i wasnt sure if liam would believe me or not.
"what do you mean?" he asked me, raising an eyebrow.
"well..she kind of threatened me and then lied to niall." i replied, carrying on walking as i was explaining.
"im sure she didnt, you probably took it the wrong way babe-"
"no liam i didnt! im telling you that girl is bad news!" i exclaimed, starting to get worked up. we eventually got to the house, walking hand in hand in silence, just taking in the surroundings of the night sky. we opened the door and stepped inside, rubbing our cold hands together. liam pushed me up against the wall firmly, his hands around my waist.
"lets forget about everything and just have fun." he whispered in my ear seductively. i bit my lip and pulled him by the scruff of his t-shirt, his lips landing on mine hard. we moved back fast, landing in the living room as we fell down hard onto the sofa. our clothes were coming off fast and falling onto the floor. liams naked body hovered over mine as the kiss picked up speed, he ran his hands through my hair as he dug deep into me, making me call out in pleasure.
"liam...i love you so much." i moaned, running out of breath to talk.
"shh babe, dont say anything." he replied, moving back and forth slowly as he kissed my lips firm. i wrapped my hands round his back for support. he flipped me over so i was on him, he held my hips up for support. the moonlight flooded through the living room window, it hadnt occurred to anyone to close the curtains. i leant down and kissed him hard. my hair falling around his face, sweat dripping off of it and my forehead. the living room door swung open in the middle of it, making me stop.
"ahh fuck my poor eyes!" harry screamed, slamming his hand over his eyes. liam grabbed a blanket from the top of the sofa and pulled it over us.
"sorry" i laughed, my cheeks flushing red with embarrassment.
"can you guys please shag somewhere else? like i dont a bed!! i thought there was a burglar, i heard banging!" harry exclaimed, separating his fingers so he could see through his hand. he breathed out slowly and took his hand away.
"ok, we'll do it in your bed next time" liam replied to him, high-fiving me. harry shook his head and walked out the room.
"that was embarrassing." i said to liam, giggling. i resumed kissing him softly, running my hands through his hair whilst his went down my back. i stood up and put my clothes back on, as did liam. there were thundering footsteps coming down the stairs. the door flung open again to reveal and angry looking niall and a worried harry behind him.
"did you tell molly that i ruined your relationship with liam?" niall asked me straight, his hair messy and breathing fast. i turned around to face liam, who was raising an eyebrow in confusion.
"what? no i didnt. infact i should tell you something that she told me-"
"i dont want to hear your bullshit y/n! look, i thought that when we were...y'know..."
"shagging my girlfriend?" liam added sarcastically. nialls eyes glared at liam and continued speaking.
"i thought you cared about me but i dont think you really did. do you blame me for your break up with liam?" niall asked me, harry snuck in and stood behind niall, biting his lip.
"niall course i dont, it was me to fault too-"
"oh so it was me then!" niall exclaimed.
"no niall! i didnt say that-"
"you know what, if im such a fail to you and screw everything up then maybe i shouldnt be around you anymore." niall exclaimed, looking at me as if i was a piece of dirt. he left the room as i tried to go after him.
"niall wait! please!" i shouted as he ran up the stairs. harry threw his arm out in front of my path, stopping me from going up there.
"dont go after him. just leave him. harry said softly. i looked up at harry with watery eyes. liam pushed past me in fury and went upstairs to bed. harry pulled me into his arms softly.
"he hates me. niall actually hates me" i cried to him.
"shh babe, niall doesnt hate you. he loves you, you dont even know how much he loves you." harry whispered, rubbing my hair. he walked me over to the sofa. i lay down on his lap, stretching my legs out behind me. he fiddled with my hair as i cried softly.
"i dont want to lose him, harry. he means too much to me." i said, rubbing harrys knee with my finger as a tear landed on it. i sat up on my hands, my eyes glued to harrys. he sat staring at me. his thumb trailed along below my eye, wiping the tears away. i smiled at him, making more tears fall down. his hand moved round to the back of my head, pulling it closer as his lips pecked my forehead slightly. i looked up at him and smiled.
"even if you dont mean much to nialler anymore, you'll always mean a lot to me" he smiled his famous grin at me, showing his perfect teeth and dimples.
"thank you hazza" i grinned at him and hugged him tightly. i lay back down on his lap, my eyes slowly shutting.

i woke up the next morning with arm cramp. i moved my arm out from whatever it was under and wiggled my fingers. as i looked up i saw my body was on top harrys half naked one. my heart beated fast, did anything happen last night?! he opened his eyes and looked down at me.
"morning" he grinned.
"morning haz" i replied to him. he had his arms wrapped around my back. i stood up and stretched out just as molly and niall walked in the living room to go to the kitchen hand in hand. harry threw on his top and walked into the kitchen with niall, molly stopped me from following.
"yet another boy? arent you a cheeky bitch." she whispered at me.
"harry is a friend. a term you wont ever understand" i snapped back at her.
"i can tell you like niall." she said, examining her nails.
"no reason, i just wanted to point it out." she said cheerfully, spinning round on her heels and walking into the kitchen. i followed grumpily behind her, sitting in front of niall at the breakfast table who didnt throw me a smile. molly sat next to niall, throwing her arms around his neck and making out with him. my toes curled under the table and the grip on my fork tightened. harry touched my arm and looked at me, whispering in my ear.
"dont let it get to you." he whispered. i smiled loosely at him. she came out of the kiss and smiled smugly at me. thankfully liam was still in bed. she then picked up a grape from her plate and fed it to niall. i watched as he sucked her fingers slowly, his tongue trailing down the length of her finger. i pushed my chair back in anger as i stood up, harry standing up after me. i marched out the room in anger into the back garden. stripping off my clothes, leaving me in my underwear and bombing into the pool. harry did the same and then joined me.
"i hate that bitch."

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