Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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11. Chapter 11

i came hurtling through the door, carrying bags full of food and hair supplies for the boys and mostly zayn. as i walked down the hallway, i stopped outside the living room where i heard giggling. i put the bags down slowly and carefully opened the living room door. a sick feeling filled my stomach when i saw niall and molly making out on the sofa, their arms wrapped around each other in deep passion. i stood in the door way, my mouth open slightly. niall opened his eyes and stopped kissing molly, coming out of it as he looked up at me. i smiled a limp smile at him.
"sorry i didnt mean to interrupt." i stuttered, fiddling with my hair at the back of my head.
"no thats ok we were just-"
"kissing?" i asked him, stating the obvious. niall looked down at his hands on his laps.
"i should go..." molly whispered to niall, standing up. he grabbed her hand and hauled himself up next to her.
"no dont go babe." niall whined, his eyes darting to mine and back to mollys bright blue eyes. "stay" he whispered in her ear, moving forward as he kissed her softly on the lips. my stomach churned as he did so. i shuffled awkwardly in the doorway, walking back out in the hallway, picking up the shopping and throwing the bags into the kitchen. i grabbed an apple from the fridge and bit into it aggressively. niall walked through the living room door into the kitchen, leaving molly behind.
"are you ok?" he asked me, raising an eyebrow.
"yeah why would i be?" i replied to him with a mouthful of apple. he shrugged and sat on a stool next to me.
"do you not like molly?" he asked me, staring deeply into my eyes. i avoided his mesmerizing stare and looked at my apple as i ate it. "y/n?"
"i dunno." i shrugged, taking another chunk out of my apple.
"does having her here bother you?" he asked me, standing up and walking over to me. i looked deep into his eyes, holding my breathe as he got closer, taking the apple out of my hand slowly and placing it on the kitchen table. i gulped slowly as he touched my hand with his down by my side, my heart rate picked up.
"niall i"
"shh babe." he held onto my shoulders and pulled me in for a smooth kiss. he stepped away, winking as he did. as he walked out the room and back to molly i could still taste his lips on mine. i stood there confused.
"what just happened?" i said to myself, unsure of what just happened. i unpacked the food and hair supplies whilst my hear fluttered in my chest.
"babe?" liam asked me, walking through the back door, soaking wet in his swimming trunks.
"hey babe!" i exclaimed, running up to him and flinging my arms around his neck as i pressed my lips heavily onto his. the living room door flung open, niall running in, chasing molly. she screamed past us as she ran into the garden, joining harry and louis. niall stopped next to us, panting out of breath. he stared at me as i had my arms wrapped around liams neck. i couldnt stand to see niall and molly, my stomach turned over when i thought about them.
"niall, why did you kiss me just now?" i asked him in front of liam. his smile dropped off of his face, skin turning pale. i had a smug smile plastered across my face.
"whats this?" liam asked nervously. i took my arms from around liams neck and stood in front of niall with my arms folded across my chest. molly ran in, laughing. she stopped as she walked in, sensing the tense atmosphere, her smile falling off her face. niall stormed out of the kitchen, wiping his eyes. my eyes followed him out of the room as molly ran after him.
"niall dont cry babe! whats wrong?" molly yelped as she followed him up the stairs. it broke my heart to see niall cry, but he made me so angry when he was with molly.
"did he actually kiss you?" liam asked me.
"yeah. only a small one on the lips. liam please dont say anything to him." i pleaded. he nodded slowly and kissed the top of my head. i walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway, on my way to the toilet when i got stopped in my path by a small blonde girl.
"what the fuck do you think you're playing at?" she asked me. i was shocked at what she verbally slapped at me.
"erm sorry?" i asked her. she stepped forward, furrowing her eyebrows, our noses nearly touching.
"you stay away from my niall. you had your chance with him. so back off." she spat at me.
"what?!" i exclaimed.
"he doesnt want you, he only cares about me, not you. you utter slut." molly hissed through gritted teeth. she walked away, until she turned back. "dont mention this to niall, he still thinks im an angel. but if you repeat this conversation to anyone...i will come back for you." she growled, smiling at me as she ran up the stairs, my mouth down to the floor. i heard the bedroom door close and decided to sneak up to the stairs. i pressed my ear gently to the door, listening on their conversation.
"i cant believe she said that to liam. i thought she cared about me." i heard niall say. my heart cracked when i heard him.
"aw baby. i dont think she cares about you as much as you thought." molly replied. i knitted my eyebrows together, confused.
"what do you mean?" niall asked her.
"i ran into her downstairs and she said she was glad that she told liam, she wanted to get back at you for ruining her relationship with liam the first time." molly lied. anger grew inside me, my fingers curled round.
"bitch." i whispered, a tear forming in my eye.

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